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Live Updates A Bright New Look Istaria Community Manager
July 9, 2019

Content Summary

  • Racial Ability Upgrades - Passive abilities and Breath of Fire have received upgrades to their benefit and usefulness...
  • Appearance changes - New heads and decals for Dragons, wing textures and patterns for Dryad, and more!
  • Dralnok’s Doom Beautification - New combat allies, upgrades to the appearance of the caves, and some new techniques.
  • Imbued Scales - Similar to scrolls, these are consumable scales that offer buffs!


  • Shining Blades damage is now ethereal.
  • Elixirs of Myloc Strength/Focus will now stack with other strength and focus potion effects.
  • Arcane Refusal, Ignore Mysticism, Countercheck Primal, and Blight/Energy/Flame/Ice/Nature/Spirit Resistance buffs will no longer conflict with one another, only with themselves (and other tiers).
  • Tokens of the Grand Magus are now stackable and have keywords for filtering.
  • Fixed the minimum heal amount for Instant Heal 8 (was lower than Instant Heal 7).
  • Group Instant Heal now recycles every 60s (down from 180s), has a slightly higher maximum heal value, and will now heal 10% more while in Attuned Stance.
  • All tiers of Instant Heal now heal 10% more while in Attuned Stance.
  • Rend Armor (all tiers) will now give 30% more armor reduction while in Focused Stance.
  • All tiers of Burn Armor are now known as Incinerate and the debuffs are known as Incinerated.
  • Incinerate (all tiers) now cause 10% greater damage while in Offensive Stance or a greater reduction in flame resistance while in Attuned Stance.
  • Growth 2 and 3 now heal significantly more when a player is in Attuned Stance; their regeneration buffs last 30s (down from 60s) but pulse every 5s (instead of 10s).  Healing amounts have been dramatically increased for both Lesser and Greater Growth buffs.
  • Epic Monk Styles now last for 5 minutes (up from 3 minutes).
  • Dark Tiger Style now reduces delay/recycle by 15% instead of increasing it.
  • Astral Claws now only cause a bleed on a hit (not a hit or a block).
  • Valkor’s Blood Talon’s augmentation, Ethereal Leech VI, has been renamed to Bloodbath.
  • Breath of Venom’s augmentation, Deadly Poison, has been renamed to Venomous Miasma.
  • Fixed spelling mistake on Fallen Paladin Ally.
  • Increased duration of Temporary Mesmerize, Root and Stun Resistance buffs from 6 to 12 seconds.
  • Shard of Freedom formula can now be used to make an Exceptional Shard of Freedom, a more powerful Shard that can be used on other Gifted within a 10m radius.  This shard requires more slivers to create and use.
  • Epic Travel Scrolls Box 2 now also gives you a travel scroll to Reklar’s Fortress entrance.
  • Inconsistencies with dates and descriptions in Dragon Journals have been fixed.
  • Blight Crab Claw description no longer refers to it being an obsolete trophy.
  • Ice Arrow buff will now only apply on hits (not blocks) and will fail if another debuff is present.
  • Pinion will now only apply on hits (not blocks) and will fail if another debuff is present.
  • Epic Weaponry
    • Elial’s Thorn is now more useful in melee combat, lowering the recycle and delay of melee attacks and special abilities while using the dagger by 10% (instead of spell recycle by 5%), boosting Power and Focus by +100 (up from +75) and giving a 25% bonus to damage for special attacks used with the dagger.
    • Curse of Reklar no longer conflicts with other stat decreases, lasts 45s (rather than varying from 15 to 45s) and is stackable (up to 10).
    • Demonic Embrace can no longer be dispelled and only heals on a hit (not a block).
    • Reklar's Tower Shield now boosts 1hs, 1hc, and 1hp skills by +150 (up from +50) and now allows 1 technique to be applied to it.
    • The Harbinger now boosts Dexterity by +100 (up from +80) and Crossbow skill by +150 (up from +70).  Leech will now only be applied on hits (not blocks), but will pulse every 4s (down from 5s).
    • Bloodthorn Bow now boosts Dexterity by +100 (up from +80) and Bow skill by +150 (up from +70).  Blood Drain will now only apply on a hit (not a block).
    • Valkor’s Blood Sword now has a 10% chance of hitting the target with a Spirit DoT known as Bloodied Anima (this replaces the life drain).
    • Chaos Chakram’s Drain Life only applies on a hit (not a block).
    • Demonbane Spike now has a 15% chance on standard attacks to give Demonic Fury, a buff that causes standard attacks with the Spike to do ethereal damage.
  • Amber Damage Crystal of Ice buff is now removable.
  • Resistance crystal buffs are now removable.
  • Safety 3, 4, 5 and 6 are now known as Magic Shell and the buff is known as Shell.  Shell 3 to 6 now boost Ethereal Armor as well as Physical Armor.  Physical Armor values boosted by Shell are increased.
  • These player crafted crystal (crystalshaping) effects will now survive logout: Armor Crystals, Capacity Crystals, Damage Crystals, Resistance Crystals, Velocity Crystals.
  • Fixed spelling mistake on Shadow Hound Ally.
  • Biped Resistance/Ward spells and scrolls of Resistance/Warding have got a statistic increase .
  • Acceleration (wizard passive) now properly works only with spells (instead of spells and attacks).


