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Blight Updates Blight Delta 308.1 Istaria Community Manager
July 6, 2019
Removed useless link in Quest: "The Ruined Homestead (Part 2)"
Fixed typos in the following quests:
  • "Skalkaar Tutorial 7: Return to Karkath"
  • "Town Marshall: Unfounded Fears"
  • "Town Marshall: Yew, Me, And a Bit of Revenge"
  • "Burning Archer: 04 - Find the Fourth Scroll"
  • "Burning Archer: 11 - Brew for Sindenis"
  • “Dragon Crafter: Knowledge of the Imbued Scales”
Fixed directions in "Lunus Path 2: Acquire a Crystalline Vessel For Your Phylactery."
Hasera Steelclaw won't stay invisible anymore after the fight in quest "Monk: Proof of Skill"
Hasera Steelclaw got new animations when idle and during the Monk quests series.

The ‘Bright New Look’ contest winning design, Diamondback Sslik, has been added as a creation option for Sslik. (1 body texture, 1 spiked fin style, 1 leather fin style) Thank you Saso!
Holes in the ‘Beard’ style dragon head have been mended.
Mother lodes and Massive resource nodes have been visibly scaled up
Acceleration (wizard passive) now properly works only with spells (instead of spells and attacks)
Master Dragon Crafter’s Wing Scales and Master Crafter’s Boots will now slightly reduce cooldown of Acceleration and Sprint when worn
NPC Idle Animations were improved in quest "Become a Primal Master (Part 3)"
Enraged Treant Roots have been given a new unique icon to differentiate them from Massive Roots.
Massive Treant Roots, Enraged Treant Roots, Treant Mettle, and Treant Limbs now are tinted according to the mob they are looted from to differentiate them.
The Dragon ‘Dual Ram’ head style has been updated to a different model.
Holes in the ‘Rhino’ head style have been fixed and the head has been given a dewlap, as well as slightly resized to be more in proportion with the body.
Draconic Union Head Scale now uses Maggot Chews instead of Festival Tickets to produce tech kits.
Shoulder Kwellens now use Hard Candies instead of Festival Tickets to produce tech kits.
Platinum near 222/295 is no longer linked to platinum in 213/276 area
The Bard’s Tail will now allow one technique kit
The two versions of the plot decoration Banner:General Reklar Plaguebearer are now distinguished with “(Red)” and “(Green)” for clarity.
“Burned” and “Burning Embers” debuff descriptions have been improved.
Dark Cyclone will now sort and filter as a Tier 5 spell and has a 5.0 pre-delay (down from 6.0)
Flame Bolt, Improved Flame Bolt, Flame Bomb, Flame Wave, Improved Flame Wave, Fireball, Enhanced Flame Bolt and Flame Spear of all tiers will now gain a bonus to damage when hitting a target already suffering from “Burned”
Flipped the benefits of the Myloc Hierophant and Veteran Runes.  Hierophant now boosts Power and Focus while Veteran now boosts Strength and Dexterity.
Demonic Fury will now properly convert attacks with the Demonbane Spike to ethereal
The Entombed Will is now a ghost (similar to NPC ghosts) to represent his status as a trapped spirit rather than part of the Withered Aegis.
Significantly increased the number of Rich and Motherlode Marble nodes that can spawn within the Marble Quarry and on Drakul
Rich Marble nodes can now be found on Saritova
Fix: missing Ice Theme buttons
Fix: missing Lava Theme buttons
Greatly expanded dragon accent options
Niesa’s Power will no longer overwrite Niesa’s Strength

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