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Live Updates August 2010 Content Update Istaria Community Manager
August 24, 2010

On Tuesday, August 24th, the following changes were made to Chaos and Order.


  • Quest "Vandus Confederation: Traitor in the Midst II" is now offered by Mayor Micklin Vandus in Dalimond
  • Imperial Quartermaster Frig Tallowgar at the Imperial Outpost has been authorized to carry new Cargo Disk formulas: Master Tarbash, Master Tarbash Compact, Master Standish, Master Standish Deluxe, Master Standard and Master Deluxe formulas.
  • Nielenoss has taken the Master designs and perfected his own - Master Flying Cargo Disk, Master Cargo Disk Flyer, as well as the needed components, Master Laminate, Master Energized Azulyte, Master Imbued Brick and Master Engraving.
  • Tier 6 Cargo Disks can now be used by players with the proper Craft Rating. Please note, this is Rating, not School Level. KNOWN ISSUE: The required rating does not currently appear on Tier 6 Cargo Disks. However, it is a natural 20 levels above the Tier 5 version (most are 105, 115 or 120).
  • Noncas Fizzlebot the Tinkerer in Aughundell has acquired Master-level formulas for Hinges, Springs and Struts.
  • Reports are circulating that Ish'kuk Gatherers and even a Chieftain have been spotted atop the Dalimond Ridge.
  • A new Fletcher Trainer, Dalzar Straightshot, has arrived in Aughundell to train Expert-level Fletchers.
  • Scholar Trainers on Lesser Aradoth and the Dalimond Penisula have acquired the remainder of the Tier 2 scrolls (Resistances, Wards, Enhances, and Raises).



  • Quest "Tooth and Claw I: Sharpen Your Claws And Teeth" will give better directions and will also count Large and Giant beetles.
  • Quest "Dragon Instant Heal II: Ish'kuk Gatherers" is now known as "Dragon Instant Heal II: The Ish'kuk" and will accept any of the Ish'kuk.
  • Quest "Jemmei's Late Delivery" now requires 400 Uncut Rose Quartz instead of 500.
  • Quest "Go Bag 5 Brownback Wolf Skulls" now calls for Brownback Matron Skulls instead of generically referring to them as Wolf Skulls.
  • Quest "Cleansing the Corruption II" will now include an additional feedback message about the Armor of the Watcher ability when it is handed out.
  • Completely reworked quest "Dragon's Gift V". It is now known as "Dragon's Gift V: Kaliphar's Reagants" and properly tracks the looting of the Brilliant Peridot Gemstone that Kaliphar speaks of.
  • Quest "Dragon Instant Heal I: The Power of Healing" now only requires 50 golems, not 100, to complete.
  • Players working on the "Breath of Fire: Acquire a Splinter of Flame-Bone" will now have a greater chance of attaining the splinter when killing skeletons in the Western Deadlands.