  • Recharge Cells now take up 1 bulk (down from 5).
  • Spell: Stun V, Spell: Cleanse IV, and Spell: Cleanse V are now available on the loot tables and from the Techatron.
  • Spell: Cleanse technique percentages have been adjusted to accommodate the additional techniques.
  • Spell: Mind Damage, Spell: Mind Range, and Spell: Life Range techniques are now available from the Techatrons.
  • Backpack Pouches now allow up to 200 items (or stacks) (increased from 100).
  • Avaraldo’s Potion of Alacrity will now produce 2 potions in a batch instead of 1.
  • Capacity crystal formulas now have the correct skill level to scribe.
  • Armor Cleaning Kits are now sold for 25 silver, down from 500.
  • Red Gummy Spider Shoulder Pet now correctly gives Red Gummy Spider Shoulder Pet Tech Kit, when used.
  • Ruxus Mask, Mika Mask, Undead Mika Mask will now properly consume Dwarven Caramel Nuggets.
  • Ghost Mask, Scarecrow Mask, Spider Mask, Zombie Mask will now properly consume Elven Marzipan Skull-Bites.
  • Beginner Ice Cast Stone formula is no longer attuned.
  • Formula “Epic Weapon: Reklar's Cursed Cudgel” is now known as “Epic Weapon: Reklar's Cudgel of Power”.
  • Sshranu’s Polymorph and Polysplash potions have been expanded to include: Black Sheep, Brown Sheep, Grey Sheep, Black Doe, Black Buck, Brown Doe, Brown Buck, Grey Doe, Grey Buck, Piebald Doe, Piebald Buck, White Doe, and White Buck.
  • Beginner Stone Reaping Potion formula will now properly filter when using Beginner, Journeyman, Expert filters, on Knowledge Book.
  • Master Dragon Crafter’s Wing Scales and Master Crafter’s Boots will now slightly reduce the cooldowns of Acceleration and Sprint when worn.


  • Dragon Breezes will now stack with biped regeneration buffs.
  • Dragons will now receive Coordinated Breath every 10 levels to level 100.
  • Ignore Mysticism’s values now match that of Arcane Refusal.
  • Velocity Crystal formulas now have the correct skill requirements.
  • Primal Instant Heal now recycles every 30s (down from 45s) and heals 10% more while in Primalist Stance.
  • As a result of the changes to Breath of Fire, Lasting Embers has been adjusted accordingly.  It will now have a 15% chance of causing flame breath attacks to do maximum damage.  It will now always give Burning Embers to the target.  Burning Embers now lasts for 90s (up from 21s) and will cause any future flame breath attacks (from any target) to do 10% more damage.
  • Primal Alacrity and its augmentation are now properly colored for primal spells instead of augmentation spells (blue instead of green).
  • Verity and Determined now last for 2 hours (up from 1 hour).
  • Combat Stance: Terror will now Terrify your enemies (with a 5% chance) when you are hit by incoming attacks (of any type).

