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Blight Updates Blight Delta 303 Istaria Community Manager
April 27, 2018
  • xGenerate Health is no longer obsolete (also fixed the coin and hoard values of the spells)
  • Thunder Cloud is no longer obsolete.  Now gives a Short Stun on hit.
  • Stance Changes:
    • Red renamed to Offensive, boosts outgoing damage.
    • Green renamed to Focused, boosts to-hit with melee/ranged attacks.
    • Blue renamed to Attuned, boosts to-hit with Spell attacks.
    • Knight of Creation Armor Stance now known as Combat Stance: Armored, displays a stance effect and truly puts you into a stance.
    • Shield Stance renamed to Combat Stance: Shielded and boosts Parry as well as Block.
    • Created new combat stances:
      • Defensive (Yellow) (Reduces incoming damage)
      • Alerted (Orange) (Improves Recycle and Delay)
      • Passive (Purple) (Improves Dodge, Evasion and Magic Defense)

  • Fierceteeth on Spirit Isle is now 2.5x the size of regular Grulets
  • Power Strike 1, Power Shot 1, Smash 1, Fireball 1 and Bite 1 now have a recycle of 15s (down from 30s).
  • Power Strike 2, Power Shot 2, Smash 2, Fireball 2 now have a recycle of 20s (down from 30s).
  • Power Strike 3, Power Shot 3, Smash 3, Fireball 3 now have a recycle of 25s (down from 30s).
  • Cleric, Mage, Scout, Warrior and Dragon Adventurer gain all seven combat stances at level 0.
  • Enhanced Flame Bolt 3 is now known as Fireball 3 and causes Burned on the target when hit.
  • Fireball 2 is now received at level 11, Group Flame Defense at level 12, Fireball 3 at level 21, and Engulf 2 at level 23 for Mage
  • Bite 2 now has a recycle of 22s (down from 30s).
  • Lightning Arrows now only applies to special attacks
  • Temporary Stun, Root, Banish, Bleed, and Mesmerize Resistance now lasts for 6s (up from 3s)
  • Surtheim is now immune to stunning effects
  • Spirit Arrows now have a 75% chance of healing, but transfer less damage to health (24, 27, and 30% by tier).
  • Range for Epic Auras increased to 30m (from 20m).
  • Ice Barrier now has a range of 20
  • Updated Animal Bone (T1) to follow the new color scheme
  • Increased the range for using keys to 5m
  • High Priest of Telak is now an engineer instead of a technomancer
  • Quest “Imperial Army: Locate Additional Battle Orders” now drops battle orders as part of the quest rather than at any time from the monster.
  • Spirit Walk’s Incorporeal effect will now only fade on a hit.
  • Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the Empire will always hand out an imperial rank token upon completion.
  • Anarie now sells packs of Experience Potions that, when consumed, will boost your XP gain while Adventure or Crafting.
  • Anarie now sells packs of Rest in a Bottle potions that, when consumed, will increase your rate of healing while resting.
  • Updated quest “The Lone Wolf of New Trismus” and related sub-quests with alternative dialog that should help.
  • Wolf Hide Blade formula is now known as Wolf Hide Items and can be scribed by a player using Metalworking or Dragon Scalecrafting.
  • Added a Wolf Hide Dragon Claw to the list of available products on the Wolf HIde Items formula
  • Removed the Class-specific quests from Dragon, Warrior, Cleric, Scout and Mage trainers on New Trismus.
  • Updated dialog in quest “New Trismus: Welcome to the Battleground” (for bipeds and dragons), added a feedback message when Miry hands you the bronze army knife, updated directions to Miry as well as the Wild Grulets.
  • Raw Gruok can now be gathered using a Bronze Istarian Army Knife and Intuition
  • Wild Grulets on New Trismus can now spawn as level 5 or 6 and have an increased nerf of 50% (from 35%).
  • Lowered the maximum number of Wild Grulets that can spawn on New Trismus slightly
  • -500, -250 and -100 Charges Blighted Techs are now obsolete and will no longer be selected.