  • Eclipse the Obsidian Golem will now spawn at a lower level range than he used to, making him slightly less powerful than Tashka Lusa.
  • Both Eclipse and Tashka Lusa have had their treasure tables adjusted slightly so that they will drop a greater variety of loot more often.
  • Obsidian Golems now spawn in greater quantity around the Tower of Wizardry area, with lower level golems spawning closer to the coast and higher level ones spawning closer to the tower. There are two named golems which will spawn as well, Eclipse and Tashka Lusa, in different areas around where regular golems spawn.
  • Marble Golems which spawn near the Valley of Torlath will now appear more consistency and are spread out around the Marble Quarry in different level ranges, with higher level golems closer to the center of the quarry area.
  • Angry Gruoks and Grulets will now spawn more consistently in range of levels.
  • Brown Spider Hatchlings will now spawn on New Trismus with more consistency than previously.
  • Blighted monsters in the Northern Deadlands now spawn in a range between lvls 45 and 55 rather than at static levels.
  • Bessie the Wild Gruok Matriarch has a shorter patrol path now.
  • Lieutenant Khar no longer approaches the actual gate of Kion.
  • Tweaked the Sand Beetle spawns around the Southern Gate of Kion.
  • Greymane Seekers have been spotted at the edge of the forest near the Ranger's Camp.
  • Wild Gruoks have been spotted at the edge of the forest near the Ranger's Camp.
  • Lesser Water Elementals have expanded their territory along the coast of Lesser Aradoth north towards Kion.
  • Revamped the Greymane and Saris Skeleton spawns around the Ruined Stone Circle.
  • Tweaked the treasure of Saris Skeleton Raiders and Marauders.
  • Tweaked the spawn rates of Lieutenant's Khar and Vekh
  • Tweaked the loot for Blighted Kwellen in the Staging Grounds.
  • Tweaked the loot for Blight Hounds in the Staging Grounds.
  • Obsidian Golems now have the same chance of dropping a trophy item as their larger cousins.
  • Water Elementals have been reverted to use the old Water Golem appearance.
  • Tweaked the spawn rate of monsters within Valkor's Lair.
  • Cleaned up the Gold Golem spawns within the Winter Valley.
  • Winter Mountain Wolves and Winter Gruoks now spawn more frequently and in more places along both the north and west sides of the Winter Valley (near the Gold Golems).
  • Rebalanced the Snow Beetle spawns on mainland Aradoth.
  • Rebalanced the Granite Golem spawns near Drift Point.
  • Snow Beetles are now known as Nix Beetles.
  • Rebalanced the Ice Beetle spawns outside on mainland Aradoth.
  • Deer can now be found in the forest's edge near the Ranger's Camp.
  • Small pockets of Withered Aegis have been spotted in the Mahagra Tundra and Frozen Peninsula.
  • Increased spawn of Ishkuk Gatherers on Scorpion Island and Abandoned Island.
  • Rebalanced the Icy Dire Wolf spawns on the Frozen Peninsula.
  • Gheniem the Peridot Golem now will spawn just on Ice Island. This should make him a bit easier to find for those who are trying to complete the Tooth and Claw quest.
  • Rebalanced the Giant Ice Beetle spawns near Glacier Canyon.
  • Lava Oastics are no longer aggressive and no longer social.
  • Lava Oastics only spawn within their lava pools now
  • Rebalanced the spawns on the Isle of Fire.
  • Bright Wisps (of all sizes) will now spawn in a larger area of the Feladan Forest.
  • Radiant Wisps will now spawn across a larger portion of the Feladan Forest.
  • Enraged Bright Wisps have been spotted within the Feladan Forest.
  • Deer have been hunted to extinction in the Feladan Forest and will no longer spawn.
  • Rebalanced the Winter Gruok spawns between Snowfall and the Winter Fortress.
  • Winter Mountain Wolves have been spotted on the road between Snowfall and the Winter Fortress.
  • Cleaned up the Ice Golem spawns on the Isle of Winds.
  • Monster spawns on the Island of Ice have been modified. Ice Gnawer, Gheniem, and Verdeios are also now more predictable in their spawn both in frequency and location.
  • A greater number of larger Snow Beetles have been seen near Mahagra and on Trandalar in recent days.
  • GaleStorm? the Wind Elemental now has a lower chance of getting a "no treasure" pull and will also drop more treasure in general. GaleStorm?? also has had its health and damage output adjusted.
  • Monsoon the Wind Elemental has had its health and damage output adjusted.
  • Granite Golems now have a greater chance of dropping loot.
  • Gravier the Granite Golem will now spawn with a range of levels.
  • Umyarr the Adamantium Golem will spawn more frequently, but will drop slightly less loot as a result.
  • Shadow Spiders and Purple Weavers have had their aggressiveness and socialness adjusted.
  • Shadow Spider Hatchlings and Venomous Stalkers (on Lesser Aradoth) have lost the Venomous Bite ability (and as a consequence, the ability to deliver Deadly Poison).
  • Scouts report that more Skeleton Sergeants have been sighted in the Valley of Tolrath.
  • Nickel Golems have begun dropping a greater variety of treasure.
  • Dimebach and Giant Crusher the Nickel Golems will now spawn with a range of levels and will spawn more frequently.
  • Silver Golems have begun dropping a greater variety of treasure.
  • Red Necroflies are now known as Bloodflies and will drop a greater variety of treasure.

