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Live Updates Gnomekindle 2007 Istaria Community Manager
December 12, 2007

The gnomes of New Rachival have set up a new festival ground outside the city itself. They've named this "town" Gnomekindle Town and even elected a new mayor. In Gnomekindle Town you will find:

  • Loremaster Burl who will teach you how Gnomekindle came to be. Talking to him will also tell you who the other members of Gnomekindle town are, and even reveal some hints on who to speak to for quests.
  • Mayor Clause who will teach you more about the traditions of Gnomekindle and enlist your help in delivering presents.
  • Mrs. Clause who needs your help preparing for the festival.
  • Hermey the Misfit Gnome. Hermey is a little unsure about whether Gnomekindle is a festival worthy of gnomes, and will ask you to help him learn about the traditions of another living race if you speak to him.
  • Yukon Cornelius, the most famous (at least in his mind) prospector in all of Istaria. Gifted of different experience ranges will find that Yukon has different challenges for them.
  • The Abominable makes an appearance in the mountains on Abandoned Isle.
  • Darsenia is back and will give the long awaited shoulder treants to those willing to help her. But, of course, Darsenia only came to Gnomekindle Town because the Blighted Festival Treants have reappeared, this time right among regular treants. And the treants will still drop their ornaments when shaken enough so that Gifted can purchase Gnomekindle presents from special vendors in Gnomekindle Town.
  • Dragons can purchase special headscales from Dolly Day, the Festival's official vendor, with Istarian Express Checks they collect during the festival.
  • The Gifted will also be able to purchase special clothing designed specifically for the Gnomekindle festival from Dolly Day.
  • Beasts of winter have been found with strange items coming from them as loot for those who are helping Yukon or Mrs. Clause. Speak to either of these revelers to find out why. (Only players with one of Yukon's or Mrs Clause's quests active will get the special drops for the Gnomekindle event. Their quests are repeatable, however, so players can have this quest active as long as they wish.)
  • In making room for Gnomekindle Festival Treants, regular treants of all levels will appear slightly differently in the world. While they are still appearing in the same areas, their numbers have been altered to make room for their blighted brethren.


New Quests

  • Marcus the Pawnbroker in Kion has need of assistance with shipments of goods from Parsinia. Inquire at the Kion Market for additional details.
  • Town Marshal Ssoren is in need of adventurers to assist him with some problems plaguing the Sslanis Militia.

Fixed Quests

  • Players may no longer obtain more than one Ancient Headscale from Vladtmordt.
  • Fixed the “Dragon Crafter Task: Craft 15 Cobalt Bars” so that you can speak with any dragon crafting trainer.
  • Fixed the “Wishgiver Task: Collect 40 Dim Essence “to let you finish the quest by greeting the Wishgiver.
  • Fixed the “Trials of the Gifted” quest so that it will work properly and take the tokens.
  • Fixed the quest "Solve the Hermit's Riddles" to properly delete a Wraith Master Ectoplasm when you return to Lantenal.
  • Vault quests have been redesigned to work by starting with any vault keeper. Players can upgrade their vault every 10 levels starting at level 5. (Note that players with an active vault upgrade quest will probably have to delete and start over before it can be completed.)
  • Corrected the directions to Devisha in quest "Gangaf Quest: More Iron Construction Sheets"


  • The blighted area of Dikaina Island is now known as the Dikaina Deadlands.
  • Grape and White Grape vines have been planted all across Dikaina Island.
  • The Imperial Building Commission has increased the size of some plots on Scorpion Island.
  • Many types of fruits have been planted on Scorpion Island.
  • Farmers have begun cultivating Rye on Scorpion Island.


  • Valkor, Bone Marrows, Dark Stalker and Night Stalker now award coin at the standard Tier 5/6 level.
  • All Dalimond spawns changed so that the first set of monsters appear at 15 second intervals up to the Min Quantity, and after that every 30 to 195 seconds until the Max Quantity is met - most will have the behavior of 1 monster showing up in 15 seconds and the remaining showing up ever half minute to 3 minutes. Special spawns were not touched.


  • Corrected the damage on the Beaming Magus Crystals of Might and Magic.
  • Shimmering Glacius Crystal of Might will now do ice damage instead of nature.
  • Dark Emerald Armor Crystal will now properly buff health instead of armor.
  • Dark Peridot crystals will now stack with health crystals.
  • Expert Armor Dye Kit: Light now requires Mithril Powder for Essence Dye.
  • Journeyman Jewelcraft Recharge Kit no longer requires blighted metal bars for Glowing or Bright kits.
  • Expert Jewelcraft Recharge Kit no longer requires blighted metal bars for Glowing or Bright kits.


  • Aura of Fire will now overwrite Fire Sheat I and II, but not III.
  • Adventure: Unarmed III technique now requires 1 Greater Blight Binding instead of 1 Ruxus Heart.


  • Corrected the Tier 2 resource requirements of Lair chamber T2 Lunus Consigner
  • Corrected the resource requirements on the Tier 5 Helian Pawnbroker.

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