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Live Updates A Growing Danger Istaria Community Manager
October 23, 2018

Content Summary

  • Large Tier 1 Storyline Quest Series
  • Plot and Lair Improvements!
  • Abandoned Island Revamp
  • Fall Harvest Returns!

New Storyline Quests

The Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer can be found near the Shrine in Kion and is very concerned about something of great importance.  He wishes to speak to the Gifted!
  • A new storyline quest series is available to all players at level 10 and begins with the Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer in Kion (near the Shrine).
  • Added a new Tier 1 dungeon known as the Inner Sanctum.
  • Lesser Aradoth has received some additional decoration in the form of cliffside tombs (and associated monsters).
  • Beetle and Agh'kuk spawns have been adjusted to account for the additional decoration.

Abandoned Island

Abandoned Island has undergone a transformation through the continued efforts of the Dryad.  Both flora and fauna have been expanded and improved.
  • Pale Wisps of all sizes can now spawn on the Abandoned Island.
  • Completely reworked the spawns atop the mountains on Abandoned Island.  Large and Small Frost Beetles, Winter Wolves, Winter Wolf Alphas all now spawn in better concentrations and rates.
  • Winter Wolves are no longer social.
  • Winter Wolf Alphas will now have one Winter Wolf follower.
  • Ish'kuk no longer spawn on the Abandoned Island.  Instead, the Sal'guk have taken over one end of the mountains.
  • Master Abandoned Island is now known as Master Jon Parkh, Gatekeeper.


  • Stone Flooring Obsidian, 40x40 has been added to player plot. Material costs for other sizes have been updated to be in sync with other similar sized flooring costs.
  • Barn, T5 added to player plots. This Barn offers 50,000 bulk and 30 stacks. Current Barn has been renamed to Barn, T3.
  • Two new lamp posts added to player plots, Gnomian 1 and Gnomian 2
  • Dragon lair Libraries have been decorated. More structures may be decorated based on response
  • Pattern Sets for Banners/Murals will be returned as a Novian when building is deconstructed
  • Old style Hedges, 9 meters are once again available to player plot list of buildable structures
  • Opened player structures to all races; furnished: Sslik Medium Consignment Shop, Sslik Medium Pawn Shop, Sslik Tiny Pawn Shop, Fiendish Pawn Shop, Fiendish Consignment Shop, Saris General Store
  • New player structures added and furnished:  Dwarven Store, Elven Store, Small House Style 6, Half-Giant Consignment Shop, Half-Giant Pawn Shop, Large House Style 6, Dwarven Blacksmith Shop (was obsolete, now has Expert machines and requires T4 and T6 materials to build)
  • Gambling Hall Statues added to player plots. These statues require special Mold to build, purchased from Analuus with Casino Tokens: Statue of Ashlander Vandus, Statue of Dragon, Statue of Grenaden, Statue of Saris Warrior, Statue of Silver Dragon, Statue of Sslik Warrior

Fall Harvest

The Fall Harvest festival returns to the islands of Istaria.  We’ve added some new plot decorations this year:
  • Fall Harvest Decoration: Plain Sarcophagus
  • Fall Harvest Decoration: Ornate Sarcophagus
  • Fall Harvest Decoration: Fancy Sarcophagus
  • Fall Harvest Decoration: Webbed Skeleton
  • Fall Harvest Decoration: Webbed Deer
  • Fall Harvest Decoration: Spider Bramble
  • Fall Harvest Decorations require spooky essences to build in addition to regular resources
  • Spooky Essence and Lesser Spooky Essence added to Alice in New Brommel

Valkor and the Land of the Exiled

Based upon feedback provided by players, the following changes and adjustments have been made to Valkor and the Land of the Exiled:
  • Valkor will now deal slightly less damage overall.
  • Blood Urns will now respawn every 120 seconds, up from 80.
  • Blood Stream now has 7 seconds cast time.
  • Blood Flow will no longer provide damage increment.
  • Urn Hammer now requires 10 Shining Energy Fragments to create and has 5 charges.
  • Fallen Paladins now have a reasonable social range (instead of 36m) and will no longer ask for aid, heals or give aid.
  • A Fallen Adventurer can be found within the Land of the Exiled and offers daily quests.