Dralnok’s Doom

  • Has been given a facelift with numerous appearance improvements!
  • Sergeant Dylan now sells formulas to create Myloc Ally and Myloc Runes techniques.
  • Lithic Worm has a chance to drop a pet version of itself.


  • Brown Spiders on New Trismus no longer have a poisonous bite.
  • Seeping Blight (monster ability) will now only apply a DoT on a hit (not a hit and/or block).
  • Some Greater Epic bosses have acquired crowd control immunities they didn’t previously have.
  • General Reklar and The Devouring Plague has expanded.  Adepts, Soldiers and Guards can now be found throughout the fortress.  Some of these drop more Ethereal Shards than others.  Reklar himself has replaced the Dragons and Warriors who previously guarded him with Plague-Guards that are significantly stronger.
  • 33% more Enraged Bright Wisps will now spawn in the Feladan Forest.
  • Rebalanced the respawn rates and quantities of Bright Wisps on the Island of Falathien and on the Northern Dalimond Ridge.
  • A small number of Enraged Bright Wisps can now be found on both the Island of Falathien and Northern Dalimond Ridge.
  • Ensnare Will is now a ranged ability that inflicts mind damage.  Its debuff is now known as Ensnared and lasts 30s (down from 300s) and will only be applied on a hit (not a block).
  • The Entombed Will is now a ghost (similar to NPC ghosts) to represent his status as a trapped spirit rather than part of the Withered Aegis.
  • Adjusted the quantity of wisps that spawn on the Isle of Wisps slightly.  There is now a chance for Enriched Dim, Pale and Glowing Wisps to be found on the island.
  • Wind Elemental ability, Squall, is now an AoE attack.
  • Wind Elemental ability, Gusting Breeze, now uses its own buff instead of Refreshing Breeze V.
  • Water Elementals now get two new abilities, Water Spout and Gust of the Deep.
  • Water Elemental ability, Submerged, now recycles every 30s (down from 90s) and has a chance to proc Drowned, a Nature DoT (instead of a slow).
  • Water Elemental ability, Water Blast, now recycles every 60s (up from 30s) and does nature damage instead of ice.
  • Belohs in New Brommel has received some changes to its spawning and combat mechanics:
    • Spawn Brood will now recycle slower.
    • Belohs' Eggs will now remain somewhat longer and wait longer to spawn spiders, but will spawn them quicker once they start, they also have significantly reduced health.
    • Belohs' Eggs and Infested will now spawn a unique kind of spider called Belohs' Spawn.
    • Infested Bite now has a significantly increased recycle.
    • Infested now has a slightly longer duration and spawns less spiders when not cleansed.
    • Belohs' Spawn suffer from Unstable Growth.
    • Entrap now has a significantly increased recycle.

Plots and Lairs

  • Millstone Workshops can now be built on player plots.
  • Dragon lair decorations:
    • Stoneworking Chambers
    • Crystal Shaping Chambers
    • Transmutation Chambers
  • Memorial Structure: Dryad Memorial Tree Medium correctly uses Masonry skill on Granite Blocks.
  • Memorial Structure: Saris Soulstone is once again available for building.
  • Memorial Structures had their skill requirement reviewed and matched to other structures for optimum building.
  • Title Master Builder now offers +100 to building skills when used.
  • General Reklar Plaguebearer now has chance to drop Reklar’s Wing Membrane - an item required to build Reklar’s mural and banners.
  • New plot items:
    • Saris Planter, Frosty Planter, Fiendish Planter
    • Enchanted Tree now comes with 3 planters: white brick (current), fiendish planter and frosty planter
    • Standalone Trellis Wall with flowers
    • Silo Trellis Wall with flowers for wide silos
    • Silo Trellis Wall with flowers for regular silos
    • Lair mural General Reklar Plaguebearer has been added to lairs
    • Two new banners of General Reklar Plaguebearer!
    • Statue of Mia (human female warrior) - sword version and crossbow version.


