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Herald Reports: Order The Order Shard Report - May Edition Takora
June 5, 2008




Hello inhabitants of Order!

This was a very exciting month! The Whithered Agies are on the move! Several towns were invaded but the Gifted defended them successfully! Various building projects were finished - the last artifact was completed by the brave crafters of Order!


Eager for more news? Read on! And don't be shy about letting me know the interesting things happening in Istaria!


(Regardless, if you have some information about events for me or something that you want to see in the next report, send me an in game /tell, private message here on the boards or contact me with an email ([email protected]). You can also send me stories or guides that you want to share with others. I would be really grateful for that. Also I would be happy about feedback.)


Greetings to all Gifted of Istaria!

World Events:

News around the towns!

Various new spells and a new technique were found on the monsters all over Istaria; 'Primal Health', 'Gift of Velocity', 'Spirit Ward' and the 'Preparing' technique. I knew I needed to investigate this and flew to Tazoon. There I held an interview with the responsible person, Jasinda in the Mage Tower.

“So, do you know how the monsters of Istaria came into possession of these new spells and the new tech?”

“It is a delicate situation indeed; the Dragons sent two copies of their newest spells, 'Primal Health' and 'Gift of Velocity', to us. We examined them and approved them by affixing the imperial seal. Also, our scholars where finally able to create the spell 'Spirit Ward' to better protect us against enemies. Futhermore, Master Confectioner Khemplo invented the new 'Preparing' tech to help confectioners create new dishes. So we created formulas and copied the technique a few times.”

“So, how did the monsters get them?”

“We creaeted a convoy to bring the new spells and tech to the Gifted.  However, between Last Stand and Aughundell, a group of undead ambushed the convoy.  Luckily, everyone was able to flee and no one was killed.  The convoy guards told chilling tales of the undead leader – a purple Vexator like creature – that spoke!”

“A Vextator that can speak?”

“It sounds unthinkable, but it was more like a ghostly voice, they said. Like someone was speaking through it. It gave commands to the well equipped undead; they were only interested in the package with the formula and technique copies. I fear we have a spy among us that told them about the convoy.”

“That sounds disturbing! What happened then?”

“As quickly as possible, we sent a group of Knights of Creation to deal with them.  However, the Withered Agies were already gone, along with the package. They only left the bandwagon they destroyed.” Jasinda sighed. “They sure wanted the power of those spells, but they weren’t able to scribe the spells, much less cast them. So we think they scattered them all around Istaria so that we would never find them again. On occasion, monsters find them and carry them around. So, a Gifted slays them and gets the formula or technique. Unfotunately, now I have to find a brave diplomat to go to the dragons and tell them what has happened to the precious spells...."

“I will take that duty if you want; I have to speak with the Elders, anyway.”

“Most appreciated, Takora. Thank you. I also have now really to go ti visit Council and tell them what we can do to prevent such a thing from happening in the future…”

“I have a hint for you; next time, take two or three Dragons with you to guard the convoy…”


And so I flew back to Dralk to the Council of Elders to speak with them.

I bowed before every Council member and then turned to Ristef the Peacemaker to speak with the Elder.

“Elder Ristef, Peacemaker of the fire-blooded, you wanted to speak with me about something.” I bowed again before the Elder.

“Greetings Takora, yes I wanted to speak with you, but I sense that you have a message from Tazoon for me.”

“Yes Elder, but it is not a good one.”

“Speak up, child of Drulkar.”

“A few weeks ago, the Council sent two new spells to Tazoon to get the Imperial seal, and to provide Imperial Outpost with copies. A terrible incident occured to the convoy, and undead have stolen the formulas.  Luckily for us, the undead cannot use the spells and have scattered them all around Istaria. Now, monsters have been found to be carrying copies of them when looted.”

“It is not as horrible as the Naka-Duskael say, young one. Drulkar’s ways are unforeseen, and this incident has a purpose we do not yet know. Drulkar wants us to earn these spells, not just hand them out. This is the will of Drulkar at this time.”

“So, Elder, what do you wish me to learn?”

“As I was praying again at the Shrine, Drulkar heard my prayer. Drulkar said to me that harder times will come, new wars will arise, and worse is yet to be. So Drulkar has granted us more power in wielding our primal magic and fighting with our Teeth and Claws. Drulkar sees it as necessary to give us a bit more power. The whole Council thanked Drulkar for the kind gifts with a long prayer. So, go now, spread the message of hope, child!”

“Indeed, I felt that I was a bit stronger the other day. I will spread the message, elder!” I bowed before all Council members before I flew off.


Nielenoss the Tinkerer dragon has invented a new draconic cargo disk. This disk is able to fly and hold multiple stacks of resources in it. Also, it is able to port through the Imperial gates. If you want to obtain the formula, speak with Nielenoss in his lair about the Cargo Flyer!


