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Blight Updates Blight Delta 307.2 Istaria Community Manager
April 5, 2019
  • The 15th Anniversary Diamond Head Scale costumes have now received a brand new look, complete with a fully unique texture and shader set.
  • The 15th Anniversary Diamond Head Scales can now be “used” to apply an augmentation to the user, changing them into a Diamond Dragon. Note: This is purely cosmetic and does not grant you any stat bonuses or effects of the original head scale.
  • The scales also now have icons with small previews of their associated costumes to better differentiate between what is in your inventory.
  • Alistair in New Brommel now also sells khutit versions of existing dragon costumes to complete the existing sets. They cost the same as existing costumes of their versions to buy and use.
  • Alistair’s costume wares have been price-adjusted to follow a scheme, fixing the few random outliers that were far too expensive or too cheap. All skeleton costumes are now 10c, mummy 20c, zombie 30c, and ghost 40c.
  • Killer Head Scale is now 30c, down from 50, to match all other available masks and head scales.

  • Saronn the Risen King is no longer social and has a smaller agro range.
  • Skill requirement for Expert: Tail Blade and Expert: Spiky Ball formulas is now 900 scalecraft.
  • Tail Add-On effect is now known as “Tail Blade Add-on effect”, will now do slashing damage and includes Melee as a valid attack type
  • Spiky Ball Tech Kits will now apply “Spiky Ball Add-on effect” which will cause associated attacks to do maximum damage and to have a chance to cause a delay in enemy attacks/abilities.
  • Both Tail Blade and Spiky Ball now only apply their effects when using Tail Whip
  • Brethil’s Barrier now reduces incoming damage by 50 (instead of 200) and heals 50 (instead of 200).
  • Sirennis Pollen is now gathered using Intuition instead of Ingenuity
  • Technique “Relic of Mellohndar” now modifies a spell’s name by adding “Mellohndar’s” as a prefix.
  • Fixed quest “Boltai's Scorpion Stinger Casserole” to proceed once you have the ingredients and greet Boltai
  • Fixed Anti-Sun Salve to properly reduce incoming flame damage by 25% instead of converting incoming damage to flame.
  • Improved some dialog, journal entries, and directions in numerous Monk quests
  • In quest “Monk: Trial of Mind” lowered the timer duration for each meditation step from 30s to 10s
  • Illusion of Hasera is now worth XP
  • Alien Head Scale Tech Kit will now properly consume itself on use
  • Fixed spelling mistake in quest “Aradoth Shipment”
  • Marked quest “Rane: The Than’kuk Threat (Part 3)” ready again
  • Mylocs no longer drop pages from Ganesh’s Journal, these now drop only while you are on the quest “Dralnok’s Doom (Chapter 3): Ganesh’s Footsteps”.  Myloc loot percentages have been adjusted as a result of this change.

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