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Live Updates Live Client 399.45.0 Istaria Community Manager
November 13, 2019

Game World:


  • Changed the flowing lava sound to sound less wet and more realistic
  • Seasonal effects have been reduced to a few weeks around corresponding holidays to avoid oversaturation.
  • The Flame Elemental Ally now has its own unique cohesive look rather than borrowing the shaders of mobs.


  • Dragon Trainees in New Trismus are no longer just heads.
  • Underwater effect is less flashy
  • Special effect models not working
  • Myloc Queen texture is now higher quality.
  • Draconic Union Head Scale texture has been slightly modified to fit in with the graphical style of the game.
  • Problems with Select Last Target working consistently



  • Support and Discord links after login.
  • Junk Hoard Buttons in Trade Window.
  • Gather from distance resource.
  • Quest windows mods.
  • Create a water ripple effect when player steps on water.
  • New command /printVersion for seeing what version you are running.
  • Some lights should always be on (world beacons, etc.).
  • The Sit action button now lets you select which type of sit you’d like to do (including sleeping)
  • Improved FPS in most situations due to additional optimization.
  • Dragon Adventurer has new Character Sheet icon, launcher icon, and level up effect
  • Allow stop/cancel action to abort a recall
  • Allow permanent lights (for use as beacons at night)
  • Added /report command to menu and added right click report. The report command sends in your latest chat logs directly to the developers to better assist in reporting cases that involve player communication. Support tickets must still be opened to follow up on reports.
  • Max camera zoom distance from character has been upped to be 50m (from 25m).
  • Added invite to chat / group to channel player list, guild member list, and player search window
  • The cow mesh has been improved and their heads no longer expand when they breathe.
  • Support for creating a water effect when player steps in or on water.
  • New tech to allow single destination teleport window to have custom graphics (for future content).
  • Dragons now have a new ‘greet’ animation for /hello. The old greet has been renamed to /wave, and both utilize new sound mixes unique to the emotes.
  • The quest log now has 'expand all' and ‘collapse all' buttons.
  • Select Nearest Resource


  • Fix for Lair Map when plot is rotated.
  • Allow camera to move closer to characters when zooming in (before switching to first person).
  • Non Bosses showing up in boss window.
  • Boss Window Position.
  • Controls will no longer get stuck if you alt-tab out of the game too quickly.
  • The head will no longer incorrectly turn with the camera during the sleeping emote.
  • Other players will now animate at the correct speed (no more running too slowly and walking too quickly).
  • Other player hatchlings will no longer sink into the ground while moving on top of non-terrain objects and lairs.
  • Players will no longer visibly slow-walk sink into the ground when moving on certain non-terrain objects.
  • Players will no longer disappear under certain circumstances inside lairs and other underground areas.
  • Players will no longer become stuck in emotes (like dragon statue) if they start moving during the emote.
  • The mouse pointer is no longer offset and works correctly in maximized windowed mode.
  • Instance NPC floating in some cases
  • Fix invisibility, floating above teleporters, sinking into teleporters, and others
  • Fix for always load structures not always loading (when object fade is enabled)
  • CHANGE: When object fade was enabled, objects always created their own shader (rather than shared shaders). Tested with no issues, but watch if this should be rolled back.
  • Resolved issues with objects that should always load so they don’t fade in (they should pop at fog distance)
  • he inventory and trade window filter button toggles should now properly function.
  • The inventory window now has filters for items with requirements met and that are scribed, similar to trade windows.
  • The claw textures for dragons should no longer bleed onto their palms or ankles.
  • Fixed some issues selecting plot structures.
  • Delete/Split buttons/options have been hidden from plot windows as they never functioned.
  • Increased the line spacing in floating names.
  • Large lava pools in volcanic zones, such as that directly south of Dralk, no longer have invisible lava.
  • Corrected various issues with custom loading screens.

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