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Blight Updates Blight Client 400.7.0 Istaria Community Manager
November 20, 2019



  • Most of the quest window’s sorting icons have been redone for legibility and cohesion. The ‘All’ button is now an infinity symbol instead of text, and the ‘toggled’ version is properly sized and displays correctly.
  • New idle action state for collapse animation. Will be used in future content.
  • New idle actions depending on quest completed and how NPC reset to original pos and rot. Will be used for future content.
  • The shopping list window has had a few changes - you can now enter batch values up to 9999, the column for batches is labelled ‘Batches’, the batch amount box now visibly shows it is able to be typed into, and the alternating row color matches existing windows (less intense blue).




  • New script cache system to improve loading times


  • Some bows would not show weapon dye kits applied
  • Add “<owner’s name> Pet” below pet's name to avoid confusion between monsters / pets


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