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Blight Updates Blight Client 394.109.0 Istaria Community Manager
July 6, 2017


  • Make emblem slot auto-hide when not in use
  • Add pet slot to checks for novians
  • Changes to fix npc name lookup / referencing problems



  • Fix for crash when receiving base character info
  • Optimize dragon check and allow khuit to be considered a dragon for UI elements.
  • Revise feedback message when equipment is preventing recall.
  • Allow khuitit to hoard items



  • Set effect unload distance to be pref->effectMaxRange instead of object load distance



  • Target window : creature rating
  • Some normal weapons (blighted not verified this round) have broken textures (normal + tricking options)
  • Cancel AFK if player moves
  • Planning Window Structure Not Scaled


  • Support for hotkeys holding state about things they consume



  • Steelsilk Cargo Wristband doesn’t show color/tint when a dye kit is applied


  • Experiment the color of feedback error (make slightly less red)



  • Region columns in the teleport window no longer cut off the region names and the destination list now properly alphabetizes by default.

Simulation Fixes:

  • Adjust all combat so there’s a 2% of failure, and 2% chance of success, no matter the stats
  • Change DeathPointTimerReduction so that it only checks adventure school (was checking craft)



  • Gem resource nodes are sometimes colorless
  • Correction for texture env / specularity rendering and multiplied env / specularity when re-equipping items


  • The beginning of the revamp for emotes with sound has begun. Dragons are the first to receive changes, though other races will be following suit in the future.This means:
    • All emotes for the dragon stages (hatchling through ancient) no longer require or support /emote_s to add a sound to it. Sound is played by default. Emote sounds can, however, be silenced still with /setpref muteemotes true
    • Nearly all dragon emotes have had their sounds changed to use existing and/or more natural sounds rather than music, sound effects, or chimes.
    • The emote “dance” has been renamed to “cower” and given updated text to reflect the new purpose.
    • A replacement brand new “dance” emote animation has been added to fill the gap.
    • Emotes have been placed in proper alphabetical order.
  • Keep in mind that these changes will likely make the Blight client incompatible with Live upon release when it comes to what emote is playing on each individual person’s screen. This also means any player modifications that edit the emote files will break your game’s compatibility with other players’ emotes.



  • Hubert Hufflebing and Lem Berenrick now use the proper channels when talking to the player during The Cult of Telak questline.
  • The two new dragon markings (tiger striping and ripple) have gotten a hefty anti-pixelation treatment and should appear much smoother and clearer.


  • The dragon eating animations have been redone to be much more natural to the race.
  • Create Special Target Frame For GM
  • Support for teleporter regions
  • Idle animation support for a quest not being completed


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