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Herald Reports: Order The Order Shard Report - June Edition Takora
July 5, 2008


Greetings fellow Istarians!

It was a bit quieter this month, but not too quiet! Anchors continued to spawn in several areas in Istaria and tried to blight our holy lands! Happily, several building projects have also been completed! Now the Realm of Order is that much closer to finishing every community project!

Keep on reading if you want to know more!

(Regardless, if you have some information about events or something that you want to see in the next report, send me an in game /tell, private message here on the boards, or contact me by email ([email protected]). You can also send stories or guides that you want to share with others. I would be really grateful for that. In addition, I would be happy to hear any/all feedback.)

Glory to all the gods of Istaria!

World Events:

We are at war!

The invasions from the Withered Agies continued, but they where not so heavy as the last month. Several Anchors and their minions appeared at Frostwatch, the Aughundell cotton field, Kirasanct tundra, near Dralk and in several other places.

The enemy wanted, secretly, to spread the blight behind the frontline, near the cities. But they couldn't make those plans bear fruit with the ever watchful Gifted in attendence. When a Gifted found an Anchor or an undead near by, they alerted others and scouted the area for any further intrusions. Often the brave Gifted found an Anchor and then dispatched it fast with all their might! Once the anchor was dispatched, the scattered around lackeys didn’t last long.

The Empire demands the citizens of Istaria to be more careful around the towns and report anything unusual to the next guard or gifted they find. 


All Dragon Projects are finished!

Since only a few lair structures were left to build, MurphyFox and myself took up the work to finally finish them.

While I was focusing on the last Crystalshaper in the Titan Mines, MurphyFox was rebuilding the four last bends in the Dralk Community Lair and the two bends in the Kir’tis Mine. The projects still had the old resource requirements from the Empire assigned, so the Crystalshaper in the Titan Mines was, particularly, a lot of work.

But, finally, after days of hard work, we could open the Crystalshaper and now all known Dragon Community projects on the Order Realm are finished!

I want to thank all those who ever helped on a project and look forward to the next dragon project, if the Empire assigns one!

Large gazebo in Falathien finished!

As the gazebo in Falathien was the last project on the Island that needed to be completed, the World Projects Team gathered again! Many came to help gather resources, then process and apply them. After much hard work, we gathered in front of the gazebo and C`gan had the honor of placing the last piece.  C'gan also presented a nice speech before finishing.

C`gan, Garfonso, Soliferus, Reisende, Frolyk, Tagath and myself were tired after so much building. But it was a very fun building event; I look forward to the next!

Now, all community structures are finished on the Island, including the cities - Ayia, Elia, and Falathien!

Shelters Pass finished!

The next project was the rebuilding of Shelters Pass! As Soliferus had already completed the lamp post there, Mysk finished the wooden archway a few days before the event, so only the large fountain was left.

So Garfonso, Mysk, Soliferus, C`gan and myself gathered up to rebuild the large fountain there. After a few hours of work, the large fountain bubbled again in the little town called Shelters Pass.

Padraig finished!

That ever crafting Saris, Soliferus, finished the five lamp posts at the guild town of Padraig. May the inhabitants there be guarded in the night by the light so that they don’t fall off the cliffs there! 


Picture of the Month:

Ant problems…

It's better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation.

Your Shard Heraldess of Order



Thanks to Velveeta for proofreading!

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