News has reached me that Morran Gizomgrinder, a Gnome in New Rachival, needs help. She needs mighty adventurers who are familiar with the Satyr Isles to help her with research.

Those who know Kirru, the Nazderon priest, might want to visit him, because he is telling those who want to know more about the gods of Istaria an interesting story. He resides southeast of Tazoon near some ruins.


Two new public taverns have opened!

The tavern in Aughundell is located in the building opposite the bank -  come in and sample the great Dwarven ale or try the whiskey! Relax in the nice atmosphere and enjoy the great Dwarven meal specialties!

The tavern in Dalimond is located on the second floor above the bank. The friendly barmaid is happy to serve you the best wine you ever tasted and is not afraid to sing a song for you to cheer you up!


The War is on!

Various invasions of the Withered Aegis have been occurring with worrisome frequency on Aradoth! The undead have tried to claim our lands, but every day,  newly Gifted appear to strengthen the army of the living races.

Recently, the Gifted have reported a few weak skeletons wandering near the Aughundell cotton field.  But, since they seem a bit disorientated and so far, have done no harm, no one is really bothered and has let them be, in light of the more important things going on. Some questions remain as to their role in the invasions that followed in the days after they were first spotted. The Imperial Research Institute is still investigating that matter.

The first invasion was targeted at the icy lands of Kirasanct and Mahagra. Near the Valkor Fortress, a Mighty Blight Anchor was sighted – one that was constantly summoning Blight Spectres to pollute the land. The message spread like a bushfire that an attack was happening and Gifted stormed through the Mahagra and Kirasanct portals to protect their homeland. The forces of the Gifted arrived fast and dispatched the Blight Anchor with all their might. After the Anchor was destroyed, they also dispatched the scattered Blight Spectres and minions at the Gold Golem field nearby. Then the Gifted searched the cold lands for more undead still roaming around. While doing so, they found another Anchor near the Topaz and Jade Golems. They destroyed it in an epic fight, and the Gifted also dispatched the minions like Frost and Flame Kwellen and Icy and Ashen Blights.

The restless search for the enemy continued; before long, parties scouting Kirasanct and Mahagra reported the area seemed normal once again. However, Gifted found another small Anchor at the (Aug?) cotton field. It appeared the other Anchors were just a distraction from the main one located in the cotton field. By the time other Gifted arrived, the cotton was already blighted. As anger fueled them, the group of Gifted rushed the Anchor and destroyed it. Frustrated over the blighted cotton, the Gifted regrouped and smashed the rest of the minions roaming around.

I decided to fly to Tazoon and tell the Imperial Council that we are again at war. The Council sent a group of investigators to Aughundell to examine the blighted cotton. The group of Gifted had remained to watch over the field and were able to brief the investigators on the situation. They did some small field experiments with the cotton and decided that the cotton would regenerate itself cleanly from the blight. So, they took some samples and returned to Tazoon. All Gifted are now ever watchful and preparing for more invasions.


The next day, a new Blighted Anchor appeared at Kirasanct, near the Topaz Golems. The Gifted quickly made short work of it and its minions. It seemed the undead want to test our defenses; others believe they searched for something in that area. The Gifted, determined to scout again, found the cotton field at Aughundell still blighted. The decision was made to harvest the blighted cotton, but since it would take too much time to purify it, the gathering baled together small hills of blighted cotton.  Dragons then lit the pyres with their hot flames. The Council still thinks that the blighted cotton had something to do with the reappearance of the Anchor at Kirasanct.


A few hours later a desperate call for help came from dragon hatchlings in Chiconis. From the north plain came several groups of ghostly mages littered with rotten and pox hatchlings - apparently, their mission was to take over Chiconis. The valiant hatchlings were able to keep the first few waves at bay – until Ghostly Keepers arrived and overwhelmed the little dragons. Elder dragons and bipeds sped to help while the undead approached the city center. The enemies clearly didn’t expect such fast assistance and were chased from the city by the more experienced Gifted.

The Gifted regrouped at the field north of Chiconis, ready for everything that the undead may throw at them. The Withered Agies sent their mightiest creations in the battle; horrors like the Avatar of Pain, Bone Guards, Blights - even Werewolves and Fang the Tormentor joined this epic battle. But the Gifted stood proud and never gave up, pushed every wave back and destroyed every enemy that came near Chiconis. After hours of never ending battle, the undead got so desperate that they even sent Salt Rock Golems, but they didn’t last long. After the last wave of Avatar of Pains and Bone Guards, the battle was over and won for the Gifted! The Gifted stayed on the battlefield for a while and scouted around Chiconis for more undead, but they were pushed back again. Another battle was won for the living races!



Later that day, a scared villager of Dryart ported in fear to Bristugo to call for help. He saw, north of Dryart near the pyramids, very mighty monsters like Ebon Golems, Ebon Guards and Myloc Lifetakers. They supposedly searched for an artifact in the ruins there. Whatever they wanted there, the undead had to be stopped, no matter what it costs.