  • All Daily quests (including Town Marshall quests) now reset every 22 hours, instead of 24 hours.
  • Weekly quests now reset every 6 days, 12 hours. Previously it was 6 days, 22 hours.
  • Fixed quest “(Daily) Ancient Relics” so that gathering Relics or Artifacts will make the other collection step become inactive and hidden.
  • Daily Quests “Ancient Relics” and “Chitin, Chitin and more Chitin” now use adventure rating instead of level.
  • Numerous quests at the Ruined Palace and Oasis of Brethil as well as quests offered by Hasera Steelclaw will now be colorized properly.
  • Quest “A Curious Dragon” will now check your minimum level rather than maximum level
  • Quest “Monk: Apprentice’s Trial”: Hasera’s explanations about changing style have been improved.
  • The quest “Manilius' Lost Son” no longer skips over an entire section of dialogue with Caepio.
  • The quest “Ahala’s Sweet Brew” no longer has a part in which an NPC speaks to you from across the map.
  • Removed useless link in Quest: "The Ruined Homestead (Part 2)"
  • Fixed typos in the following quests: "Skalkaar Tutorial 7: Return to Karkath", "Town Marshall: Unfounded Fears", "Town Marshall: Yew, Me, And a Bit of Revenge", "Burning Archer: 04 - Find the Fourth Scroll", "Burning Archer: 11 - Brew for Sindenis", “Dragon Crafter: Knowledge of the Imbued Scales”, “Niesa's Legacy - Shadowstem Paste (Part 2c)”, “Ahala’s Sweet Tooth II”, and “Lore Quest: Legend of the Great Hunt”.
  • Fixed directions in "Lunus Path 2: Acquire a Crystalline Vessel For Your Phylactery."
  • Hasera Steelclaw won't stay invisible anymore after the fight in quest "Monk: Proof of Skill".
  • Hasera Steelclaw got new animations when idle and during the Monk quests series.

Racial Ability Changes

  • Satyr Freedom is now known as Bachan’s Blessing and gives the player a bonus to Nature skill as well as a 5% chance for mystical spells to do maximum damage.
  • The Gnome racial passive, Enhanced Evasion, is now known as Technological Ingenuity and, in addition to a 10% increase in evasion, increases the chance to get bonus resources when gathering by 25%.
  • The Dwarf racial passive, Enhanced Armor Use, is now known as Brobbet’s Mandate, now boosts Shield skill by 10% in addition to a 10% boost in Armor Use.  It also offers a 3% chance to reduce incoming physical damage to 0.  
  • The Fiend passive racial ability, Enhanced Ice Magic, is now known as Niatha’s Gift, continues to boost the Ice skill by 10%, but also now gives the player a 5% chance for arcane spells to do maximum damage.
  • The Half-Giant passive racial ability, Increased Health, is now known as Heritage of the Mountains and, in addition to a 10% boost in Health, it now gives the player a 5% chance for melee attacks to do maximum damage.
  • The Saris passive racial ability, Enhanced Life Magic, is now known as Merrasat’s Benevolence and, in addition to a 10% boost in Life skill, now gives the player a 5% chance for direct heals to do double healing.  This will not impact heals-over-time.
  • The Sslik passive racial ability, Innate Armor, is now known as Kaasha’s Scales and, in addition to a 20% chance to reduce incoming damage by 5%, also has an additional 5% chance to reduce incoming damage of any type by 50%.
  • The Human passive racial ability, Enhanced Magic Defense, is now known as Istara’s Blessing and, in addition to a 10% boost in magic evasion, it now gives the player a 5% chance to reflect 50% of incoming spell damage back at the attacker.
  • Breath of Fire (all tiers) will now give a Burned debuff along with a Flame DoT on a successful hit.
  • Increased the damage of Breath of Fire:  1 from 30-45 to 45-65, 2 from 45-65 to 65-95 and 3 from 80-120 to 95-135.  Increased the range of Breath of Fire:  1 from 10 to 14, 2 from 12 to 16, and 3 from 14 to 18.
  • Dryad Cognizance is now known as Alyssa’s Cognizance, boosts power by 10% (up from 5%) and gives Dryads a 5% chance for spells to cause maximum damage.
  • Enhanced Bow (the Elven racial ability) is now known as “Teachings of Galderos”, continues to give a 10% boost to Bow skill, but now also gives the Elf a 5% chance for ranged attacks to cause 150% damage.

