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Blight Updates Blight Delta 299.1 Istaria Community Manager
June 28, 2017
  • Cursed summoning potion now summons the Cauldron for 5 minutes.
  • Cursed Glass Strength potion now give 3K strength.
  • Adult Dragon Statue Formula now requires use of Stone Cutter instead of Stoneworking Pedestal
  • Adjusted the spawn quantities within the Chiconis Battlefield
  • Undead within the Chiconis Battlefield now have more predictable social behavior (followers are social with their leaders - Commander Turclid and Risen Adepts) but otherwise aren’t social

  • Scorpions now properly use all of their attack abilities
  • Lethal Poison will no longer conflict with other poisons
  • Mind Bolt (all tiers) now have regular bolt casting animation
  • Mind Damage technique (all tiers) now applies name modifiers
  • Player windmills now have rotating blades
  • Tool: Tier 2 and higher Smithing Hammers and Tongs have tricking options when creating them.
  • Regular (not blighted) weapons re-verified and updated for consistency on texture, geometry, tinting, tricking. This round includes weapons that require Weaponsmith skill to create and those that should have wood handles and metal blades. These weapons will now have a normal wood (tinted) handle attached to a metal blade/head.
  • New plot decorations:
    • Flower Planter, Mixed Flowers 1
    • Flower Planter, Tulips
    • Flower Planter, Mixed Flowers 2
    • Flower Planter, Fruit & Herb
    • Flower Planter, Sslik w/Pond
    • Tree, Large Willow
    • Tree, Leafy Branched
    • Tree, Autumn Branched
    • Tree, Twisted
    • Tree, leafy 2
    • Tree, Twisted Dead
    • Tree Stump
    • Tree Stump, Mossy
    • Tree, Dry Pine
    • Tree, Scrub Pine
    • Enchanted Fiendish Tree
    • Dead Oak Tree
    • Dead Hollow Tree
    • Hollow Tree Log
    • Hollow Tree Log w/Spider Webs
    • Driftwood
    • Cluster of Mushrooms
    • Bush
    • Fallen Rocks
    • Cluster of Desert Rocks
    • Large Snow Column
    • Large Cactus
    • Medium Cactus
    • Small Cactus
  • Dragons have one new decal pattern. (Thank you Azramael!)
  • Re-adjusted the treasure chances (in particular the weights of “no treasure” and Rift Tokens) on all monsters in the Rift
  • Some monsters in the Rift now have lower health
  • Aggathos now have more health
  • Valkor the Impaler is now sporting some sweet shoulder pads.

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