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Blight Updates Blight Client 395.52.0 Istaria Community Manager
October 12, 2017


  • The take-off from run animation has had some slight adjustments to speed and transitioning.
  • Timer window crash
  • Animation fix for entering sleep state
  • The movement (primarily running) animations of elves, fiends, half-giants, humans, khutit, saris, satyr, and sslik have been adjusted to be a more appropriate speed compared to real movement speed.
  • Fafnir no longer plays Boss music. Gruk now plays Boss Music.
  • Mesh clothing does not adjust to body
  • Mouse can click/hover/highlight/interact with hotkeys/UI while cursor invisible (free look, etc.)
  • Shopping List Window and Second Item


  • Dragons now play a unique animation when entering and exiting sleep. (Bipeds to come!)



  • Environment Effects Persist (sometimes)
  • Provide feedback if unable to update java launcher
  • Ulmus Beetles (green) appear red on certain graphic cards
  • Floating black spot behind the fins on dragons using head style 2
  • Mobile resource nodes will perform proper distance to gather check
  • When a dragon dies in the air, death to ground animation is shown to everyone surrounding (no longer stuck in the air)
  • Special effect locators for bows fixed (for playing special effects with bow weapons)
  • Add time to casting bar


  • Dragons will now play a unique animation when taking off from a run.
  • The dragon sleep animation has been given slight adjustments to feel more natural.
  • Visual Timer for Buffs / Debuffs
  • Updated Map Tiles for Drakul Map


Client Fixes:

  • Remove dev debug messages for flight
  • Attune on Equip Messages
  • Stuck in running animation when transitioning to Khutit form or Dragon form while running

Simulation Fixes:

  • Fix for Parry, Block and Dodge feedback
  • Attuned Item disappears when swapped to a container that is for sale
  • If applying novians, can only apply to plot owned by player (so that players can't apply novians to empire projects)
  • Remove skipping school feedback message
  • Only send the death point timer info when reducing death points (was sending bind location, etc. which was confusing in feedback)

Simulation Feature:

  • Health check constraints (future content)

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