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Herald Reports: Chaos Crusaders of Chaos - September 2008 Justa
November 16, 2008
Crusaders of Chaos September splash screen

The Theocracy of Istaria

As old as I am, I am not nearly as old as those who walked before us to establish the world in which we now live in.  Their wisdom, guidance and faith in the many deities they worship are what have formed the world into what it has become.  Although some revere Drulkar as such, there are others that believe he was just a dragon that visited Istaria long ago and brought the race of dragons to Istaria.  Our leaders do what they can in their names to rule us, but for some, their faith is waning.


I awoke one morning and flew over the land. It was barren where once structures stood.  Eager inhabitants milled around various areas, pacing the ground so much the earth beneath their feet showed signs of wear.  They awaited the results of the empire’s release of the auction results, hoping to win the right to become new owners of land.
In the end, the empire collected much gold from many willing to spend as much as 400 gold on a single property.  Others waited until the dust settled and bought what was left over at community prices, not wanting to bid, possibly knowing how much the coveted plots would go for.  New owners of Istaria, make our land again one that I am proud to fly over and see.
The summer event came to a close and with it the upcoming fall event.  Again the fall festival in Augendell comes soon, structures raised, ale brewing, and snacks galore.  The empire sent out a request for scary stories, and painters to adorn scales and Naka masks with artwork.  Many went right to work, creating such stories and art.  This is how Istaria should be, but are constantly reminded that the withered aegis still roam our lands and have started popping up where you would least expect them.

Hatchies hamming it up

The month has been quiet, with many more problems with the lack of new ancients to replace those that have passed beyond the gate, never to return.  Their trainers looked at one another, then to the tooth and claw trainer Xerix.
“We all have been instructed to offer extended training to those qualified… but yet you refuse!” Periado exclaimed, looking at Xerix with an unwelcome glare.
Rykhar chimed in, “As much as I hate this training of others, we must do so to make our numbers grow, our numbers stronger. Xerix, what say you?”

Periado and Xerix have a talk

“I see no dragon befit to be trained past their 70th season, their claws are as sharp as I can train them, and their bite more vicious than mine.  What is there that we can teach them that they already haven’t learned on their own?” Xerix responded, only knowing he was just being lazy.
“Well get your act together, Valkoth and Semeneth are rejecting adult entries to learn the ancient rites of passage, some of us were to blame for giving training ahead of time, but some are being told YOU are holding them up.” Periado snapped at Xerix.
“FINE!” Xerix growled, heavily landed pawfalls could be felt so hard the floating rock which they trained in moved with each step as he marched back to his area.
I looked at the Naka side of things, what problems they were encountering with this new world order.  Plots not wanting to work right, new owners of lairs and plots not able to build or own, even though they paid the gold.
One exclaimed “I paid GOOD MONEY for this plot, and it does not have my title on it. I wish to build, to plan, to own, but this is ….” And some words even I would not use lest I were provoked.
Of all I spoke with, word of the Labyrinth spread amongst them and us.  There were rumors that an area of Istaria has been discovered with untold dangers lurking inside. Tales were told that this could in fact, be the very source of our attacks from the withered aegis.  Many seasoned warriors and spell casters, healers and dragons, eager to learn of its whereabouts.
“If it’s true, this is what we have been waiting years for.  They couldn’t have hidden it for long.”
“If my wit is as sharp as my blade, we will be victorious!” a dwarf commented.
“Your blade may be sharp, but my claw will cut it in two, AND the creature you were fighting.” One dragon boasted, tapping his claw on the ground in front of the dwarf.
What awaits us is uncertain, but what we do know, reports that have come back from the scouts that have seen this place are certain; this is not a walk through a grassy knoll.

Until next report, may your battles be swift, your craft rewarding, and your structures sound.

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