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Blight Updates Blight Delta 309 Istaria Community Manager
August 2, 2019
  • Spell: Cleanse V technique now adds “of Purifying” suffix at teched spell name.
  • Ignore Mysticism and Countercheck Primal will no longer conflict.
  • All Resistance and Ward spells are now area of effect.
  • Epic Travel Scrolls Box 2 now includes Reklar’s Fortress in the description.
  • Minor grammatical fixes in the descriptions of Reklar’s Cudgel of Power, Ancient Staff of the Sorcerer, all tiers of Ectoplasmic Residue, all tiers of Ghost Essence, Priceless Necklace, Golden Bell and Radiant Leather Band.
  • Meosoe will now mention the adventure level 20 requirement to join Healer.
  • Martial Defense’s extra attacks’ bonus damage is reduced to 110%, down from 150%
  • Title: the Blighted can no longer be dispelled.

  • Fixed Ghost Effluvium (T1), Shadow Hound ally and Gloomwolf Claw descriptions.
  • Fixed typos in the following quests: “Hardened Scales I: A Ferocious Enemy”, “Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to Kirasanct”, “The Lone Wolf of New Trismus”, “Lunus Path 2: Acquire a Crystalline Vessel”.
  • Assessor of Soul in Kion will no longer ask you to bind to New Trismus instead of Kion in his persistent dialogue.
  • Quest “Trials of the Gifted: The Trials Completed” description asks you to speak to Krianos instead of Pratt McGrubben.
  • Salt Deposits on Scorpion Island have been unlinked and numbers of nodes increased.
  • Cranberry Bush spawns outside of Sanctuary Bay will no longer used bugged versions of the Cranberry Bush model.
  • Master Basic Appetizers, All Tiers of Cure Poison (includes Primal and Group) and Beginner Azulyte Crystal Transmutation are no longer attuned.
  • Countercheck Primal and Blight/Energy/Flame/Ice/Nature/Spirit Ward buffs will no longer conflict with one another, only with themselves (and other tiers).
  • Lithic Worm Ally no longer reads “Attune on Equip” as well as “Attuned”. It remains Attuned the instant you loot it, as intended.
  • Emblem: Expert Alchemist not given by Solistan or allowed to use (checked for Armorer).
  • The spells Gift of Resistance and Promote Intellect now have their own unique icons, as well as their corresponding augmentations and formulas.
  • Noncas’ Prototype Fiery Defense Device now has its own unique icon.
  • Blight Ward and Blight Resistance Spells can no longer be teched with Bane I-V or Taint I-V.
  • Fixed typo in Epic Armor: Master Crafter’s Epic Cargo Leggings formula.
  • Quest “Normand's Marvelous Invention” is now properly classified as a craft quest.
  • All references to Junk Dealer on Player Plot/Lairs are now called Oddities Broker. Junk Dealer Hiring Permit is now called Oddities Broker Hiring Permit.
  • Feberlock Fungus Processing will now show as a Resource formula in Filters.
  • All formulas for epic items now follow a golden color scheme mixed in with their base type color, and display correct references to what they actually create.
  • Technique Kit: Spiky Ball and Tail Blade now are properly colored like an adventure technique.
  • Reklar’s Tower Shield, Demon’s Aegis, and Surtheim-Infused Fiery Mining Pick now have icons that reflect their actual visuals.
  • Key Formulas are now properly purple for gadgets instead of green for resources.
  • Gift of Velocity and Gift of Toughness, their augmentations, and formulas are now properly colored for primal and life skills respectively.
  • Myloc Queen Ally, Myloc Ally, and Lithic Worm Ally now have fitting icons. (Shaloth’s was updated to fit her new model)
  • Reklar’s Wing Membrane now has a chance to drop alongside Plague Essence.
  • Rusty Army Knife now counts as an Istarian Army Knife when using Intuition and also now caps Intuition at 225 (up from 100).
  • Karane, the Sleeper, and Valkoth are now referred to consistently by the proper gender pronoun. (She, she, and he respectively)
  • Added a ‘the’ to the item name “Shard of the Riftrender”.
  • KnoC’s 2-Handed Sword Specialization II-V (summoned weapon) now does 2 handed animation in combat.
  • Harro:
    • Condemned plots have been straightened and extended
    • Certain lairs have been expanded where possible
    • Decorations added
    • The Blight is creeping closer to Harro, endangering its habitants... (area between Harro Gate and Tower of Atta-nuk has become more blighted)
  • Boss monsters need 6 minute despawn / loot timer instead of 3 minutes
  • Dragon Tool Claws can now be dyed.
  • Residue Essence of Elial is now known as Frozen Blood of Elial.
  • All epic display drops (severed heads, Valkor’s shield, etc) now have unique icons.
  • Dusk Wolves will now properly drop a Dusk Wolf Skull (instead of a Jade Wolf Skull) and have a chance to drop 2 fangs instead of 1. Treasure table fixed.
  • Azulyte dyes now properly amend their color name to the beginning of dyed scales.
  • Common Papyrus Plant spawns at Lakes of Crystal Tears have been unlinked.
  • Myloc Rune technique kits:
    • Myloc Veteran Rune and Myloc Hierophant Rune can now be applied to t5 bracelets and foreleg scales. They now also add postfix: “of the Veteran”, “of the Hierophant”.
    • Myloc Veteran Rune and Myloc Hierophant Rune damage shield is now known as “Myloc’s Retribution”.
    • Myloc Veteran Rune and Myloc Hierophant Rune aren’t attuned on creation anymore and can be traded. They still attune the item when applied.
  • Junk Dealer Hiring Permit is now called Oddities Broker Hiring Permit.
  • Junk Dealer, on Player Plot/Lairs, are now called Oddities Broker.
  • Trading a non-junk/hoard item will no longer cause NPC to list items in trade window feedback.
    • Note you will need to Deactivate and re-Activate the NPC for these changes to take effect.
  • “Master Ambrosia” is now called “Epic Food: Ambrosia of the Gods”
  • “<Component name> Component” formulas are now called “Epic Component: <Component name>”
  • Some Elves’ emotes got their gender fixed.
  • New Vassarak:
    • Added resources: tomato plants, pepper plants, bananas, grapes, avocados
    • Vaultkeeper Ssarth, Consigner Jane Cob, Oddity Broker Arghoos have moved into the village

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