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Herald Reports: Order The Order Shard Report - April Edition Takora
May 23, 2008

The beautiful shore near Bristugio.


Greetings noble citizens of the Order Realm!

 My name is Takora Drakan, I am an Ancient Dragoness from the Realm that was once called Unity until it was destroyed. I had the luck to wake up in this Realm, to live with my friends again. But you all will hear our story a bit later in this report.

Anyway, I was recently appointed by the Imperial Council to serve the Empire as Herald of this Realm. My duty is to inform you about current Events in Istaria, like festivals, invasions and community meetings.

If you have ideas to enhance the Report, don’t be shy to visit me. Also I have an open ear for you all if you need assistance with something. If you need a sharp claw, big scaly shoulders to lean against on, or wings to carry something for you, don’t be afraid to ask. I am always glad to help.

(Regardless, if you have some information about events for me or something that you want to see in the next report, send me an in game /tell, private message here on the boards or contact me with an email ([email protected]). You can also send me stories or guides that you want to share with others. I would be really grateful for that. Also I would be happy about feedback.)


At your service...


 Salutations to all inhabitants of the Order Realm!

World Events:

Ellien’s Escape – In memory of Alea the Dryad

I think the most of the Gifted heard of the escape of Ellien lately and the lasting effect that it has on the Gifted across Istaria. For those who want to know what exactly happened, I suggest going to the Tazoon library and reading the Scrolls there, they will tell you what happened exactly.
Regardless what happened, due the fact that we lost the great Alea, we suffer more now if we die. We are longer weakened and Ambrosia does now little to heal our wounds. But Ellien came back with the knowledge of powerful food that she learned from Alea. The enhanced food will help us now to recover better from our death that we suffer. Before Ellien was carried by the Imperial Army to a secret place to recover, she told all her recipes to the Master Confectioner Khemplo. He wrote all up and handed the recipes to all Confectioner Trainers across Istaria, so that they can teach the new cooking recipes the Gifted.
Ellien is now in a secret place, where she can recover in peace form the tortures that she had to go through. All our prayers are with her that she will recover soon.
Also the Imperial Council has announced that a statue will be constructed to honor the sacrifice that the great Alea gave. May she be blessed.

In memory of Alea the Dryad

Rebirth of the Lost
(by Takora Drakan)