  • The obsolete consumable Ambrosia and the new Ambrosia of the Gods has had an erroneous tinting removed, allowing you to see its actual icon.
  • The augmentation Demon’s Bane now has its own icon.
  • The formula for Helian’s Trust now has its own icon.
  • The ability Ethereal Claw now has its own icon.
  • Wizard’s Hat now says that it consumes Istarian Express Checks and has had its blue tint removed.
  • Myloc junk loot has been updated to use different icons than the trophy icon to avoid confusion with actual trophy items.
  • Elemental Slivers now have their own descriptions rather than sharing one with Elemental Globules.
  • Blessing of Istara will now last for 2 hours (up from 1 hour) and save on logout
  • Magma Bomb now requires 1 Magma Fragment instead of 5 Recharge Cells
  • Mind Over Body 1 no longer has a bonus to healing while in Focused Stance.  Both Mind Over Body 1 and 2 will provide a 10% reduction in incoming melee and ranged non-spell damage while in Defensive Stance.
  • Throw Spear
    • All versions now have a 2.0 post-delay.
    • Throw Spear 2 now has a range of 32m (down from 50m), but has a 1.25x damage multiplier.
    • Throw Spear 3 now has a range of 34m (down from 50m), but has a 1.5x damage multiplier.
  • Rapid Fire Stance is now known as Rapid Fire Posture.
  • A number of quested crystals have had their tier keywords corrected (Sigil of Telak, Battlemaster's Stone, Crystal of Eternal Rest, Frozen Spellshard, The Wolf's Bane)
  • Sigil of Telak is usable at level 30 (instead of 40).
  • Crystal of Eternal Rest now requires a trade or adventure rating of 20.
  • Frozen Spellshard, Stone of Revelry, Thurid's Stone of Wrath and the Woodstone of Alyssa now require an adventure rating of 80.
  • Amulet of Scorpus now requires a trade or adventure rating of 40 and is no longer tradeable.
  • Clerics, Healers, Druids, and Paladins now receive a new stance, Protective Stance, that is the Healer equivalent of Attuned (they share the same color).  This stance improves a healer's effectiveness while slightly reducing its threat gain.
  • Mage’s Maddening Trick will only apply its debuff on a hit (not a hit, parry or block).
  • Armor of the Watcher now modifies Ethereal Armor by 150 (up from 100)
  • Metal, Fabric and Leather Armors as well as Metal and Wooden Shields now use Rating instead of Current Level.
  • Sanguine Mace can now be used at level 15 and its base damage is now 15-19 (up from 12-15).
  • Confused 1 and 2 will now conflict with one another.
  • Coin Purses, Wallets, Belts, Sacks, Pouches and Bags will now grant significantly more coin when used than before.
  • Power Strike II correctly uses Offensive stance, instead of Shield stance


  • Foods
    • All finished confectioner foods that do not use a unique icon now use a tiered set of icons.
    • All confectioner resources now have unique icons that accurately reflect what they are instead of question marks or re-used/duplicated unrelated ones.
    • Instead of all foods being brown, it now rests on tier-specific colored plates to let you distinguish what you are looking at at a glance. The plates follow the tier color pattern of trophies and junk loot.
    • In addition to regular confectioner food icons being updated, rare foods have a variation of the icon in which lighter stripes are visible on the food, allowing you to distinguish them from regular food at a glance.
  • Etherium Recharge Cells now use a green tint instead of the same tint as Class 6 Recharge Cells to better distinguish them.
  • Ice Bolt spells and formulas use proper icons (vs Improved Ice Bolt icons)
  • New Imperial Outpost tradeskill quests that accept 50 samples for a turn-in were added. In addition, biped quests now require minimum crafting rating of 100 instead of current level.
  • Helga Deslo, the fashion designer in Mahagra, now properly functions as a pawnbroker and will offer her wares for sale.
  • Aughundell and Sslanis fashion wear will now properly appear as actual clothing in the inventory instead of technique icons.
  • Wisp Vitalities are now tinted to their tier rather than sharing one icon with predetermined colors.
  • Wisp Residues now use coloring appropriate to their tier.
  • A new gift, Gift of Fate, has been added. Upon death, this gift will instantly revive the target that has it. Formulas can be purchased from scholar and spellcrafter trainers.
  • Pumpkin Pants tech kit effect now properly applies the Pumpkin Pants appearance.


  • Dragon Adventurers now receive new Combat Stances, replacing the old ones.  The new stances are:
    • Conqueror (Bonus to T&C, Melee Damage, Counts as Offensive/Red)
    • Primalist (Bonus to Primal, Spell Damage, Counts as Attuned/Blue)
    • Soldier (Bonus to Armor, Reduce incoming Physical Damage, Counts as Defensive/LightBlue)
    • Flame (Bonus to DBreath, Chance to Weaken Target To Future Breath Attacks, Counts as Focused/Green)
    • Protector (Increase to Healing, Counts as Shielded/Orange)
    • Adept (Bonus to MagicDefense, Reduce incoming Spell Damage, Counts as Alerted/Yellow)
    • Terror (Chance to Cause Terrified on Ranged Non-Spell attack, Counts as Passive/Purple)
  • Acceleration (dragons) is no longer part of the dragon school. Instead it will be given on last quest of Lunus/Helian Rites of Passage. Hatchlings will no longer see this ability.
  • Acceleration now has its own animation in which the dragon rolls through the air instead of swiping mid-flight.
  • Breath of Magma now requires 1 Magma Fragment instead of 7500 hoard
  • Menacing Presence's buff, Menacing, will now properly apply to incoming melee and ranged non-spell attacks when in Soldier Stance.  Menacing wil now also reduce incoming damage by 10% rather than 25%.
  • Gift of Ebbe'it now gives "Ebbe'it's Immunity", a 60s immunity to Lethal Poison.
  • Primal Chains now recycles every 25s (up from 10s), has a shared recycle of 25% (instead of 100%), only applies its debuff on a hit (not a hit, dodge, parry or block)
  • Primal Burst will now only apply its debuff on a hit (not a hit, dodge, parry or block)
  • Primal Chains will now fail on conflict.  Debuff is now known as “Chained” and when it expires will give the target a temporary root resistance.

