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Live Updates Sacred Arts Update Istaria Community Manager
April 9, 2019

Content Summary

  • Hasera Steelclaw is looking for new Disciples to teach them about the Sacred Arts.  Visit her on her platform north/northwest of Kion
  • Visit the Oasis of Brethil, an idyllic region of canyons and lakes amidst the ancient Ruins of Mellohndar
  • Numerous improvements and decorations have been added for Plots and Lairs alike!  Check them out and post pictures of your lair or plot on the community site for all to admire!
  • The town of Bristugo and the Island of Falathien have undergone transformations including new buildings, decorations, resources and even monsters!


  • Gift of Arcanist and Gift of Stargazer now require specific skills instead of augmentation
  • Updated constraints on Bloodied and Bloodthirsty tech kits. Set them to properly consume themselves.
  • Updated descriptions on Shadow Hound and Fallen Paladin allies
  • Multicast no longer has min school level requirement, allowing to use when you have mastered it.
  • 2-H Specialization (KNOC) Summoned Pallid Claymore will now properly perform 2 hand animations again.
  • Jatell now offers Ceremonial Clean-up quest for those who wish to replace their teched Ceremonial Scale/Shield with a cleaned up version.
  • Ignore Mysticism, Arcane Refusal, Countercheck Primal spells no longer fail to overwrite lower tier spell
  • Gift of Armor is now known as Gift of Resilience and reduces incoming physical damage (instead of providing a flat armor increase).
  • Gift of Armor scrolls now provide 20, 40, 70, 110 and 160 armor boost.
  • Numerous stun debuffs that were missed during a previous update will now grant Temporary Stun Resistance when its timer expires. This includes monster stuns.
  • Stun debuffs now all have the same weight so that they won’t overwrite one another, but will instead conflict and fail (preventing certain cases where you could still get stun-lock)
  • Lightning Blast II now properly says its name when used instead of Fiery Strike.
  • Spellbind, Area Spellbind and Blighted Spellbind will now only apply Spellbound on a hit (not a block) and will fail on any conflicts.
  • Mesmerize debuffs now all have the same weight so that they won’t overwrite one another, but will instead conflict and fail (preventing certain cases where you could still get mez-lock).
  • Stop Blood now only applies its debuff on a hit (not a block) and recycles every 60s (down from 180s).
  • The following abilities, spells, and items will now only apply a debuff on a hit (not a block):
    • Aroah’s Fine Maul of Smashing (Darkgazed)
    • Ally ability, Desert Whirlwind (Disoriented)
    • Sorcerer Enthralling Light (Enthralled)
    • Sorcerer Manifested Power (Mesmerized)
    • Numbing Haze
  • Rapture now lasts for 12s (up from 7s).
  • Area Syphon now recycles every 90s (down from 180s)
  • Syphon now recycles every 60s (down from 120s)
  • Seal of the Clerical Order tech kit will now properly have a 5% chance to heal on incoming non-spell hits.
  • Nature’s Path will now properly share it’s cooldown (at 25%) with Sprint when used first.
  • Reklar’s Winds of Fury and Demonskin Armor effects will no longer conflict with each other and other augmentations.
  • Four new Gifts has been added: Gift of Colossus, Gift of Shroud, Gift of Brawler and Gift of Hunter. Formulas can be purchased from scholar and spellcrafter trainers.
  • Demon’s Aegis:  Threat mod is now 300%. Demonic Embrace will overwrite other Heal over Time and heals for 10% of health
  • Following quest crystals had their hoard value reduced to 0 so they can’t be accidently hoarded:  The Fangs of Fury, The Primal Rage, Lasting Embers, Darkstaff’s Armor Crystal Fragment, Darkstaff’s Crystal Fragment
  • Blue Jay and Dragon’s Blue Jay Shoulder pets are now tradable
  • Knight of Creation’s Shield Slam now recycles every 20s (down from 30s)
  • KnoC’s Blinding Strike is now guaranteed to blind the target on a successful hit (instead of ½ the time)
  • Guardian ability, Morning Dew, is now an Aura that cleanses beneficial effects from enemies.  The aura buff lasts for 30 minutes, pulses every 30s and has a 15m range.
    • Morning Dew 1 and 2 will both cleanse 1 buff from the target
    • Morning Dew 3 is no longer masterable and will cleanse 2 buffs from the target
    • Morning Dew 4 is no longer masterable and will cleanse 3 buffs from the target.