Vendors and Quest Givers

  • Geoff the Pawnbroker in New Trismus now sells Worn Flaxen Pouches and Worn Leather Backpacks.
  • The link “Show all trophy quests?” in Trophy Hunter dialogue no longer requires you to re-greet the NPC to function.
  • Formulatron no longer has quests (What’s Inside: box name). The old quests was simply a way to describe possible loot for each box. Now he will explain possible loot through his regular chat, using a new feature Local Dialog.
  • Heira in Aughundell now sells the Istara’s Grace VI trinket.
  • Quested Tier 3 tech kits (Amulet of Istara, Ancient Barasavian Charm, Pulsing Artifact Fragment and the Seal of the Clerical Order) have all been added to Dezwar Gabbledock, the New Rachival Town Marshall.
  • Quest: Dragon Craft trainer Resiata has new knowledge to share.
  • Weapon Tech Kit (Melee): Calimir’s Hide Grip has been added to Daggle Ironshaper’s inventory.
  • Pawnbrokers around Istaria now sell a Junk Dealer Hiring Permit that will allow plot owners to construct and hire a Junk Dealer.
  • Emblem: For Sale has been added to Geoff. This emblem will give you rotating icon above your head to indicate you have items for sale.
  • Shoulder Kwellen pets have been added to Alistair in New Brommel.
  • Grizelian now offers a revamped Primal Master quest series for players who have not previously completed it.
  • Chiconis Junk Dealer Stervineth will properly call you by your right adventure school (and not Dragon Adventurer for everyone).
  • Vargas has acquired new formula for Surtheim-Infused Fiery Mining Pick.
  • Draconic Union Head Scale now uses Maggot Chews instead of Festival Tickets to produce tech kits.

