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Live Updates Dralnoks Doom Istaria Community Manager
July 1, 2009

Istaria: Dralnok's Doom

Welcome to the Content Update known as "Istaria: Dralnok's Doom". This update consists of significant changes and additions to the game world that include the following:

  • Istaria's First Underground Area
  • Tons of content designed exclusively for high-level players!
  • Four entirely new monster races!
  • The return of an old favorite, the Myloc!
  • An epic boss the likes of which you've never seen in Istaria before!
  • Treasure Chests!
  • Tons of new treasure, collectibles, dyes, hoardables, and much more!
  • Over 50 quests!
  • An entire region of Istaria rebuilt and improved!
  • A new epic ability for Dragons!
  • A new breath weapon for Dragons!
  • An all new epic spell!


  • Delgarath, a mining community southeast of Morning Light, is now a viable NPC Community with quests, a shrine and a travel gate and destination pad
  • Significant world changes between Aughundell and Delgarath (appearance, monsters, resources, etc)
  • Old Rachival has been revamped and is now a level 90+ adventure zone
  • Over 50+ quests available from NPCs in Aughundell, Delgarath, and points between


NPC Changes

  • Hilary, the Mason Trainer, has moved in to the crafting area in Mahagra. She's agreed to remain there to sell Journeyman level formulas to Masons.
  • Ella the Tailor now carries selected beginner formulas only
  • Kiva the Tailor now carries selected beginner formulas only
  • Kriegan the Tailor has arrived in Kirasanct. He carries selected journeyman formulas only
  • Huma the Tailor carries selected expert formulas only
  • Gangaf Tagley is a vendor and sells beginner tinkerer formulas at the proper markup.
  • Versanto the Tinkerer carries selected journeyman formulas only.
  • Ayios the Weaver carries journeyman and expert formulas.
  • Bashale the Weaver carries beginner formula
  • Mirabell the Weaponsmith has moved to Dalimond no longer carries any journeyman formulas and no fine weapon formulas
  • Jeysta Maaltas no longer carries any beginner formulas and no fine weapon formulas
  • Derus is now known as Derus Steelhand and now carries a selected few expert formulas
  • Krianti no longer carries journeyman formulas
  • Terywyn no longer carries beginner formulas
  • Nida no longer carries journeyman formulas
  • Malion no longer carries beginner formulas
  • Cassath no longer carries journeyman formulas.
  • Dauga now carries selected expert formulas
  • Talyshae no longer carries beginner, improved and dragon formulas
  • Revaan Nosfer no longer carries beginner, improved and dragon formulas.
  • Hubert is now known as Hubert Hufflebing and no longer carries beginner, improved and dragon formulas.
  • Kesh no longer carries journeyman, improved and dragon formulas.
  • Geleon no longer carries journeyman, improved and dragon formulas
  • Palaikis no longer carries beginner, improved and dragon formulas.
  • Leah no longer carries journeyman, improved and dragon formulas
  • Erelald no longer carries improved and dragon formulas
  • Miranda Harringer the Quartermaster has moved to the Forbidden Zone
  • Militia Surplus Officers Roiran, Gryvan, and Kazzik have moved to the Forbidden Zone
  • Miner Trainers Jasmine, Nels, Fulthas, Gaeta and Raine no longer offer the the out-dated miner tasks through their persistent dialog.
  • Kessat the Gray has moved to a new location in his home so that his tail no longer appears stuck in the wall.
  • Miranda the Quartermaster is now a Dragon and is known as Nalithess and is located in Chiconis
  • Noncas Fizzlebot in Aughundell will now offer players the ability to join the Tinkerer school and he sells Expert and Master level Tinkerer formulas. He does not, however, offer any Tinkerer tasks or starter equipment.
  • Master Spell Shard formula to Frig Tallowgar at the Imperial Outpost
  • Azmedai no longer gives out his fedex and gather quests
  • Archwizard Thurid has taken up residence in the home of Bixben Sallmuster in the city of New Rachival.
  • Richlan the Enchanter Trainer has moved to Dalimond
  • Greeting V'Tieru will now attune you to the Rift destination pad if you have previously completed the ARoP.

Quest Changes

  • Technique "Spell: Fog" can be applied to mind spells that do not do damage.
  • Trophy Hunter quest "Go Bag 5 Storm Ogre Manacles" is now known as "Go Bag 5 Bhal'kuk Warrior Manacles"
  • Quest "Memni's Challenge: Earn Lasting Embers" now requires you to kill Flame Pygmies instead of Crushing Ogres and asks for a Flame Pygmy Beatstick. Also cleaned up some of the directions.
  • Trophy Hunter task "Go Bag 5 Tempest Ogre Manacles" is now known as "Go Bag 5 Than'kuk Warrior Manacles"
  • Quest "ARoP - Journey to the Rift: Prologue" will now attune you to the pad in the Rift

Monster Changes

  • Crushing Ogres no longer spawn in Old Rachival
  • Snow Beetles now drop "Snow Beetle Mandibles" as a rare tech component
  • Rebalanced the loot tables of Frost Pygmies
  • Blighted Kwellen will now appear with more regularity over a few different patrol regions in Eastern Deadlands.
  • Tempest Ogres are now known as Than'kuk and will again spawn in the Stormy March
  • Adjusted the spawn rate of Chieftan Bulok and High Soothsayer Didga
  • Maggots will now be a little tougher in combat

