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Herald Reports: Order The Order Shard Report - July Edition Takora
August 20, 2008


Greetings, Gifted of Istaria!

This month was filled with many exciting events and happenings. The last official World Project was finished; also, we got a brand new festival to celebrate. 

The Gifted of Order cheered as the world's first Large Gambling Den opened its doors to gamble your hard earned cash away and the Empire began resizing plots that were too small.

Read on if you want to know more!

(Regardless, if you have some information about events or something that you want to see in the next report, send me an in game /tell, private message here on the boards, or contact me by email ([email protected]). You can also send stories or guides that you want to share with others. I would be really grateful for that. In addition, I would be happy to hear any/all feedback.)

Strength and Honor to all Races!

World Events: 

Pax Istaria – May the festival season begin!

The Bureau of Observations has decided that no yearly celebration calendar would be complete without properly observing The Great Peace Accords which brought all the Living Races of Istaria together. They have set up tents and special vendors outside Tazoon, just south east of the town walls, for citizens of all the Living Races to celebrate "Pax Istaria".

The festival offers many opportunities to spend your time and Imperial Bounty Markers and have fun with your friends. 

First, the Ticket Merchant at the festival grounds will be happy to take your IBMs that already have a little bit dust on them and exchange them for Festival Tickets (the only currency used there). 

With your Festival Tickets in your pockets, you will surely want to visit the Petting Zoo Vendor, in front of the Petting Zoo. You can buy a variety of special foods used to feed the tamed animals there. After that, walk into the Petting Zoo and feed the peaceful animals and perhaps pet them a bit. But don’t feed them food they don’t like, they might get a bit grumpy!

When you get tired of feeding and petting the animals, visit the Festival Food Vendor tent and buy new festival foods there. You will be totally overwhelmed by the tastiness of these delicacies - fresh from the kitchens of Tazoon! 
After your energy is restored, don’t forget to visit the Festival Fireworks Vendor! You can buy fireworks that are ready to explode – in the air hopefully. Also, you will be able to buy formulas to make your own! 

If you have a few tickets left, you can visit the Festival Raffle Vendor to gamble your leftovers away. Be ready for wondrous prizes and some surprises while gambling!

When the sun sets in the desert, pick a good spot and get ready for the many firework shows that happen during festival times. Have fun at the festival grounds and a happy Pax Istaria to all of you!


News around the towns!

After long debates, the Council of Elders in Dralk has decided that all dragons, regardless of faction, are now allowed to learn the elemental breath abilities from the representatives of the two factions. Valkoth offers to train qualified dragons in the art of Lightning Breath, while Semeneth offers to train the Breath of Ice ability. 

Also, Xerix, Periado, Grizelian, and Lisandia offer new quests to enhance dragons' skills in Primal and Tooth & Claw.

Furthermore, the Council of Elders has also determined that dragons may use special Dragon Tool Claws to enhance their crafting skills. The Tool Claws may be crafted with sockets and techniques, but it’s not advisable to jump into a fight with them!


In addition, the steward of New Trismus, Pratt McGrubben, seeks young bipeds and dragons to help him protect the town. It will be not an easy task, but the reward will be great, and you may bring a friend to help you in this important task, if you like.

The settlements of Istaria

The Istarian Government has declared, in the latest announcement, that plots which are below 1600 sq. m. will be resized. The Government has given this very important task to the Istarian Land and Title Office to fulfill. 

The goal of the Empire is to remove plots which are below 1600 sq. m. from the world. If it is possible to increase the size of existing plots, they will first attempt to do that. If it is not possible, then eventually they hope to remove such plots from the world. Plots which are 1601 sq. m. and larger will be evaluated to see if they can increase the size as well, but the LTO advises inhabitants not to expect that a plot that is already above 1601 sq. m. will be resized.

If you own such a plot, you may sell it back to the community. The Istarian Land and Title Office can investigate the area and make a decision regarding the matter. This will be an ongoing process - if an owner sells a plot to the community that meets the resize requirements, it will be flagged as “condemned”. This means the plot can’t be bought because the Istarian Land and Title Office has declared the intention to resize this plot and/or community.

The Istarian Land and Title Office will also start the reclaim of abandoned plots. Plot owners are requested to go personally to the Istarian Land and Title Office building in Tazoon once a month, to pay their plot tax. They can also pay in advance if they wish to. If owners don’t pay their taxes, the Istarian Land and Title Office will send a letter to the owner of the plot and invite him/her to an appointment to pay their overdue taxes and a penalty tax. If the plot owner doesn’t appear at the appointment, the plot will be reclaimed so that other citizens of Istaria can buy the land.

If the plot falls under the condemned guidelines, it will be reclaimed back to the community and will stay so until the Istarian Land and Title Office resized the plot or removed it from Istarian lands.

When the plots have been resized, the eagerly awaited auctions will start as soon as possible. However, at the moment, the Istarian Land and Title Office is still busy resizing the plots on Istaria and have not declared the auction commencement date.


Morathaven Tailor Hall finished!

The Tailor Hall near Kirasanct was the last official World Project remaining to be completed. The mighty crafters and adventurers of Order took up their tools and weapons to ensure that this project would be finished quickly and safely. 

It was not an easy task - hundreds and hundreds of resources had to be hauled and processed from all over Istaria. As if this was not hard enough, Topaz Golems were protecting the road to the hall fiercely. And to our bad luck, a Blight Anchor showed up to blast out all the hard effort to rebuild the hall. But the mighty adventurers that assisted us during the transporting of the constructions resources and protected the crafters from the golems, made fast work of the Anchor and its minions. 