Items and Other
  • Some items which are crafted from formulas given out as part of the Rite of Passage quest are now marked as "Removable". This will allow players to accidentally craft multiples of the items to remove the extras.
  • Guards around Kion are no longer active and will not protect the Gifted.
  • Rebalanced the coin and hoard values of all cargo disks.
  • Sage can now be found in more than one location on Lesser Aradoth.
  • Fish spawns along the northern coast (Mahagra Tundra and Frozen Wastes) are now closer to the shore and do not extend out as far into the ocean.
  • Cleaned up the resource spawns near Mahagra.
  • Adjusted the coin values of Gear, Strut, Hinge, and Spring Tinkering formulas.
  • Broken Sarcophagi contain more Grave Dust than before.
  • Deadly Poison will now vary in the length of time it will endure if not cured.
  • Shield Scrolls will last for 5 minutes (or 25 hits, whichever comes first) but now also have a 5 minute recycle before they can be used again as well.
  • Quest items from quests on New Trismus, Storm Disciple, Tower of Mages, Tradok's Stand and Balit's Isle are now attuned.
  • Imperial Rank Tokens are now attuned.
  • Monster ability 'Decaying Bite' will now do pierce damage instead of slash.
  • Rebalanced the Expert and Master Recharge Cell formula coin values.
  • Healing Scrolls (T1 and T2) have undergone some changes; Maximum level for use has been removed, scrolls no longer heal a percent of a player's health, but rather a fixed amount per tick.


  • Quest "Scholar: Beginning Scrolls II" will now truly give you the Resistance Scroll formula.
  • Quest "Sslanis Militia: Basic Stores Report" now truly points at Amonsu.
  • Quest "Go Bag 5 Corpse Fly Thoraxes" now properly speaks about Corpse Flies and expects Corpse Fly Thoraxes.
  • Quest "Trials of the Gifted: Trials Complete" will now properly advance when greeting Steward Pratt.
  • Quest "Scholar: Scrolls and Beyond" has had a broken chat link fixed.
  • Quest "Feladan: Learn about the Feladan Protectors"" has had a broken chat link fixed.
  • Due to conflicts between the two quests, players will no longer be able to have both the "Simulated Chest Scale" quests active and other dragon task quests, including the adult Rite of Passage quests.
  • "Investigate Karane the Historian's Tale" quest is now labeled as a dragon task to prevent the Rite of Passage quest from conflicting with other dragon quests.
  • Quest summary for quest "Accurate Breath I: Improve the Accuracy of Your Breath Weapon" no longer mentions Forest Crawlers.
  • Fixed a broken chat link in quest "Tooth and Claw I: Sharpen your Claws and Teeth"
  • Quest "Drain Strike I: Gain The Power Of The Draining Strike" now properly states the number of Treants to kill in its description.
  • Fixed quest "Go Bag 5 Brownback Stalker Paws" so that it properly expects Stalker Paws.
  • Quest "Go Bag 5 Brownback Claws" now properly is available between levels 26 and 31.
  • Cleaned up quest "Accurate Breath IV: Nickel and Granite" and verified it accepts all Nickel and Granite Golems
  • Quest "Kion: Mera's Components" can no longer be repeated and has the proper level requirement.
  • Quest "Dragon Tutorial: Kill 5 Skalkaar Brown Spider Hatchlings" now counts level 1 Brown Spider Hatchlings.
  • Spelling mistake in quest "Avariatus' Quest: Learn about the Lunus faction!"
  • Fixed a broken chat link in quest "Kerian's Quest: Carry a Status Report to Gerix in Kion!"
  • Clarified text in quest "Dragon Instant Heal I: The Power of Healing" regarding uncut gems and the number of golems to defeat.
  • Fixed the directions provided in quest "Hardened Scales I: The Nature of Resilience" and also the XP reward.
  • Quest "Attunement to Aedan" no longer mentions Greymanes and includes ALL wolves over level 21.
  • Quest "Plundered Tombs: Investigate the Tomb of Borannis" will now only count the skeletons instead of the mummy as well.
  • Corrected a spelling mistake in quest "Dragon Instant Heal III: Dark Crawler Breeders"
  • Quest "Hardened Scales III: Defeat Winter Wolves" will now accept the Alpha and named Winter Wolf
  • Quest "Research: Verdean Core Chunk" will no longer disable when Gerix or Bastea removes the Verdean Core Chunk from your inventory.
  • Quest "Primal Mastery: Become a Primal Adept" now gives proper XP.
  • Quest "Primal Mastery II: Bailout Lisandia" now gives proper XP.
  • Quest "Tooth and Claw: Tooth and Claw Adept" now gives proper XP.
  • Quest "Tooth and Claw III" now gives proper XP.
  • Quest "Primal Mastery III: Fulfill Lisandia's Contract" now gives proper XP.
  • Tutorial Quest "Gravus' Quest: Scholar Part III" was overwritten by Geleon's Scroll quest, but has been reverted to its previous state.
  • In quest "The Plundered Tombs" (second one) when you are sent to speak with the Archbishop at the Cleric's Tower he will actually respond to you now.
  • Quest "Trials of the Gifted: Endurance" will no longer end one step too early.
  • Quest "Xerintha: Find a Green Maple Leaf" will now drop the proper type of Maple Leaf when you kill Massive Maple Treants.
  • Trophy Quests referring to Purple Spiders now refer to Purple Weavers.
  • Hasera Steelclaw no longer gives out the obsolete quest "Monk: First Rank Test"
  • Corrected a spelling mistake in quest "Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): Searching the Darkness"
  • Bolt of Lightning quest item now refers to Than'kuk instead of Storm Ogres.
  • Cleaned up quest "Drain Bolt V: Field Research" and added feedback after completing each of the monster steps. Winter Mountain Wolves now count towards the Mountain Wolf requirement.

