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Community News Looking for Modelers to Clean-up Game Art Istaria Community Manager
November 5, 2007
Virtrium has intern positions available for game modelers who are interested in helping to improve existing game structural models. These are unpaid art production openings to assess existing models, fix problems with geometry, remodel and retexture when necessary, and export/test in-game.

This opportunity will provide experience working with game / PC / MMO art. Candidates must sign an NDA and will report to the art director via e-mail and instant messenger. Assignments are on a model by model basis with opportunity for increased responsibilities if you handle tasks with great skill.

    Experience in polygon modeling in 3ds Max or Maya
    Solid understanding of modeling efficiently for games
    Reliable, able to communicate deadlines and difficulties

    Evaluate existing structural game models
    Improve efficiency on all level of detail models
    Create and unwrap models based on existing art
    Ensure changes work correctly in-game

Preference on Applicants
    Able to work in both 3ds Max and Maya
    Show examples of own game models
    Have played "Horizons: Empire of Istaria"

If you are interested in this opportunity, send a letter to Daryl at [email protected] detailing your skill set, how you feel interning will help your game industry goals, and why you would like to be involved.

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