  • Gruoks now get ½ as much evasion and magic defense as before and will dodge less at lower levels.
  • Fixed the quest steps for delivering cooked meat to trainers in quest “Welcome to the Battleground”
  • Fixed directions to Johald the Outfitter in quest “Errands for War”
  • Fixed some grammar in Krissol’s dialog in quest “Errands for War”
  • Corrected the failure message in quest “Field Duty” to refer to the Guard-Captain instead of “quest giver”
  • Corrected the directions to the Guard-Captain in quest “Field Duty”
  • Health Boost 1 now gives +40 health (up from +20)
  • Health Boost 2 now gives +300 health (up from +60)
  • Charge 1 now does some damage (since you are hitting your opponent) and so that it will give feedback to the player.
  • Wild Grulets now have their own resource node on death that gives far less raw gruok and animal hide than regular Gruoks.
  • Power Strike 3 now causes 10% greater damage (instead of +15) while in Offensive Stance.
  • Power Strikes 1, 2 and 3 now get bonus towards to-hit of 20% while in Offensive Stance
  • Source of Power Ring now boosts spell damage by 10% and gains a +10% bonus to-hit.
  • Undead Ogre now gives players within 25m a buff, Overpowering Enemy, that boosts health, armor, to-hit and damage.
  • Quest “Introduction to Fortshire” now directs you to the east part of town for Trinket and awards XP for completion
  • Quest “Welcome To Spirit Isle” now awards XP for completion
  • Potion of Memories buff, Cognizance, now has a 25% chance of reducing the to-hit of incoming attacks by 80% and lasts for 10 minutes.  It no longer modifies Focus, Power and Spirit Resistance.
  • Spell Forge and Helian Stone Shaper will now show up on the map
  • Totally Hammered will no longer conflict with other stat modifying buffs
  • Gate Guardians in New Trismus Deadlands are now slightly weaker and are no longer social
  • Updated quest “Blacksmith:  Help Put The Work Back In Stoneworking” to direct you to the smithy in town to speak to Guran
  • Added a new passive ability, Protection (Passive Specialization), to the Knight of Creation school at level 1.  This is a non-masterable passive that increases threat generation for the school by 450%.
  • Added a new active ability, Protection (Specialization), to the Warrior school at level 12 and Dragon Adventurer at level 11.  This is a non-masterable ability that increases threat generation by 450%, armor by 200%, ethereal armor by 200%, but reduces outgoing damage by 75%.
  • Added a new passive ability, Vitae (Passive Specialization), to the Healer school at level 14.   This is a non-masterable passive that decreases threat generation for the school by 50%.
  • Quests “Knowledge of Lairs: Become a Lairshaper” and “Knowledge of Lairs: Making Lairshaping Pieces” will now display as crafting quests, not adventure.
  • Brown Crawlers’ standard attacks will now cause piercing damage
  • Brown Spiders near the Homestead on New Trismus now have a poisonous bite
  • Lesser Aradoth has been decorated
    • The Kion Volcano has become more active and lava is actively flowing from the eastern side.
    • Earthquakes have destroyed the gemworking shack on the southern slope of the volcano.
  • Players can now build lampposts and light-sources on their plots.
  • Fashion Wear Tech Kits have been added.  They cannot be created from the base items yet, but will be supplied in the Bristugo storage plots on Blight.  All icons are currently placeholders.
  • Quickening Breeze Beginner and Expert formulas no longer drop as loot (they are already sold on vendors).
  • General blighted techs (such as Race Restriction, NoRecall, and ChargeReduction) will now only apply one total for any individual item.
  • Guaranteed Hit blighted tech now has a 5, 10 and 15% chance
  • The directions in all of New Trismus’ story quests have been updated to be clearer and more helpful.
  • In the final Skalkaar quest, Pratt no longer tells you to report to Avariatus for your quests.
  • Added Amenak an Armorer Trainer to Kion near the south gate

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