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Herald Reports: Order The Order Shard Report - August Edition Takora
September 19, 2008



Greetings, Gifted of Order! 

What an interesting month! The Empire has finished the largest part of the plot resizing across Istaria and is now polishing and preparing the last details before the auctions can finally start! 

Also, the Empire assigned new building projects that were quickly completed by the busy crafters. Furthermore, this report includes an interview with some newly arrived citizens of Order, those who formerly resided in the Chaos Realm. 

Eager to read the news? Then take the scroll with you into the library and have a seat!

For the Living! For Istaria!

World Events: 

The Land Rush!

With the end of the Summer Festival, “Pax Istaria”, the waiting for the plot auctions will soon come to an end as well. The Festival Vendors have packed up their tents and goodies and gone home. The zoo animals have been taken to a wild life preserve to ensure that they can live in peace. But don’t be sad! The festival season has only begun and many more events will follow soon!

Some of you might run out of patience with the Empire, but don’t stress yourself too much with that! The Office of Land Management (OoLM) knows that all Gifted are eagerly awaiting the Auctions to claim their own piece of Istaria. The commissaries work very carefully to ensure that every plot is big enough to build a decent house on it along with some shops and decoration. And as you all know, there are many plots in Istaria that need to be reviewed and investigated. Now, after months of planning the OoLM has declared the plots are ready to purchase and they are busy now with setting up the auctions!

As well, Relstaroth, Balennos, and the Council of Elders have worked in the background to make the Lairs of the Dragons of Istaria more appealing. They gathered some very talented Dragon artists together and let them draw many mural designs. Only 13 in total where accepted by the Council of Elders and shall now be officially used as decorations of the dragon lairs!


Central Valley finished!

As soon as the Gifted of Order got the word that scaffoldings were placed in Central Valley by the Empire, they traveled as fast as they could to get there and examined them. After the investigation it was clear that there was a Stoneworking Shelter, an Ivy Archway and a Lamppost to build. 

So the brave Crafters didn’t wait and brought their tools to build the Stoneworking Shelter in Central Valley. Slate is near and new owners of the nearby plots could sure use that handy Shelter with the resource so near. 

After a few days and much work, the Stoneworking Shelter was finished and fully functioning. It has a Stonecutter machine and even a Stoneworking Pedestal in it, so that Spellcrafters and other trades of craft can be practiced without fear of grumpy monsters.

So now the Ivy Archway and the Lamppost were left to build. Those projects were worked simultaneously, since they require many of the same construction materials. But obviously, the Lamppost was finished sooner. Now it lights the area around the landing pad to guide the travelers that pass through. 

That left only the Ivy Archway, which still had wood construction to complete. A day later, it was finished to much fanfare! Now Central Valley welcomes all future plot owners with a crafting shop and nice town decorations!

A big thank you goes to Soliferus, Ramaj, Takina, SSiscor, Tsargoth, Nidhogg, Verdeia, Tagath, C’gan and all the others who helped to make Istaria a much prettier place!



Community News: 

World Travellers:
An interview with Nambroth Desldyrm and Eldarath Desldyrm

The world is changing and so the Primes do, the borders of the worlds are washing together, and form new ways to travel through them. Some are brave enough to step through those so-called “Rift Scars”, not knowing where they will land or if they will get out alive again. Two of these brave Gifted were Nambroth and Eldarath. They came from the Chaos realm to Order - Nambroth sought her family and Eldarath followed his mate. Thank Drulkar and the other gods they weren’t harmed through the travel. So I decided to interview them so they can share with us their interesting stories!

For the interview we three flew a bit west of Dralk to the tooth bridge and sat comfortably on the ground. 