It was another day in the blighted hell. I opened my eyes, what I could see through my green glassy prison wall was the same as usual. The blighted storm was still strong as at the day we where captured. Sometimes corpses walked by, but they didn’t even look as us; knowing that we could not escape. I could feel how the thorns sucked slowly the life out of me. Even when I could break out, I would not be able to move, nor to fight. It was so hopeless… Did the gods forget us?
As I wanted to close my eyes again I felt something. Could it be?
I opened my eyes again and looked around as good as I could, then the sky began to change. I tried to look up but I could barley see what happened. Is this now the end? Do the gods have mercy with us and release us finally to the eternal sleep?
Then, all happened so fast. A white sun pillar blasted out of the sky; from above the Eastblight it shot all its power into the core of the undead. I heard monstrous explosions in the east and the earth quaked. The undead that was standing next to me dropped instantly dead. Then multiple sun pillars blasted from the sky above down the earth in all corners of Istaria. That was the end, the ultimate Apocalypses. But I didn’t close my eyes, I wanted to see it.
After that a pure white light shot through the dark sky and immediately the blighted storm faded into nothing. It revealed a pure white, shining sky. It was pure white! No sun, no moon, no stars just pure white! The earth rumbled again and now the light advanced trough the ground. It channeled through the cracks of the earth and shined so warmly. Then I heard a warm voice…
“My children, don’t fear! I am Istaria, the goddess of creation and will not allow this to continue!”
Then, all was covered in that warm white light. I think I was flying, but I didn’t need to flap with my wings. Also my wounds healed. The wounds on my body and my soul healed. Then again that voice…
“My beloved children! All gods have united their powers to save you all. But unfortunately, I had no other choice to destroy the Unity Realm. I am terribly sorry. It was our only choice, because the undead wanted to start to corrupt the other Realms. Don’t fear all my children, you are save now.”
I looked around. “Where I am? Where are my friends? I am dead?”
“Takora my child, you are not dead. You are alive. I rescued you all from Unity. You are all now in a place where you are save from the undead. Such a fortune shall no one ever suffer again. I am terrible sorry. So now make your choice.”
“Choice? What do you mean?”
“I will give you a second chance. I will carry you over in one of the remaining Realms. There are still Blight, Chaos and Order. There you can start a new life. Choose wisely and take all the time you need my child.”
“How do I know where to go?”
“You have the answer already in you, my child. Don’t fear if you are alone if you wake up. Your friends will follow. They will only need more time to recover and make their decision. No one is lost, you have my promise. All my children are save here until I have their agreement to send them in the Prime they choose. So go now and take again your faith in your own hands my child!”
Then the light blinded me.
I opened my eyes. I saw black ground, but small embers where from it flying in the air. I looked around; I was at the Dralk shrine. Was this just a dream?
“Hey, you! Who are you in Drulkar’s name and what are you doing here?” a deep dragon voice growled at the side of me. “What? I am…” I was still dizzy and confused. “Are you an agent of the undead? The earth rumbled, then I saw a big bright flash at the shrine and you appeared out of the nothing! What magic was that? Answer me!” “I don’t know… please….” I looked at the big green dragon with yellow stripes as he hissed at me. Then he barged me in the side and I struggled back. Other dragons where also approaching and I got frightened. Instinctively I lifted my body in to the air and flew far away in the Dralk outlands. I hid myself into an abandoned lair for a few days till I calmed down. It took me a while to understand what happened exactly. Istaria and all gods saved us with the extermination of our beloved Realm, Unity. And Istaria said she will bring us to the other Realms that are still intact. But in which Realm I am? I flew in the direction of Dralk. There I landed at the shrine and the dragons that drive me away the days before where again there. They still thought I was not on their side and brought me to the Council of Elders.
“So who are you and what do you want here?” asked me an Elder. “I am Takora Drakan, I come from the Realm of Unity that was destroyed because our Realm was fully corrupted by the blight. Istaria rescued us with the other gods from the apocalypse and brought us to the other Realms, where we could live on.”
“Blasphemy!” shouted an Elder. “She’s an agent and tries to convince us with her lies!” growled another.
V'Tieru approached from a corner. “Leave her be! She says the truth. I felt the rumble going trough the whole Prime as Unity was destroyed. We can say with luck that this Realm was far enough away from ours that our Realm didn’t get damaged.” He looked at me. “I am sorry, Takora. Welcome to the Order Realm.” V’Tieru bowed slightly at me and continued. “We can’t imagine through what you have been. Such nightmares and pain I wish not even my most hated enemy.” I looked on the floor. “There will be sure others following me, or even already here. Please tell the Imperial Council that more Exiles will arrive soon.” “I will. Tomorrow I will head to Tazoon.” I nodded at all and left the Council chamber.
After a few days, also I met my old friends again, they told all a similar story like me. And so the people slowly understood what happened and welcomed us warmly. They where glad, that we joined them in the fight against the Withered Agies. Together we will work on a bright future that the same doesn’t happen again to the remaining Realms!


Old souls are arriving...


Grayling Lighthouse finished!

The World Project Team strikes again! This time the Grayling Lighthouse was within a few days finished. Lots of Gifted helped to haul and build in the resources to finish this Project.
The end of the event was topped with a small gathering of the Community to celebrate the finishing of the Lighthouse! The engineers where very proud about the fact that the Lighthouse could even carry dancing Ancients on it…
May the light of the tower show the homeless wanderers, that they are welcome in Grayling every time!

A new light shines out of Grayling.

Picture of the Month:

The ingredients make the flavor…

Typically for Garfonso... =P

Make the best out of that, what you are given!

Your Shard Heraldress of Order


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