After many hours of transporting, crafting and fighting, the last batch of constructions units were on its way to the hall. So all gathered (and also someone brought a Knut Disk full of dwarven ale) at the hall for celebrating. But the Topaz Golems still seemed to be not happy about our rebuilding and so a bunch of them ran directly to the hall. Regardless, the Gifted defended the nearly finished hall with their very own lives and destroyed the intruders. 

Finally, C’gan was able to place the last piece into the hall, after he made a very touching speech before the crowd of builders. All chanted and drank the dwarven ale as celebration of the day. 

I want to thank C’gan, Tagath, Callak, Tonga, Shuraikai, Nidhogg, Ssiscor, Soliferus, MurphyFox, Taborru, Tiamath and all the others who helped on that very important project!

Sadly, near the hall are no resource plants. The Empire investigates that matter and is researching for a resource plant that resists the cold temperatures in the Kirasanct ice lands.

Morning Light Wall finished!

A kind soul took up the duty to finish the two open wall gaps above the Trade Centre in the city. Thank you very much, you kind citizen, for making the town prettier!

But the gap on the south wall still remains open, until the Empire makes a plan to make it easier for the Gifted to leave the town to the south. 


Community News: 

C`gan Weyrsinger Steps Down as Team Lead
With the completion of Morathaven’s Cloth Hall, C`gan Weyrsinger of Obsidian Order announces his resignation as WorldProjects Team Lead. 
His time as Team Lead began shortly after shard merger in 2004 when regular community meetings began. Those present were impressed by his knowledge of the large number of projects. The nomination and voting were carried out before he was asked to accept the nomination. 
Through the years, he oversaw many projects. These ranged from many public craft stations to bridges. His favorites included the Selen-Balit Bridge, Elmnic logging camp, Sanctuary Bay essence circle, and the Acul ore refinery. However, each project he oversaw and each project he aided in brought together the races of Istaria to build for the benefit of Order shard. He reported the status of builds at the meetings; invited people to join the building frenzy; set up teams of gatherers, processors, runners, and placers; and invited the community to grand openings when the final pieces were installed. 
Along with those projects set forth during merger, C`gan also participated in new projects when added so they were completed quickly. These included assisting in the cenotaph builds, the Dwarven mines, and the two outposts near Harro. While not being in the forefront of the organization itself during these projects, his skills as a builder helped finish them faster - even beating out Chaos shard in completing some projects.
C`gan’s time as team lead outlasted the community meetings as well as some harsh feedback from the community. Yet, the most difficult blow to his tenure was not from the community, but from his own guild. The resignation of Imayo as Preceptor of Obsidian Order put him in a difficult position of either allowing the guild to disband or to find another guild leader. Those present of the guild voted that he assume the Preceptor position. He still serves in this capacity.

C`gan wishes to thank the community for allowing him to serve in the position of WorldProjects Team Lead. He also wants to thank each and every person involved with the myriad projects completed which make Istaria more functional, more beautiful, and more pleasant for all its citizens. He remains a part of WorldProjects team and will aid in projects to come.

Large Gambling Den at Carmo Guild Town has opened!
(by Skirnir Glada - Member of the Annatar )

Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!! 

Come and play at the world's first and only -- Large Gambling Den.

This Den is dedicated in honor and remembrance Sammy Specialpants (now the Ghost of Sammy Specialpants), whose Special Pants were worn by groups of bipeds in past events, well known to the elders of Istaria. 

Management kindly asks that any bipeds who wish to reminisce, do be sure to put on your Sammy Special Pants as you enter the front door. It is noted that the atmosphere of nostalgia thus created may in fact attract one or more retired people, who were participants in these memorable events in the past. They shall, hopefully with joy, return from their journeys and see the new life that spreads all across Istaria, and with this big enticement they shall rejoin those of us who have been waiting for them since the old days. 

A designated area of the Den offers a scenic view of water with its own private Beach. An exclusive dragon landing area across a narrow strip of water is available for private dragon concourse and resting, around the bend of land away from the Gambling Den area, and which is inaccessible to two legged individuals. This is perfect for quiet contemplation or a little getaway from those noisy bipeds. The large gambling den does have a roof top landing pad designed for dragons by the gods themselves. For ancient dragons that require a larger open area please feel free to use the Carmo public open pad, large enough to accommodate all.

A lighthouse can be seen in the far distance to the north from the large gazebo. The Lighthouse is rumored to have private restroom facilities (with no imperial guards or personnel) which can be used by any drunken revelers who actually manage to make it there. 

In keeping with the needs of the Istaria Gifted, the Management graciously offers a non-discriminatory sandy promontory adjacent to the beach This godly designed piece of land has been placed there for all races, and is available for individuals to jump off of and drown themselves after losing all their cash to the Empire. 

The management reminds all individuals to bind elsewhere. No funds are available from the management of this facility to provide for a charity transport elsewhere due to fiscal loss. As the Carmo area is under godly intervention and reconstruction, any stragglers, loiterers, land squatters, copper-less wanderers, and other various nefarious individuals of ill-repute are welcome to go to the surrounding communities that do have an available portal for imperial transport elsewhere.

In case of a world wide crisis, this Large Gambling Den is available for mass meetings and can provide for other general hysterical needs requiring a large open area with a roof to protect from bad weather.

This Large Gambling Den, which falls under the tier six construction catagory, is located on Order shard in the Carmo Guild Town. Should you choose to visit the Den, note that the entrance is somewhat masked by decor of wall sections and foliage, so be sure to check the plot stone to verify your position and thus assure that you are in the correct location. No imperial guards are there to collect taxes, give directions, or protect the management from world wide Withered Aegis retaliations of Gifted endeavors.

With regards to all gamblers, 

Skirnir Glada 

Member of the Annatar 


Picture of the Month:

A new species? Or a joke from an insane Dryard?


You have always to stand up one more time than you fall down.

Your Shard Heraldess of Order


Thanks to Velveeta for proofreading!

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