Game Server and Simulation

  • Fixes:
    • Once an item is listed on consignment, fix so that price can be updated
    • Can create techniqued tools now
  • Optimization:
    • Memory optimizations for items and formula data
  • Feature:
    • Future event trigger so mobs can speak text in combat situations

Game Client

  • Fixes:
    • Re-price consignment item initially shows zero
    • Some issues with the new emote changes have been resolved, such as missing sounds or emotes that won’t play.
    • Some longbows don’t show color of applied weapon dye kit
    • Plot: Stone Flooring Obsidian 30x30 had bad orientation
    • DPS on keys keep repeating when stacks combined
    • Frozen and Storm wisps no longer used tiled versions of Blight textures and use ones specialized for themselves.
    • Teleport pad activation changed so that it is distance based instead of standing on the object.
    • Saris females can now use the kick emote properly. Dragon adults will also now have a sound attached to /nod.
    • Re-converted various snowy tree textures to DDS textures to be less pixelated at a distance.
    • If a second key binding is a toggle button, then when pressing the first (or second binding), make sure the first / second is also set to the same toggle
    • Update camera position behind character / autoflip to first person / third person. See camera options to disable.
    • Clay resource nodes sometimes show extra lines on certain terrains
    • Bright shaded Map tiles in Acul, Add Portals in Bridgeview map tiles
    • Saris females can now use the kick emote properly (2nd fix that includes sound emote)
    • NPC Shisheroth Idle Anim, walks to oven before doing breath of fire animation
    • Moving training points window
  • Features:
    • Allow Monsters to cast effects using IdleAnims
    • Added winter files for winter season
    • New music track for Kion / desert

  • Optimizations:
    • Speed up the equip items code
    • Cleanup character loading / visibility so that maxFullCharacters / maxPartialCharacters values are respected (in ClientPrefs_Graphic.def). The video tab Graphics Detail slider controls this. Low end systems will get a higher frame rate at the expense of NPC appearing / disappearing based on distance and maxFullCharacters cap.
    • Speed up character loading
    • Improve loading speed for entities
    • Improve performance of animation system when switching between standard animations (walk, run, step, etc.)
    • Review formula fields and remove those not in use / needed


