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Live Updates Live Client 395.13.0 Istaria Community Manager
July 26, 2017


  • If structures are restricted from plot, don’t fill in blank rows
  • Potential crash fix in window hide UI
  • Myloc Birthing Sacs can’t be selected
  • Review dragon flying from run
  • Attempt to detect broken chat UI (incompatible mod) and print feedback message
  • Noncas’ Bi-Directional Scanner’s icon no longer looks unfinished.
  • Typos and misgendering in Khutit Emotes
  • Fix for when an ability caps the fly height, permanently clips wings.
  • Crash fix for renaming hot key setup
  • Crash fix for emblem check at startup
  • Print error message to console if terrain lines are enabled (makes client unstable)
  • Hours of Frost scale and mask technique kits no longer appear as a question mark.
  • Plot Windmill doesn’t activate machine
  • Akkinelos cultist robe should now display a texture.
  • Hatchlings no longer make the happy dance emote sound effect while dying.


  • Allow state change to specify an animation macro
  • Increase Chat Tabs from 8 to 20
  • Dragons perform bow_respectful emote after a trade

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