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Blight Updates Blight Delta 305.1 Istaria Community Manager
December 20, 2018
  • "Fetch Components for Avaraldo’s Potion" : Large, Giant and Gargantuan Loricatus Beetles will now correctly drop Beetle Wing-Membrane
  • Anniversary Shield:
    • Will now offer +10 to Block Bonus
    • Will now offer +50 to Armor
  • Anniversary Scale:
    • Will now offer +50 to Armor
  • Anniversary Khutit Scale got its requirement corrected so it can be equipped
  • Fixed typos in “Alchemical Gathering"
  • Fixed typo in “Artifacts of the Saris"

  • Ice Brick formula now uses Stoneworking instead of Sculpting
  • Saris Artifacts now stack
  • Updated requirements to scribe for formula Avaraldo’s Potion of Alacrity
  • Spirit Stone effect now only applies to Ghost type monsters. Ghosts will now drop Soul Fragments more frequently when crystal is equipped in weapon.
  • Anniversary Tower Shield added to Rocznica
  • Anniversary items are now tradable. Share fun!
  • Epic Travel Scrolls Box 2: added location Fiery Maw and Land of the Exiled
  • Gnomekindle Ornament Quests have now lost their counter, and can be handed in repeatedly to get rid of any excess chunks gathered while on the quest, if you were previously on any of these quests you may need to delete them first:
    • Metal Decorations on Every Gnomekindle Tree
    • Gnomekindle Tree Sparklies
    • Gnomekindle Tree Unbreakable Stone Ornaments
    • Natural Ornaments for a Gnomekindle Tree

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