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Herald Reports: Blight The Blightly News Siluket
May 24, 2008

  And now for the Blightly News....

Life is good at present in the Empire, the Withered Aegis while not completely gone has withdrawn enough for the residents to continue restoring their holdings in relative peace. Old friends find their way home, newly gifted and some not so new show up everyday, and the hard working community continues on, building, stocking up and preparing, for we suspect that the temporary quiet is just that.

Can The Quiet Last

While the Empire has neither denied nor confirmed recent sightings of the Withered Aegis in odd places, several reliable and concerned citizens have reported a fiendish skeleton inside the East wall of Aughundell and on the road to the east. When questioned, the guards identified as Prawn and Gremmora denied seeing anything as he brushed what looked to be the remains of a scone from his armor, and she just shook her head. A bystander was heard to remark, "Them two wouldn't see anythin, they only have eyes for that new tavern."

Other rumors have surfaced of blight anchors outside of Kirasanct and Aughundell, representatives of the Empire could not be reached for comment. What it all means remains to be seen.

Awards, Accolades, and Congratulations

The Empire has recently recognized one of our own, Ry. For her hard work, help and efforts on behalf of Istaria and the citizenry, she has achieved and been certified as Grand Master Crafter. We offer a hardy and heartfelt !! Well Done Ry !!


Community Building and Beautification

Our benevolent tyrant, Velveeta, has taken it upon herself to restore destroyed and broken community structures throughout the land. When questioned as to why she wanted to undertake these projects the Queen of Cheese replied, "It behooves the crown to show it's appreciation of the gods and the benefit of the residents by performing civic building. It is a visible indication of the might and wealth of the Blight realm, and the citizenry enjoy seeing clean fresh buildings in their communities as opposed to the ruins left by our hated enemy the Withered Aegis."

The first two projects, Sanctuary Bay and Selen, are now complete and the residents most hardily appreciate Velveeta's efforts. While she has her eye on future projects such as the Kirasanct Clothworks and the lighthouse off the coast of Sslanis, Velveeta indicated that she will be taking a break. The Cheese Palace needs a spring cleaning and a recreational hunting trip is in the planning for the only hammer she wants to be holding for now is her Warhammer. Well done Velveeta, enjoy your vacation.

Welcome Home

After some time abroad the Kraken Guard has found it's way back to our happy shores and have once again taken up residence in their respective communities. Nice to see you back and Welcome Home.



This report has been sponsored by

Mighty's U-Store, North Crystal, Shepherd's Mountain

Velveeta's Cheese Palace Tavern and Casino, Cliffside, Shepherd's Mountain


Hebur's One Stop Consignment Shop, Aughundell

This is Siluket Mosytar, Blight Herald and Roving Saris Reporter Signing Off

And That's The News....

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