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Live Updates Live Client 397.44.1 Istaria Community Manager
February 5, 2019


  • Tool: Essence Siphon Handle doesn’t show tint
  • Fix for stat Hoard Breath display when greater than base
  • UIScale Hotkey icon size for items
  • Fix for weird monster movement
  • Trophy Hunter Quests and quest dialog / accept size
  • Giant female does not perform animation during special attacks, with Crossbow equipped

  • Knoc’s 1-Handed Sword Specialization will show 1 handed animations (Pallid Scimitar), as well as monsters using Summon Blade of Creation.. Knoc’s 2-H Specialization will have 2 handed animations corrected on next delta.
  • Correct feedback messages for reasons a character name is declined
  • Plot Construction Window shows incorrect Prim Name
  • Hotkey Icon scaling
  • Allow items that are not removable to still be moved within container
  • Cycle Nearest Enemy (/cne) bug
  • Water Elementals using Blight Anchor Death effects
  • Lair planning window when using UI scaling
  • Glide does not work for 15th Anniversary Diamond Head Scale
  • Player moves after wearing costume
  • "Some Icon" text appears on some signs in New Trismus
  • Fix for window positions saving when running in 4k mode
  • Fix for boss music playing
  • Type column is blank for Scroll, Inventory Window  
  • Typo of picts, instead of picks -- Dragon Emote "Pick"
  • Update Paper Press icon on map
  • Fix for position reset after wearing costume / morph
  • Position working after teleport
  • Add new Machine Markers to Map (stone shaper, gem shaper and spell forge)
  • Hot key layout saving / issues
  • Fix boss combat music playing
  • NPC no longer disappear when ignored
  • Chat Tab increment varying numbers
  • Fix for setscale so it works on characters
  • Character costumes (race changes without a transition animation now show up)


  • Support for UI scaling for hard of seeing / large monitor support
  • Add Hoard Breath Damage Mod to interface
  • Target icon for structures
  • If container is marked locked, then prevent deleting items from container
  • If monster has keyword monster_nonaggro, then show monster name in white
  • Dragon Flying Death animation

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