So the mightiest of the Gifted rushed to Dryart to battle the huge enemies. It was surely a monumental battle. The lines of the Gifted were pushed back by the sheer overwhelming strength of the enemy, but they didn’t give up. There were many deaths on the side of the Gifted but the living races fought fiercely for their land! They conjured immense powerful spells, crushed the undead with their weapons and strength, and seared them with dragon flame. After a long battle, the undead army was destroyed and the day was saved.


I also want to thank Tsargoth for the provided pictures!



After the recent attacks, the Gifted decided to rebuild the last remaining Artifact in Grayling to strengthen the city itself. Because of the undead movement, we knew we had to build the last Artifact to power our position against the undead. The finished Artifact of Magic will cleanse the Blight nearby and hold it back, so that it can’t proceed and will save the city from becoming wrecked by the Blight. The Gifted worked relentlessly on the Artifact and soon it was finished. But as the last stone was placed, four Blight Anchors appeared out of the nowhere, along with Blight Spectres and their minions! We were not prepared for such a sudden surprise attack. Most of the builders had worn only their cargo gear and could barely defend themselves. So, while some had to flee to get their amour and weapons, other stood strong and fought fierce against the Blight Anchors. It seemed the undead became desperate when we finished the Artifact so soon and assaulted us constantly. Soon, other Gifted arrived and joined the fight and destroyed the Anchors. Despite the efforts of the undead, they didn’t manage to destroy the Artifact. The Gifted protected it with their lives. But there was no time to rest; two more anchors came from the north along with other monsters. We destroyed them and pushed the minions back, out of the town. The living races chased them down the road into the edge of the blight. Even in seeming defeat, the undead did not give up and two more Blight Anchors appeared. After defeating the last monster, a Dryad called Amarie Ancalimon appeared and thanked us for saving Grayling and showing the undead where they belong! It was a grand battle – especially since the Gifted won again!

And, now that all the Artifacts are finished, they will reinforce our position against the undead!



A day after this big battle, Shian spotted a Blight Anchor near Dralk. She didn’t waste time in calling out for help. Soon,  Remae, Vhazshyn, and Hraefn arrived and the group took out the Anchor quickly. It was, apparently, the Anchor that Amarie spoke about the day before. The dragons scouted the area but could not find anything unusual in the Dralk outlands.

Also I want to thank Shian for handing me some pictures!

After this last attack, peace comes again in Istaria. After several weeks, no new attacks have been reported. The undead showed that they are still a threat to us and we have to be always watchful and alert to the signs of their presence. The Gifted will be there to protect and fight for their land!


Grayling Artifact finished!

Because of the attacks that happened lately, the crafters of Order decided to rebuild the remaining three structures of Grayling to support the army of the living races.

Their goal was to rebuild the small gazebo, large gazebo and the Artifact of Magic, which was the last Artifact remaining to be built. The crafters worked day and night to complete the structures. Karya coordinated the transports and gathering of the necessary resources for the last day. When only the last piece of each material was left, the crafters and helpers called out for a small party to celebrate the finishing of the buildings.

First, we gathered at the small gazebo and IvoryClaw had the honor of placing the last piece to finish it. After inspecting it, everyone celebrated a bit and then we moved on to the large gazebo. Karya also gave a very nice speech to thank all who helped in this project.

When all had gathered around the large gazebo, IvoryClaw again had the honor of placing the last stone. We all took a nice group picture in the finished gazebo, and then we moved on to the Artifact of Magic.

As the message spread that the last Artifact would shortly be finished, more and more Gifted showed up to celebrate and watch. Karya had the honor of placing the last stone in the Artifact and letting the magic of it release to cleanse the land.

But then, shortly after it was finished, the Withered Agies showed up and wanted to destroy it! But the Gifted defended it successfully and the Artifact didn’t even get a scratch during the fierce battle for it.

I want to thank Awdz, IvoryClaw, Karya, Lucient, Reisende, Siivyra, Rougar, Sparkmage, Knossos, Willoweyes, Sephix, Aeona, and all the others who helped!

Now all Community structures on the Island (including the community structures of the towns of Grayling, Lerena, Dikaina and Mia's Edge) are finally finished!


Elia illuminated!

In a few days and with much hard work, Soliferus finished the 13 destroyed lampposts in Elia; and now, the little town shines bright in the night to welcome travelers! I want to thank that masterful Saris for repairing all the time-destroyed structures across Istaria. He works quietly in the background but his work will not go unnoticed!

Now, only the Falathien Gazebo needs to be finished, then, the whole island will once again be whole!

Picture of the Month:

When the body is tired, exercise your mind!

Your Shard Heraldess of Order

Takora Drakan 

Thanks to Velveeta for proofreading!

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