Ability and Item Changes

  • Dragon Breath attacks are now on a 50% linked timer
  • All epic spells and abilities are now on a 100% shared timer
  • Lasting Embers now applies only to Breath attacks that deal flame damage
  • Shining Crystals are stackable
  • The Drulkar's Wrath trinket effect is now known as Drulkar's Inferno
  • Smelting Tongs can be used with the Tinkering skill
  • Berserk Rage can no longer be manually removed
  • Breath of Fire damage increased by 1/3, penetration increased significantly, and shared timer set to 50%
  • Techniques "Ability: Smash III", "Adventure: Energy III", "Craft: Fletching III", "Defense: Crush Ward III", "Defense: Primal Resistance III", "Spell: Bane III", and "Spell: Fortify III" now require Snow Beetle Mandibles instead of Crushing Ogre Club Splinters.
  • Adventure Primal V technique now requires Corrupted Shade Ectoplasm instead of Veteran Zombie Fingers
  • Stone Chisel and Stoneworking Ability can now be used with Ingenuity
  • Spirit Form will no longer be overwritten by lesser evasion boosts
  • Technique "Spell: Shocked V" now requires Than'kuk Jawbones instead of Giant Fire Beetle Mandibles
  • The Gate of Embers now works as an actual travel gate, allowing restricted access to the Rift
  • Medallion of the Disciplines will now buff Nature Resistance instead of Storm Resistance
  • Rune of Teleportation will now teleport those who use it to the entrance to the Gate of Embers chamber.
  • Technique "Spell: Shocked V" now requires Than'kuk Jawbones instead of Giant Fire Beetle Mandibles


Monsters and Loot

  • Skaahr will be harvestable for Dire Wolf Hide
  • Fixed the name of Digda the High Soothsayer (Blood Skulk) to display properly
  • Cleaned up the Energized and Blighted Kwellen loot tables
  • Cleaned up the Enraged, Pustulating, Festering, Hemorraghing, and Rotting Aegror loot table
  • Invisible storm and ice wisps will now be visible
  • Non-blighted dragon claws will no longer drop from blighted monsters.
  • Wraith Ectoplasm has been removed from loot tables.
  • Rebalanced Surtheim's loot tables
  • Adjusted Surtheim's spawn rate since he's now part of two quests

Items and Abilities

  • Dusky Bludgeoning Crystal will do crush damage
  • Blighted I through V effects will have a chance of giving themselves rather than the higher tier version.
  • Avariatus' Stone of Vitality now uses an Armor crystal icon instead of a Tool crystal icon
  • Steel-Granite Lunus Cargo Disk will now properly reduce ground speed
  • Evasive Style now counts as an evasion boost for augmentation conflicts

Quests and World

  • Fixed Sergeant Gaedin's dialog in quest "Warrior's Quest: Prove your fighting skills!" to name the number of times to use Negate Attack properly.
  • Fixed Primal Mastery 4 quest so that dragons who are eligible should be able to get the quest now.
  • Quest "Sslanis Marshal Quest: The Honored Dead Part 2" now tracks all Sslik Skeleton Ravagers
  • Fixed a typo in quest "Farmer Idamon’s Chicken Troubles II"
  • Quest "Sslanis Marshal Quest: The Confectioner Syndicate Part 1" now calls for Angry Grulets instead of Wild Grulets
  • Fixed Joggler Snimm's dialog so he doesn't have links that go nowhere
  • Fixed the Withered Bane quest so that the directions for how to continue it are clearer.
  • Fixed the missing water in the Aubadrine stream
  • Valley of Repose Black Pepper plants should spawn again on the small farm.
  • Valley of Repose area cotton plants have begun to grow again.
  • Fixed a bug with Tutorial Outfitter quests where someone could bypass the first quest and go right to the second.
  • Alchemist Trainers will now properly give out the formula "Alchemical Gem Powders" with the training equipment
  • Corrected the resource ratio, XP, and Skill requirements for Radiant Sources/Spheres on the following Expert shops: Blacksmith, Alchemist, Clothworking, Confectioner, Jewelry, Leatherworking, Mill, Scholar, Stoneworking, Tinkerer and Woodworking
  • Natasha the Jeweler in Kirasanct has had her anti-gravity boots removed. She's now found in the same chamber as the stonecutter.
  • Quest "Primal Mastery: Become a Primal Master" now requires you to have completed the level 60 quest (Primal Expert)
  • Quest "Primal Mastery: Become a Primal Expert" now requires you to have completed the level 20 quest (Primal Adept)
  • Quest "Breath of Fire: Acquire a Splinter of Flame-Bone" now properly refers to the Western Deadlands
  • Quest "Breath of Ice: Acquire a Splinter of Ice-Bone" now properly refers to the Western Deadlands
  • Quest "Breath of Lightning: Acquire a Splinter of Energy-Bone" now properly refers to the Western Deadlands
  • Quest "Farmer Idamon's Chicken Troubles" will now properly delete the gathered eggs when you return to Farmer Idamon.

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