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Herald Reports: Order The Order Shard Report - September Edition Takora
October 4, 2008



A respectful greeting to all Gifted residing on the Order Realm!

This month, the Empire has again decided to put up new building projects in Istaria to protect better the citizens and beautify the towns. Also a mysterious island has been discovered…

If that has awakened your interest, keep on reading!

May Istara bless you all!

World Events:

Mysterious Island discovered!

A secret, long held close by the Empire, has been revealed! The council has decided to make an important discovery known to the public.

South-West of Drakul, a small island was found a few months ago by dragons. At once, they shared their findings with the Council of Elders. The Council decided to investigate with their own researchers, but they could come not up with a conclusion about why and when the island appeared. So, The Council of Elders told the Imperial Council in Tazoon about it and they sent their own flying researchers. 

What is definitely known so far is as follows: the island contains only an empty brown tent, a giant mushroom with some little mushrooms around it, a campfire, and a mystic flame that burns without firewood. If you put your hand into the flame, you do not get burned - it is weirdly cold. It seems the island is of Dryad origin because of the big mushrooms. The researchers are still heatedly debating about the island; some say it was created by the gods as a refugee, others say it is a research complex of the gnomes or that it was created by the enemy. 

Because no one can come to a provable reason why the island is here, it is now up to the citizens of Istaria to discover what purpose it has. If anyone has an idea they should share the theories with the Imperial Council in Tazoon. 


The Bristugo Project!

As soon as the message spread that the Empire declared new building projects, the Gifted swarmed out to find those projects. Soon was decided that the Bristugo Projects should be finished first. 

Recently, two Guard Posts where added and to the north of the town, a brick city wall was begun. The Crafters thought it would be handy if the Guard Posts were finished first, so that the guards could then watch over the building of the wall. Also, the small town could sure use some guards to beat up the evil and greedy gypsy Nadia once a while. 

The project started slowly, but soon the Crafters worked hard together to finish them. The two Guard Posts are now finished and the Gifted eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Imperial Guardians. 

Big thanks goes to Gengel, Soliferus, Awdz, Spyra, Fierce, Knossos and all the others who helped in this Project!


Picture of the Month:

Some dragons found a new use for the Thornwood trees…

Restless like the wind, deep as the ocean and endless like the horizon – is the longing of the humans after love…

Your Shard Heraldess of Order


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