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Blight Updates Blight Client 384.34 Istaria Community Manager
March 19, 2012
  • Fixed a few bugs with blob shadows.



  • Added average and max FPS to FPSWindow no-ticket
  • If there are items in storage, do not allow structure to be deleted
  • UI changes to make plot window permissions easier to understand
  • Fixed double reporting for printProps
  • Initial structure rotation changed to 180'
  • Resource node shaders working proper
  • Transparency not working for bridge
  • Double characters on screen
  • Crash while Terrain Editing
  • Fix for crash with lots of terrain cached
  • PrintProps truncates very long feedback text (try /printprops)


  • All simple functions marked with inline modifier for basic UI classes.
  • Refactoring and optimization for heavy UI classes.
  • Added sanity checks, removal of double variable assignment, code optimizations
  • Improve speed of structure preview when selecting structure to build
  • Performance optimization for base entities
  • Refactoring and optimizations for terrain classes.

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