Takora smiles: “So, welcome Nambroth and Eldarath to our little interview!”
Eldarath perks up his eye ridges.
Nambroth smiles back: "I am honored to be invited."
Takora: “So, may I ask some personal questions first?”
Nambroth surveys the surroundings with those keen dragon eyes.
Eldarath looks quite amused with this.
Nambroth grins: "I suppose so."
Takora: “How old are you Nambroth?”
Nambroth: “I have not followed the cycle of days since I woke as one of the Gifted, but I have seen the rise and fall of many kin and Naka-Duskael alike. Many years it has been.'
Takora nods her head: “Very interesting, indeed. Do you maybe want to tell me a bit about yourself?”
Nambroth looks a bit embarrassed: "I wouldn't know where to begin. I am just another of Drulkar's children."
Takora smirks: “You came from the realm of Chaos to us, did you live in another Realm before Chaos?”
Nambroth shakes her head: "No; though my egg was laid in this Realm, I hatched and then later became gifted in the Realm of Chaos."
Takora: “So you came originally from Order?”
Nambroth nods: "As far as my research has led me to believe, yes."
Takora: “How you think your egg came to the Chaos realm? Magic maybe? An abnormality in the connection of the Realms?'
Nambroth: “Though we will never fully be sure, I found the tome of a mage that was seeking travel between realms. After much searching and help from others, and based on his writings that were in tact, he needed the magic of the prime to do so. But no dragon was so willing to help. Briefly, it is thought he took my egg with him.'
Takora: “So the mage wanted to raise you to help him?”
Nambroth shakes her head: "Were it only that all Naka-Duskael were so kind, though I have known some that were. No, using the innate source of the Prime, he took the egg in his travel, but it went awry, and the egg and hatchling within perished. However, if the story is true and it is myself, then I was reborn as the Gifted on Skalkarr island on Chaos.
Takora nods: "I understand."
Nambroth smiles, as an apology: "I am sorry it is such a long story."
Takora smirks: "I like long stories, and my readers also."
Takora looks at Eldarath: "Eldarath, where you also born like Nambroth here on Order, or where you born in the Chaos Realm?"
Eldarath shakes his muzzle: "I was born and raised within the realms of Chaos."
Takora smiles: “And you both met on Chaos and became a pair?”
Eldarath nods: "That'd be what happened." He grins a bit and looks over at Nambroth.
Takora smiles warmly: "You both make a great pair together."
Nambroth chuckles:"I don't think there was ever a time in memory that we were not a pair."
Takora: “So to come back to the main question, Nambroth, what did you do to get to the Order Realm?”
Nambroth looks to Eldarath: "Magics are no great strong point of mine; my mate did all of the work. I will let him answer."
Eldarath rumbles softly: "There was a breach in the rift, found by using Nambroth as a compass of sorts. Her energies are linked to this Realm, and being the curious dragons we are, we investigated.
Takora nods: “I wonder if the rift appeared as the refugees of Unity arrived.”
Eldarath: “It's possible, but I didn't want to take the time to study it, should it collapse.”
Nambroth tilts her head to one side: "There is always a possibility, as I know some from the Unity realm ended up in Chaos as well."
Takora: “So what did you do further Eldarath?”
Eldarath smiles a bit: "The spell of pathfinding actually, it seemed to serve the purpose of bringing Nambroth back to her home realm.”
Takora: “Did you prepare for the journey?”
Nambroth nods: "Yes, though not much was needed to prepare. We gathered our few possessions to take with us.
Takora: “Was the journey hard, dangerous?”
Nambroth says: “It was fast... I do not know if it was dangerous; here we stand, breathing, so we survived. But it was a terrible experience to actually travel through the realm. It was as if one had tried to enter the Rift without preparing first; mind and body felt torn apart. But when we awoke we were whole once again, both in mind, spirit and body.”
Takora: “It was sure not easy; I bow before your both’s courage to make this step.'
Eldarath nods.
Takora: “So only the desire of Nambroth to get to her home realm again did you both spur to make this step?”
Eldarath: "Yes, I had a few attachments to the realm of Chaos, my sister Dracanaa, but she had been sleeping many nights and this opportunity presented itself…”
Takora: “It is sure a heavy decision to leave a realm, to leave all your friends and home behind. Did the small rift close after you arrived on Order?”
Eldarath: "I believe so, but there are many cracks here on Order too, Tsargoth has discovered one within a lair on a far off island.”
Takora: “Indeed, it seems that the Realms are changing, hopefully to a good thing.”
Nambroth: "Yes… I hope so too. We must be ever watchful however, for the Aegis will surely try to use such a thing to ill intent if they can."
Takora: “Has anyone of you two something to add?”
Eldarath shakes his head: "Not me."
Nambroth shakes her head: "I cannot think of anything."
Takora: “Then I thank you both for this wonderful interview; it was as always a pleasure to talk to you both.” She smiles.
Nambroth smiles: "Thank you for having us. I hope I was not too boring to speak with!"
Takora: “It is never boring to speak to anyone of you both, dear Nambroth.”
Nambroth says: “I am sorry that you were forced to travel from your home with no choice, but I hope that you enjoy it here.”
Eldarath: "I'm sure we'll find a lair to settle down in sooner or later.”
Takora: "Thank you, it is quite nice here in this Realm. I am sure you will Eldarath and Nambroth, there are plenty of Lairs still free, and the auctions are soon coming.”
Eldarath nods. 
Takora: “May Drulkar bless you!”
Eldarath: “Thank you as well Takora!”
Nambroth: “And you as well.”


Picture of the Month:

A new sport becomes very popular in Istaria…

Discovery equals immortality. 

Your Shard Heraldess of Order


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