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Blight Updates Blight Client 395.110.0 Istaria Community Manager
January 8, 2018


  • Dangerous regions like the Eastern Deadlands and Spiritous Swamp should now play dungeon music once more and not the default trade/violin music.
  • Tutorial/Encyclopedia Files now have paragraphs.
  • Add additional races to those that can glide (for costumes) (260, 612,99)


  • Teleport window search
  • Dragons perform animations when Using a player made Scroll
  • Many dragons NPCs now have a unique selection icon instead of a default one.




  • The target window now uses the proper background for world objects on shrines, uses the proper ring for teleporters, the correct background for vaultkeepers, and the correct background for machines. The default images are also more centered and the default selection image for machines is no longer a old prototype image.
  • Update sound system to better handle random music samples and work out best sound to play (music sample from emitter vs environment music)
  • Shopping Window button, in Item Create Window, moved and given a text label


  • Reklar now has his own unique selection image for the target window.



  • Hoard Breath Damage Mod Client Description
  • KNOC 2hs sword uses 1hs animations
  • Lighting system
  • Crash in quest window


  • Structure Attachment and World Light can be enabled/disabled in Options, Video. Shopping Window can be bound to a key.



  • No button selected for quest filter results in all being selected
  • Knowledge window - Spells - Filter Usable spells
  • Hoard Breath Damage Mod Client Description


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