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Blight Updates Blight Delta 305 Istaria Community Manager
December 15, 2018
  • Money Loot now displays its average coin reward in the description.
  • Friend of the Saris emblem now grants bonuses to health and ethereal armor.
  • Gift of Fate is now dispellable and gives Rapture upon death.
  • Cheat Death Penalty now lasts for 180 seconds up from 120.
  • Resurrection now recycles every 90 seconds up from 60.
  • Two new Gifts, Gift of Arcanist and Gift of Stargazer, has been added. Formulas can be purchased from scholar and spellcrafter trainers.
  • Valkor and Son of Gigaroth will now deal slightly less damage overall.

  • Blood Urns now respawn every 150 seconds, up from 120.
  • Urn Hammer now has 1 second cooldown, down from 60.
  • Son of Gigaroth’s Call upon the Cabal ability will provide less healing over time and now can be dispelled.
  • Summoner’s Isle:
    • Added T6 Refinery
    • Cobalt replaced with Travertine
    • More Travertine and Adamantium spawns
    • Added small decoration
  • Fabric Isle:
    • Unlinked plant spawns
    • Increased plant spawn numbers
    • Abundant plant added to each tier
  • Cabal Markers are no longer social and will not be healed by Cabal Diviners.
  • Monsters in the Dead Pool are now less social and have slower respawn rate
  • Saris Artifacts will now properly drop from ghosts in the Ruined Palace while on quest “Artifacts of the Saris”
  • Dalimond has been decorated
  • Chiconis and Dralk:
    • Massive system of tunnels joins Chiconis and Dralk
    • Exits are at: Dralk, Sokdelak, Fingers of Akkinelos, Heather Mines, Barasavian Mines, Northern Dalimond Ridge, Sanctuary Bay, Dark Forest, Chiconis
    • Connector Helian-Lunus Grandhall available for players to build in Sanctuary Bay
    • Chiconis acquired public Grandhall, Crystalshaping, Libraries
    • Chiconis expanded on decorations
  • Heather Mines located near Heather now contain t3 and t4 metal, stone and azulyte, and buildable structures
  • Draak and Land of the Exiled areas received new music. Thank you Shawn Badolian!
  • Anniversary Vendor , Rocznica, has arrived in Bristugo to celebrate Istaria’s anniversary. This Anniversary’s theme is Diamond and Crystal.
    • Pets available including Crystal Beetle, Azulars and Deer
    • Plot items available: Crystal Chamber (lair) and Crystal Statue. These items require Anniversary Crystal Heart to build, purchased from Rocznica. New resources and respective formulas have been added to trainers
    • Beginner Ice Essence Orb added to Klaatos, Geleon, Cassath.
    • Beginner Ice Essence Construction Sphere and Source added to Klaatos.
    • Beginner Ice Cast Stone, Beginner Ice Excoriation of Earth, Beginner Ice Flowstone, Beginner Ice Maelstone, Beginner Frozen Essence of Melding added to Halindrass, Relstaroth
    • Armor: Anniversary Shield and Dragon Diamond Head Scale have been added to Anniversary Vendor.
    • Plot item Plaque: Anniversary Shield
  • More Gambling Statues added to plots:
    • Statue of Dwarven Warrior
    • Statue of Saris Warrior 2
    • Statue of Elf
    • Statue of Gnome
    • Statue of Satyr Druid
    • Statue of Dryad Warrior
    • Statue of Human Warrior
    • Statue of Half-Giant
    • Statue of Fiend Reaver
  • Roaming Fragments are now guaranteed to drop Magma Fragments, but will drop ½ as much as before.
  • New Vassarak has been slightly decorated, and new community, Deilsefa, emerged where the blight once was.
  • Mini-quests added to Ruined Palace Camp

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