World and Graphics

  • Dryad wings have been revisited and given a facelift in their textures. They are now double the original resolution and are vastly improved in quality.
  • Ten new Dryad wing textures have been added - four unique designs in total, two of which have four coloration variations each.
  • Dragons now have a new type of spotted marking, similar to a koi fish.
  • Dragons have gained a new appearance option; Accents. These options are softer markings covering a larger part of a dragon’s body, layered underneath the main decal.
  • The Wizard Hat icon now takes 6 blocks in inventory instead of 4.
  • Dragons have received a grand total of 4 new head styles!
    • Ram horn, a player-submitted headstyle. Thank you Scaleeth!
    • Rhino, winning entry from our fall festival contest. Thank you Deathwind!
    • Beard, winning entry from our fall festival contest. Thank you A Tulan/Noctyrn!
    • Double Ram, winning entry from our fall festival contest. Thank you Vrikshar!
  • In addition to new head styles, the dragon “Bulldog” head has been adjusted and fixed up to be higher quality and more in line with the other head models. (Thank you, Scaleeth!)
  • Slight adjustments have been made to the dragon “pounce” emote to prevent eyes from popping out of some skulls.
  • Various Fiery Rift-related items now have unique icons - Stone of Seeking and its associated formula, Semblance of Fire, Potion of Memories and its formula / augmentation, and Memory of a Lost Elder.
  • Ahala’s Sweet Brew formula and augmentation now have unique icons.
  • The augmentation from Distract I through III, Defense I, now utilizes a more appropriate icon.
  • All augmentations from epic weapons and armor have received an update in coloration to be more visible; debuffs are a yellow-red, while buffs are a green-blue.
  • Epic abilities from allies and other sources now are blue-green instead of regular ability coloration to be more visible.
  • The augmentations Reklar’s Winds of Fury, The Queen’s Blood, The Queen’s Strength, Thundering Strike, Demonskin Armor, Strength of Virrak, Thunderstruck, Bloodbath, and Leech now all have new unique icons.
  • Orange Stance and Primalist Stance now have icons that match their stance effects.
  • Primalist Stance and Shielded Stance’s effect is now recolored to be a much more bright cyan.
  • Soldier’s Stance and Armored Stance now use a new unique white ground effect instead of reusing previous stances.
  • Numerous bodies of water around Istaria now have names.  Thanks to all of you who submitted suggestions!
  • Master Dragon Crafter’s scales now have unique icons.
  • Hooded Fashion Shirts (ie Dark Forest Shirt) (and Tech Kit)) will now occlude hair, Armguards and Helmets from appearing and clipping through.
  • Long Sleeved Fashion Shirts/Robes/Coats (and any with available tech kit) will now occlude Armguards, Bracers/Wristbands and Gauntlets from appearing.
  • Short Sleeved Fashion Shirts/Robes/Coats (and any with available tech kit) will now occlude Armguards from appearing. Sleeveless shirts are unchanged.
  • Kion Dress Shirt, New Rachival Work Shirt occludes Armguards, Bracers/Wristbands and Gauntlets from appearing.
  • All broken jewelry pieces now have their own unique icons tinted to their respective tier to be better distinguished from one another.
  • Metal Nuggets and Scale Hardeners (for broken items) now also have their own icons and tints.
  • Shaloth the Myloc Queen no longer uses the wrong texture
  • Prototype Fiery Defense Device no longer equips to left palm. It can now be used from inventory or hotkey.
  • Buy Price on Pawnbrokers (Player Plots) adjusted:
    • Buy Prices from Pawnbrokers in Racial Cities are 0.20%. This change mainly adjusts T1 - T3 Pawnbrokers getting a fair price, comparable to City Pawnbrokers.
    • Tier T4 - T5 pawnbrokers will also gain a slight increase: T1 0.125% to 0.20%, T2 0.150% to 0.21%, T3 0.175% to 0.22%, T4 0.200% to 0.23%, T5 0.225% to 0.24%, T6 Unchanged 0.25%
  • Sokdelak expanded on Sokdelak Mines which includes T4 Crystal Shaping chamber, T4 Essence & Spell Forge chamber, 2 storages, and T2-T3-T4 gems, azulyte and essence.
  • Two new lairs have been added to Sokdelak community.
  • Small quantities of Violet Azulyte have been spotted in frozen mine on Drakul.
  • The resource azulyte and any resources made from azulyte now have unique color schemes that better reflect their actual visuals.
  • Master Armor Dye Kit: Azulyte, a new collection of six dyes based on azulyte coloration, can now drop from the same monsters that drop the other dye kits. They require focused azulyte and metal powder to craft.
  • The ‘Bright New Look’ contest winning design, Diamondback Sslik, has been added as a creation option for Sslik. (1 body texture, 1 spiked fin style, 1 leather fin style) Thank you Saso!
  • Mother lodes and Massive resource nodes have been visibly scaled up.
  • Enraged Treant Roots have been given a new unique icon to differentiate them from Massive Roots.
  • Massive Treant Roots, Enraged Treant Roots, Treant Mettle, and Treant Limbs now are tinted according to the mob they are looted from to differentiate them.


Support for quest coloring (daily, lore, story, etc.) in NPC chat windows.
Fix for quest window panes shrinking upon clicking or greeting.
Fix for disabled hotkeys refreshing.
Fix for Kenaf Cargo Bracers on Female races not showing a texture.
Fix for dragon animation getting stuck if an action occurs while in transition.
Updated istaria.exe so it tells windows to not use auto-high DPI scaling (lets Istaria do the scaling).
Fix so that if you try to talk to an ignored NPC, they will still talk to you.
Experimental feature for frame rate throttling - find under Graphic Options “FPS Target”.
Fix for missing pets.
Feature for Local Dialog Trees (future content).
Fix for underline chat bug.
Add additional character support to chat for European players.
Add an 8k scaling resolution and increase max font size for chat to 24pt.
Fix so that chat window saves extents.
Add feature to knowledge book to show number of items scribed.
Potential crash fix for tutorial windows.
Fix so that Ironsilk Plants show leaves from top view.
Feature for Lair mini-map navigation.
Feature to display additional values on character defensive screen.

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