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Herald Reports: Chaos Crusaders of Chaos - August 2008 Justa
September 30, 2008
August 2008 Crusaders of Chaos title pic

Location, Location, Location

The land resizing has been completed for the most part in Istaria.  Some found that the plots they owned were a slight bit larger, and some noticed an increase or decrease in the value of their property.

 “Three Gold!” one Istarian said, pointing at property that once used to cost a mere 367sp only months ago.  Justa looked at his plot… it was 1 gold 200 silver LESS in price. Concerns raised the fact that new residents of Istaria would have no choice but to place bids on property in less desirable areas due to the location.  Even plots in cities that were ghost towns before, had high price tags only because they were near a portal.

Preparations are being made by residents hoping to get a better location, be it plot or lair, harvesting, hunting, and gathering money for possible bid wars on desirable plots.  The Empire made changes to land management and Istarians found that the property they buy will be theirs for 24 hours.  They could put their property up for sale, or sell it to another Istarian, but cannot sell it to the community for the 24 hour time frame.

Harton Valley Before resize Harton Valley After the resize

Other changes came as well.  The dragon trainers have gotten their affairs in order and are now offering their newest quests with less confusing directions and in the order they need to be completed.  Those dragons who wish to complete their ascension to ancient will find they will be able to start their quests, after having completed all of their training.

Dragons also found new decorations for their lairs in the way of murals.

Two Istarians this month proved you could master every adventure class in the game and still have time to stop for some brew and fine Istarian cooking.

[Flatspin:] 'Hey you have a minute?'

[Dakoren:] 'Greetings FlatSpin, Yes I do.'

[Flatspin:] 'I need a sexy pose for my Herald report'

[Flatspin:] 'Where would you want your picture taken?’

[Dakoren:] 'You know the road where the blight hounds wander, I am there. Guess it’s a nice spot.'

[Flatspin:] 'Sounds good maybe I can get you and Faffy to hold hands.... while his arm is glowing'

[Dakoren:] 'Haha, well he’s going to get his rear kicked soonish, hehe'

As I approached his reported location, I saw Dakoren fall in battle.

[Flatspin:] 'You… you didn't just die did you?'

[Dakoren:] 'Haha yes, blame my alt for that'

[Dakoren:] 'Still its good to die once in a while, then things don’t get to your head’

[Flatspin:] 'So what drove you to master all adventuring levels?'

[Dakoren:] 'That is a good question, I've been playing Horizons for a long time, and got hooked up with adventuring, I really like it.  In the end I couldn’t make a choice what schools to do more, so I just made the choice to do them all'

[Flatspin:] 'Like me, did you do beta, or joined later?'

[Dakoren:] 'Been in beta, and had several breaks while playing Horizons'

[Flatspin:] 'What was the hardest part in the last levels?'

[Dakoren:] 'Seeing that your friends are supporting you while trying to achieve your goal.'

[Flatspin:] 'How did you accomplish the XP for that last part?’

[Dakoren:] 'Well as around rating 240-250 (I can’t recall the exact rating anymore) you get no experience anymore, even if you are L 80 and got 20 Necroo's going after you. So I did it using trophies, lots! I can say that I mostly farmed them myself however the closer I got to reaching the last bit I got some help from friends who hunted.’

[Flatspin:] 'What are your plans for the future?'

[Dakoren:] 'Future plans, I will be going to craft a lot. But also help out my friends and do other interesting things that will pass in my journey.'

[Flatspin:] 'Last question: if you have any "hints" to others wanting to achieve what you have done, what would it be?'

[Dakoren:] 'Have lots of patience, and don’t try to get to obsessed with it, after all its just a game. If you don’t mind, I need to be going, Daknor is waiting for me.’

[Flatspin:] 'Thanks for your time.’

Dakoren Picks a fight with a blight hound  Dakoren goes Toe to Toe  Dakoren wins the fight with blight

Dakoren poses at the gates of Fafnir

Dakoren poses 1  Dakoren Poses 2

Congratulations to Moregoth and Dakoren Ironhand for this accomplishment!

I could not get any pictures of the twins from last month in the herald report for July so I invited them back to the same spot in South March for an adult pose after the two of them completed their ROP.  I did help out a bit with the enslavers, and the final battle with Shadow Dragon, but missed the ascension due to this thing called work.

Lightiningmane and Thundermane

Our guild had a rare occurrence of having everyone on as Saris, so we posed at Bristugo.

Timeless Saris in Bristugo

Some of us were playing around in Bristugo with the hatchlings there, having fun.

Fun in NT

A picture of your Herald with his children Brezil and Nhym

Flatspin with Brezil and Nhym

At the Ascension desk

Most of the time I don’t catch everyone doing ascensions, but I try, and read the local tavern news to see who is flying the skies of Istaria, or have become ancient.


ROP: Lightiningmane and Thundermane, Anime Blue and Dyraleon.

AROP: Danarion


Well that's it for another issue, remember you can submit happenings in Chaos by sending email to:

[email protected]

[email protected]

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