  • Umyarr the Adamantium Golem will no longer spawn on Trandalar in the region where Eclipse the Obsidian Golem should have been spawning.
  • Eclipse the Obsidian Golem will spawn again, but in the region where Obsidian Golems spawn.
  • Redbacked Spiders and Tarantulas will no longer spawn amongst each other.
  • Corrected the description of the Head of Mani the Dire Wolf.
  • Storm Wisps are no longer worth XP.
  • Sslik Skeleton Ravagers and Protectors will once again spawn along the southwest coast of Lesser Aradoth.
  • Tier 1 monsters will no longer drop Imperial Bounty Markers.
  • Shrunken Purple Weavers will now spawn amongst the Turgid Weavers in the eastern half of the Spiritous Swamp.
  • Forest Skulk Hunters (level 21-23) are now wielding spears instead of bows; their attacks will again show up in combat spam.
  • Gin Golems once again have treasure.
  • Elite Bone Vindicators (Lesser Aradoth Deadlands) now have treasure.

  • Clarity II will now overwrite Clarity I in the ability list.
  • Clarity no longer shares a recycle with other Melee Emergency abilities such as Critical Strike.
  • Resource requirements in all Tarbash Cargo Disk formulas have been standardized.
  • Primal Attack V now properly requires you to be level 87 and have 870 in Primal to scribe it.
  • Fixed the coin values of all Cargo Disk formulas.
  • Tree, leafy large should no longer require a box (or other object) to stand on when applying resources to it.
  • The Scribing skill is now properly modified by a player's Power and Focus attributes.
  • Dragon ability 'Shield of Gold' was mistakenly assigned the same timer-category as Bite. It has been re-assigned to Epic Abilities.
  • Journeyman Banner Staff and Banner Flag formulas now have proper skill requirements to scribe.
  • Lycanthropy Ward Salve now requires Werewolf Bone, not Werewolf Hide, to craft.
  • Scroll "Gift of Toughness II" now gives the proper effect on consumption instead of trying to summon Turoth the Flame Elemental.
  • Expert Round Shield formulas no longer drop as loot.
  • Master Hide Tannin formula can now be filtered by its skill and tier and has the correct skill requirement to scribe.
  • Technique "Unarmed II" really does now call for a Frost Beetle Carapace.
  • Istarian Army Knife can now be equipped and used by characters that are just adventurers and allows for either the Intuition or ingenuity skills.
  • When deconstructing Mithril Boots players will now properly receive Mithril Bars.
  • Fixed the hoard values for level 81-85 Trophies.
  • Journeyman and Expert Recharge Formulas now have proper coin values.
  • Tier 1 Scholar Trainers no longer sell the Blood Bolt Spell formula.
  • Resliak the Spell Vendor in New Trismus and Syrani the Spell Vendor in Kion no longer sell Blood Bolt I.
  • Greater Skeleton Skull now lists "Spell: Stun III" in its description.
  • Coin values of Expert and Master level forms sold by Nielenoss are now properly set.
  • Fixed the optimal skill rating for Citrine and Topaz in the Journeyman Focus Bracelet formula
  • Stockings and Sacks have been changed such that when they are placed in another container, be it a vault or house, they only take up a single slot in the container regardless of any techniques on them. This should not have any other effect on how stockings and sacks work.

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