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Blight Updates Blight Delta 301.1 Istaria Community Manager
December 13, 2017
  • Wooden Training Post Dummies (beside Kion Militia Barracks) has new flavors to test various scenarios.  
    • There are now 3 new Wooden Training Posts (Wooden Training Post (elemental), Wooden Training Post (animal) and Wooden Training Post (Undead). These new posts will simulate attacking an animal, elemental or undead target. This will let you test techs/augmentations that only apply to a certain type.
  • Sun Moon Head Scale Tech Kit will now properly consume itself and apply upon using
  • Prime Bolt and Improved Prime Bolt have an arcing flight path.
  • New Cloudy Crystals of Parry and Block can be found on the loot tables
  • New Defense tech kits of Evasion, Magic Evasion and Dodge can be found on the loot tables.

  • Lore Quest “Ganesh’s Journal” added to Quintin in Feladan
  • Effect Encouraged and Fear (from Inspired crystalshaper Abilities) will now properly modify delay and recycle
  • Added player plot decoration Tree, autumn swampy
  • The Clerical Order has opened its ranks to Gifted players who are interested in climbing the ranks of the Order.  Visit Abbin the Registrar at the Tower of Healing.  Clerical Tokens are earned for completing quests from members of the Order around the Tower.
  • Various bugs fixed and small changes on Skalkaar:
    • Balenarie now properly speaks to you all the time.
    • Bipeds can no longer pick up Viseria’s beetle quest.
    • Viseria’s beetle quest can no longer be repeated.
    • Viseraia’s beetle quest now properly asks for 5 beetles instead of 1.
    • Malimer is now properly denoted as an apprentice rather than an assistant.
    • Various name changes: Droegan is now Dgaron, Rhagael is now Rahaegl, Daeneyr is now Desynaer, and Baleniar is now Balenarie.
  • Blighted Sandstone and Glass Nodules no longer spawn near the Great Battle
  • All Trinket Baubles can be manually right clicked, removed by players.
  • Dispirit’s delay adjustment now properly only affects melee abilities and attacks.
  • Ryson no longer refers to the time since the detonation of the artifact and his death in specific years, but merely says “more than twenty years”
  • Updated the names of some of the Dragon machines:
    • Scholar's Desk is now Spell Forge
    • Gem Cutting Bench is now Gem Shaper
    • Stoneworking Pedestal is now Stone Shaper
  • Added daily quests to Dekhail the Scout: “Carapace Hunt”, “Sapphire Hide Hunt” and “Flaming Tongue Hunt”
  • Flesh VIndicators are now Saris Mummies instead of Human
  • Emir Bar’Akath is now scaled to 1.5x

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