  • Spirits/Ghosts
    • Incorporeal Shift and Transformation no longer cause a reduction in to-hit by 80%.
    • Incorporeal Transformation will no longer convert outgoing spell attacks to ethereal.  It now lasts for 45s (down from infinite) and recycles every 60s.
    • Incorporeal Shift now reduces physical damage by 40% (down from 60%) and no longer converts outgoing spell attacks to ethereal.
    • The basic attacks of Souls in the deserts around the Tower of Healing are no longer ethereal.
    • Ethereal Attacks Passive is now known simply as Ethereal Attacks and is now an active ability with a buff that is visible.
  • Treants and golems now no longer wander by default to make them appear more natural in their hidden state. If aggroed, they will still follow the player.
  • Azular
    • Azular's Energy Drain is no longer a guaranteed hit, does not do maximum damage, and only increases damage by 10% (instead of 55%).  It is now considered a magical attack.
    • Lowered the maximum damage on Azular's Energy Zap slightly.
    • Azular's Chain Slap now increases damage by 25% (down from 50%).
    • Azular's now get less Tooth&Claw skill.
    • Enraged and Wrathful Azulars, Polarized Remnants and Aberrant Azulars are no longer social.
  • Roaming Fragments now have a chance to drop Magma Fragments and have improved loot drops
  • Ancient Guardians are no longer social.
  • Monster abilities that give stun, root, mez, and banish immunities now recycle every 60s (down from 120s).
  • Bark Regeneration, used by Treants, is now an active ability with a buff that is visible.
  • Treants no longer get flame resistance and no longer receive the Guardian "Skin Like" abilities.  Instead, they now get an active buff called "Made of Wood" that provides them with some benefits (and vulnerabilities).
  • Golems (Stone) now have pierce resistance, but no longer get any ice resistance.  They also now get an active buff called "Made of Stone" that provides them with some benefits (and vulnerabilities).
  • Blighted Kwellen Hoof is now classified as a quest_item, instead of junk loot.
  • Numerous monster abilities, crystals, augmentations, Blighted Armor/Weapon and other Techniques were updated to apply their effects on a hit (rather than a hit, dodge or parry).
  • Monster Nerf abilities are now active with a buff that is visible.
  • Adjusted the spawns on the Isle of the Drowned, along the roads west and east of the Kion Volcano on Lesser Aradoth.
  • Ruxus no longer ignore a player's rating to determine aggro.
  • Bane of the Gifted is now an active monster self-buff that is visible.
  • Adjusted the spawns of Greymane Wolves on the slopes of the Kion Volcano
  • Increased the respawn time of Lone Wolf
  • Increased the respawn time of Agh’kuk Gatherers on New Trismus
  • Sal’guk Tribes are no longer social
  • Ghost Wizards no longer receive Mage’s Maddening Trick’
  • Monster ability, Restore Bones 1, now recycles every 75s (up from 30s)
  • Baltosh the Vile now uses Restore Bones 2 (instead of 1) and Immolate 5 (instead of 1).  He also no longer uses Urgat’s weapon and a summoned shield.
  • Monster ability, Restore Bones 2, now heals properly for a Tier 5 ability (instead of Tier 1 values)
  • Urgat the Wicked and Baltosh the Vile no longer receive a number of extra spells (Leeching Life, Reanimate Dead, Soul Steal and Health)
  • Jade Wolves now drop Jade Ears instead of Desert Wolf Fangs.  Jade Flank and Animal Hide can be gathered from their corpses.
  • Rift monsters will once again do normal damage, but have significantly more health.
  • Skeleton Mages now receive the same amount of MagicDefense and Evasion as player mages.
  • Skeleton Clerics now receive the same amount of MagicDefense and Evasion as player clerics.
  • Commander Vekh will now use a Summoned Dusky Broadsword instead of a Blade of Destruction and no longer receives Flame Spear.
  • Bronze Golems are now smaller than their larger, Bronze Boulder Golem cousins.
  • Bronze and Bronze Boulder Golem spawns at Miner’s Mound on Lesser Aradoth are now slower, but there are more of them.


  • Typo fixed in Breath of Fire: Refining a Useful Weapon.
  • Typos fixed in Breath of Acid: Introduction
  • Improved the directions in "(Daily) Shady Dealings" in Kion
  • Quest “Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination Kion” will now properly delete the 10 Bronze Tinkering Springs
  • Updated the quest chain “The Ruined Homestead” to refer to ethereal damage and to give a useful socketed crystal for players. Record of this quest has been removed, so all players can complete it again.
  • Trials of the Gifted: Trials Completed quest now correctly displays the final quest (from Krianos) when greeting him. Trials of the Gifted (Missing Ability) quest now appears correctly if you’ve previously completed above quest, but have not received Title Ability (ie you completed the old/obsolete quest from Pratt (who didn’t award emblem/title).
  • Quest “Attunement to Aedan” now requires Dragons to be level 21 Adventurer to pick it up


  • Peak of Storms has been decorated. Thank you Taconafide!
  • Vladtmordt’s area and cave have been decorated. Thank you Ghuran!
  • Allathos’s cave has been decorated.
  • Added missing water to Grandli
  • Militia Guards in New Trismus now actually have stats and will fight.  They also have a new buffs called Guard of the Gifted and Guard's Protective Aura.
  • Resized a lair in Winter's Peak and one in Heart.
  • Resized two lairs in Mia’s Edge
  • Marcus in Kion now sells plot permits.
  • Gon Hughes, a Reaver Trainer, can now be found in Dalimond.
  • Potions of Rest are now stackable.
  • A small camp with NPCs can be found near the Ruined Palace north of Parsinia
  • Due to high demand, Packs of Loyalty Potions have increased in cost.
  • Versanto now offers a quest to send Dragons to Nielenoss when they reach New Rachival for the first time.
  • Added a Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer to the Island of Skalkaar.
  • Ryson Stormbringer on Spirit Isle is now known as the Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer
  • Pratt no longer does run animation when walking
  • Trader Gokkai at Desert Shores now sells two new dishes for Confectioners.
  • Portals added to Upper Bridgeview and Bridgeview that allow players to teleport back to Kion.
  • Chef Shisheroth got a juicy piece of meat on his Fork.


  • Player abilities, special Weapons, a number of Crystals, some Spells, and some other items may still apply their effects on a hit, dodge or parry instead of just a hit.  This is a known issue that we will continue to work through over the coming months.
  • Relics of the Saris and the crafted Reliquary (and Formula) do not have icons at this time

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