  • Expert Animal Hide Processing renamed to Dire Wolf Hide Processing
  • Beginner Maggot Hide Processing renamed to Maggot Hide Processing
  • Expert Kwellen Hide Processing renamed to Kwellen Hide Processing
  • Journeyman Reinforced Round Shield requires 400 Armorcraft to scribe.
  • Trainers Erelald, Geleon, Kesh, Leah Attanbar, Minisa Albrath, and Kateos now sell tier-appropriate versions of a Gift of Resistance spell formula.
  • Expert Spell: Lightning Blast formula can now be used to create Lightning Blast or Primal Lightning Blast spells.
  • Journeyman Reinforced Round Shield requires 400 Armorcraft to scribe (was 1 Armorcraft)


  • Breath of Fire III now has area of effect range of 5
  • Some Dragon combat stances have a different icon/color
  • Crystalshaper formulas: Armor Crystals, Capacity Crystals, Damage Crystals, Resistance Crystals, Velocity Crystals now all produce 2 crystals per batch
  • Aratanosh has acquired formulas for Velocity and Capacity Crystals
  • Combat Stance: Terror will now fail to apply Terrified on any conflicts.
  • Determination is now known as Ancestral Determination and will provide lower bonus to strength, but higher direct melee damage increment. Statistic loss for tradeskills bonuses will be compensated by a new set of special crafting Gifts in future updates.
  • Primal Roar is now known as Drulkar’s Focus and will provide lower bonus to power, but higher direct spell damage increment. Statistic loss for tradeskills bonuses will be compensated by a new set of special crafting Gifts in future updates.
  • Icons for Velocity Crystals and Master Instructions for Empowering the Artifact formulas now display icon correctly.
  • Vrylliak in Dralk has become Dragon Appearance Vendor. He now sells: Formula: Dragon Tail Blade, Formula: Dragon Spiky Ball Tail, Blight-Infused Dragon Costumes. Thank you daemon-illusionum for the texture! , Galactic Dragon Costumes. Thanks to Zaroclaw for the base texture!
  • 15th Anniversary Khutit’s and Hatchling’s Diamond Head Scale now limits fly height and fly speed to 0 to prevent them from flying.
  • The 15th Anniversary Diamond Head Scale costumes have now received a brand new look, complete with a fully unique texture and shader set.
  • The 15th Anniversary Diamond Head Scales can now be “used” to apply an augmentation to the user, changing them into a Diamond Dragon. Note: This is purely cosmetic and does not grant you any stat bonuses or effects of the original head scale.
  • Alien Head Scale Tech Kit will now properly consume itself on use


  • Cabal Markers on Lesser Aradoth are now level 14, instead of 28-32
  • Gem golems now have a “Made of Gemstone” buff
  • Ore Golems now have “Made of Metal” instead of “Made of Stone”
  • Ice Golems now have a “Made of Ice” buff and will no longer hit as hard and will dodge less than before.
  • Werewolf Bite 9 is now received at the proper level and no longer at level 40.
  • Lesser and Greater Werewolves will now give Weak Lycanthropy through their bite.
  • Necromancer ability, Blight Blast, now recycles more slowly
  • Blight Crabs no longer receive the Blight Blast ability
  • Blight Hounds should be a little more manageable now.
  • Frozen Horrors are no longer more powerful than many named and epic bosses.
  • The following abilities, spells, and items will now only apply a debuff on a hit (not a block):
    • Abomination of Fear’s Inspire Cowardice (Terrified)
    • Guardian of Mind’s Mind Shock (Shocked)
    • Shield Brother’s Paralyzing Stare (Trepidation)
    • Monster ability, Paralyzing Gaze (Trepidation)
  • Blighted Syphon (monster ability) now recycles every 60s (down from 120s)
  • Monster bite abilities that give Bleed 1 is now a 9s DoT (down from 15-45s) and ticks every 3s (down from 6s)
  • Treant Bark Regeneration buff now lasts for 300s
  • Abominations now receive some skills which will make their abilities more impactful.
  • Some monsters in the Dead Pool now do blight damage for all non-spell attacks.
  • Saronn the Risen King is no longer social and has a smaller agro range.

Plots and Lairs

  • Added Lair decorations:  Corridors, Halls, Lair Chambers, Spell Forge Chambers, Gem Shaper Chambers, Smelting Chambers
  • Player Lairs Vaults, Shrines, Consigners, Pawnbrokers, Taverns are now player selectable making attached NPCs easier to activate/deactivate
  • All player lair chambers are now selectable making them easier to deconstruct
  • New plot structures added! Display some of your favourite epic items!
  • Loot epic bosses parts and display them on your plot! Displays include: Son of Gigaroth, Valkor the Impaler, General Reklar Plaguebearer, Surtheim, Memory of Elial, Shaloth the Queen
  • Also available T1 displays:  Weapon Display: Sanguine Mace, Weapon Display: Sslanis Militia Blade, Weapon Display: Galt’s Blade
  • Unbuilt Community Projects got their own unique icon. Plot markers got their texture crisper.
  • Gambling Statues will now return Statue Mold novian on deconstruction
  • Two new Gambling Statues added: Golden and Diamond Dragon Statue


