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Blight Updates Blight Delta 306 Istaria Community Manager
January 3, 2019
  • Jade Snarler Wolf Fang (tech resource) is now called Jade Wolf Fang and will drop from Jade Snarler/Growler/Enormous Snarler
  • Jade Snarler Alpha Tail (tech resource) is now called Jade Wolf Tail and will drop from named Jade Snarler (Sinth) and Jade Snappers.
  • Jade Snappers are a new mob and the strongest of the Jade Wolf family
  • Jade Snarler Skull (41-45 trophy) is now called Jade Wolf Skull. Trophy hunter quests has been renamed to reflect the new name.
  • Jade Snarler Ear is now called Jade Wolf Ear. This is a resource used in formula Appetizer: Toasted Jade Ear. If you have this formula scribed, then killing Jade Snarlers will drop ears in addition to their regular loot.

  • Dusk Gnasher/Howler/Prowler wolves now drop Dusk Wolf Skull (46-50 trophy).
    • Trophy hunters in Mahagra and New Rachival offer new quests for these new trophies.
  • Dusk Gnasher/Howler/Prowler now drop a new tech resource called Dusk Wolf Fang
  • Dusk Wolf Fangs are now used by the following techniques:
    • Craft: Preparing III  (was Jade Snaler Fang - Jade Wolf Fang)
    • Craft: Alchemy III (was Jade Alpha Tail - Jade Wolf Tail)
    • Craft: Gemworking III (was Jade Alpha Tail - Jade Wolf Tail)
    • Craft: Scribing III (was Jade Alpha Tail - Jade Wolf Tail)
  • Blue Jay shoulder pet has been added to Zookeeper’s Assistant treasure. (there is a chance to receive Blue Jay pet as a reward from his quest). Thank you Az for texture!
  • Union Head Scale has been added to Jacques Allantyrn. Thank you Taiyonnai Feronix for texture!
  • Quest “New Trismus 4: Cause for Concern” now directs you correctly to the guard camp.

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