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Blight Updates Blight Client 393.24.0 Istaria Community Manager
November 21, 2016


  • If character doesn't have bone or bone mapping, then don't attach model to character (used to put model at feet)



  • When autodeconstruct, message displayed with <Missing>
  • Fix screenshots so filename is always unique (and they don’t overwrite)


  • Search Map Via Coordinates ticket
  • Add DPS to item info screen ticket
  • Allow manual config of screenshots folder in graphics_prefs file



  • Prevent character detail load thrashing
  • Load characters with full detail by default (since with the change to using maxFullCharacters, we're more likely to load a high detail character)
  • Female dryad not loading when running with low quality prefs / recent updates


  • Disabled drawing friendly characters if too many around the player

Launcher 4.40


  • Launcher feedback for archiving ticket

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