  • Quest “Niesa's Enslavement (Part 6)” will remind players that they can purchase the Freedom buff formulas from BattleMaster Trikoz Trek in both dialogue and journal entry.
  • Fixed quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings” to correct a plot hole regarding Ganesh, the Spirit of Dralnok, and the Thom’Dorogath.
  • All Trophy Hunter quests have been updated to make it easier to turn-in multiple trophies at a time. When you complete the quest, the same quest will appear, to easily click again (vs finding the same quest in the long list). Else another link to Show All quests is available.
  • Hasera Steelclaw is looking for new Disciples
  • Quests added to Oasis of Brethil
  • Fixed spelling mistake in quest “Aradoth Shipment”
  • Marked quest “Rane: The Than’kuk Threat (Part 3)” ready again
  • Mylocs no longer drop pages from Ganesh’s Journal, these now drop only while you are on the quest “Dralnok’s Doom (Chapter 3): Ganesh’s Footsteps”.  Myloc loot percentages have been adjusted as a result of this change.

Vendors and Quest Givers

  • Vargas the Bold has acquired new formulas for Master Crafter’s, Master Dragon Crafter’s epic cargo armor, and Demon’s Aegis
  • Union Head Scale has been renamed to Draconic Union Head Scale
  • With the growing demand in Dragon Cargo Disks for the Empire, Nielenoss has asked to be connected to the Dragon tunnels network for faster delivery of supplies to satisfy his needs.
  • Gon Hughes, Reaver Trainer will now respond to link clicks.
  • Imperial Vendor Frig Tallowar no longer sells Expert Shield formulas. Those can still be purchased from Expert Armorer Trainer. Coin values of the Master formulas he sells has been slightly adjusted so they require an exact amount of tokens (since he doesn’t give change). In many cases, this will save you a token.
  • Fiery Rift vendor Aratanosh has also had a very small handful of price adjustments
  • Spring is coming to Istaria. Ssaulios in New Brommel has acquired new lovely pets for sale: cow, chicken, sheep and brown deer.
  • Land Magister Burdington has departed for unknown locations.
  • Alistair in New Brommel now also sells khutit versions of existing dragon costumes to complete the existing sets. They cost the same as existing costumes of their versions to buy and use.
  • Alistair’s costume wares have been price-adjusted to follow a scheme, fixing the few random outliers that were far too expensive or too cheap. All skeleton costumes are now 10c, mummy 20c, zombie 30c, and ghost 40c.
  • Killer Head Scale is now 30c, down from 50, to match all other available masks and head scales.

World and Graphics

  • Various Deer kinds have been spotted across the world
  • More Pale Essence Residues and Wisps have been spotted near Mambow Point
  • Small decoration added to Mambow Point
  • Falathien has been enhanced:
    • Decorations added
    • More wildlife: Sheep, Cow, Deer.
    • Timber Wolves, a Tier 4 wolf, can be found on the Island of Falathien.  Trophy quests have been added to Diadrus, Arionn and Garanthos.
    • Bright Wisps of all kinds and residues have increased in number
    • Buildable bridge, lighthouses added
  • Reklar’s Tower Shield has received two new textures and new model! You can pick texture in Item Creation Window in tricking options.
  • Reklar’s Tower Shield now correctly uses Armor Frame in addition to other resources to create (was using Armor Plate twice and therefore appearing as 1 Armor Plate and no Armor Frame as intended).
  • PvP Team A and PvP Team B will now reduce death point fade time on death
  • Bristugo Improvements:
    • Decoration added
    • Abigail Vrisk has been moved to small camp on west side of the city
    • Special NPCs, Anarie, Rocznica, Analuus, Nadia, have been moved to Trade Center on east side of the city
    • Tirrish finally built his house… but continues to work on construction as a hobby
    • Minor expansion in sizes to some nearby plots and lairs
    • Rhahool has been moved to newly built Bristugo Store next to Jonis’ house
    • Jonas Albion, imperial vaultkeeper, has moved into town in Bristugo Store
    • Help the city get pretty by building planters and other community projects!
  • The effect of the “Armor Cleaning Kit” technique now reads “Armor Cleaning Kit” instead of its temporary in-development name.
  • The Armor Cleaning Kit can now remove effects from leg armor.
  • Icons
    • Mirror of Merrasat, Vial of Sacred Sand, Paw of Bar’Akath, Galt’s Chisel, Reliquary Pattern, and Reliquary of the Saris now have their own unique icons.
    • 15th Anniversary pets and related items now have their own unique icons.
  • The obsolete crystals Misty Peridot Crystal, Sugent Peridot Crystal, and Sizzling Beveled Stone now properly use the weapon crystal icon.
  • Darkstaff’s Small Crystal Fragment now properly uses the armor crystal icon and is a black color to be distinguishable.
  • Accolade of Expedition (Body) - an obsolete crystal - now properly uses the armor crystal instead of a weapon crystal icon.
  • Lightning Blast and Primal Lightning Blast now have elementally appropriate icons. (Blue for primal and green for nature.)
  • The scales also now have icons with small previews of their associated costumes to better differentiate between what is in your inventory.

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