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Live Updates Tasty Treats Update 2008 Istaria Community Manager
March 24, 2008

This content patch contains one significant change, the revamp of the Confectioner school. There are many changes that go along with this revamp, many of which affect all players.

  • The length of a death point is now tied to your potential rating. Potential rating is calculated by what your Adventurer rating would be if you were currently gaining experience in your highest level school. Beginning at level 10, the death point will last 8 hours. It will gain 4 hours for each Tier beyond (12, 16, ...) to a maximum of 28 hours.
  • Confectioner school is now tied to the Primary Skill system. This means you will only get experience for actions that use the Cooking skill.
  • Gatherers have obtained the Preparing skill, allowing them to gain XP assisting confectioners.
  • Foods are available for all 6 tiers now.
  • Eating food is much more effective (200%) when eaten in a tavern.
  • Eating food cannot be done in combat or while standing.
  • Foods are classified as Appetizers, Sides, Main Dishes, and Desserts.
  • You must eat one of each part of a meal before eating another in order to gain full benefit and optimal use of your time.
  • Confectioner trainers sell formulas for basic meals and processing steps for coin.
  • Rare foods (player-submitted) as well as the processing forms for rare garnishes and resources are available from trainers and other NPCs around Istaria as quests.
  • Dragons and Adventurers can gather rare resources/garnishes using Ingenuity.
  • Eating foods at a tier lower (or higher) than your own will reduce the effectiveness.


  • Dragon Crafter Task: Craft 15 Cobalt Bars now uses "Talk Keyword" instead of referring to individual Dragon Craft trainers.
  • Fixed several text errors in "Sslanis Militia: Assault on the Deadlands" quest. Players will now have a direction to return to Ssoren in their quest log after speaking with Sgt Talinse.
  • Quest "Monk: Initiate's First Test" now refers to small sand beetles and uses Hasera instead of Allanti.
  • Hasera now gives out the Monk first quest instead of Allanti.
  • In the Quest "Monk: Learn the Disciplines", Hasera will now give you the Pure Shard and send you to Kelamina the Blacksmith to complete the Medallion.
  • The quest 'Priscilla the Shoulder Parrot' now requires 40 spools of flax instead of 120 and the reward has been improved.
  • Quest "Priscilla the Shoulder Parrot" no longer requires a piece of Ambrosia I to complete. Sslik NPC dialog updated to use the correct dialect.
  • Guard Kerrak now speaks with a Sslanisian dialect.


  • Machines
    • Dragon Crystalshaping machine, Essence Channeler, Gemcutter, Stonecutter, Helian and Lunus Smelters, Scaleforge and Tinkering Workbench now have associated sounds.
    • Dragon Scaleforge's flame displays normally.
  • Resources
    • The mackerel near Carmo have begun swimming nearer to the coast.
    • Explorers have discovered trout in the waters near the Aughundell Crater.
    • Rumors of adamantium, diamond, sapphire, and ruby have been circulating across Western Aradoth.
  • NPCs
    • The Elders of Aughundell grew tired of Tolkos Helmsplitter streaking naked through the mines and forced him to clothe himself.
    • Hasera's level as a monk is now commensurate with her status as the only monk trainer.
    • Barmos the Empty has become an Elf with regular clothing and actual dialog. He will now greet dragons who have completed the Rite of Passage differently than hatchlings and non-dragons. He also will attune players to the new destination pad in South Gate.
    • Periado the Veteran's adventurer level now accurately reflects his actual combat experience.
    • Fixed a bug in Frelic's dialog where he would not give out scout starting equipment.
    • Ishenar the Druid, Allanti the Monk, and Braekhis the Spiritist on New Trismus will no longer allow you to join the school. They send you to Lesser Aradoth instead.
    • Genuata the Vielo of Rare Foods has returned to the land from which she came and will trouble the Gifted no more.
    • Knut in Aughundell no longer has any foods to sell.
    • Ambrosia Vendors around Istaria have been recalled as their services are no longer required.
    • After four years of snide comments from Toraebel, Jenria Coventry finally traded in her training outfit for some decent clothes and had a relaxing spa/makeover day. She feels much better about herself now.
  • Other
    • Thunderstorms have settled into a stationary pattern over the community of South March. Weather-Forecasters from New Rachival are calling this new weather pattern an "El Niño".
    • Blight effect will now display at proper size on Blighted Thornwood, Blighted Snowy Elm, Blighted Maple and Blighted Elm trees.
    • The Empire has constructed a destination pad in South Gate (it does require attunement before use).


  • Tier 6 Grunts (Ghosts, Skeletons, Zombies and Mummies over level 100) are now more social, more aggressive and will call for help (and heals). However, the aggro radius is now hard (it will not scale with level) and the aggro generated by healing has been tweaked (reduced some).
  • Umyarr is again harvestable for adamantium when he has been slain.
  • Tibur the Travertine Golem now has increased armor and pierce resistance.
  • Umyarr the Golem King now has slash resistance.
  • Tainted Essence obtained from dead wisps can be found in varying quantities.


  • Removed the message displayed when the Dim Crystal of Might procs.
  • Superior Resurrection and Primal Rebirth will now remove 28 hours worth of death point. However, it will scale the amount removed in a manner similar to food when used on those below its effective level.
  • Eruption of Lava will now do flame damage.
  • Medallion of the Disciplines is now attuned, gives a +150 bonus to Flame, Ice, Storm and Spirit Resistance, +100 to unarmed skill, and +25 to strength. However, it can only be worn by active monks or disciples.


  • Dragon Ingenuity now allows Dragons to gather using ingenuity.
  • Ingenuity abilities to Warrior, Cleric, Mage and Scout schools. This will allow players to gather resources requiring ingenuity.
  • Master Blighted Cut Gem Cleansing formula added to Frig Tallowgar at the Imperial Outpost near Old Oaks.
  • Master Blighted Cut Gem formula added to Frig Tallowgar at the Imperial Outpost near Old Oaks.

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