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Blight Updates Blight Testing: The Fate of Tazoon Istaria Community Manager
January 3, 2020

The Fate of Tazoon

The next update has been released to the testing shard Blight. If you'd like to preview the update and help with testing, please be sure to send in a ticket on any issues or let us know in Discord

Tazoon, once the shining seat of the Empire of Istaria and a symbol of cooperation amongst the Living Races, has been devastated by a calamity. 

A pall of destruction and death hangs over the city and the lands surrounding it. Into this, a new force has emerged which stands at odds with the Empire and, according to those who fled the ruins, has killed or captured many within the walls.  It is now up to the Gifted to investigate, protect and strike back at this new enemy who has sown confusion and destruction in the heart of the Empire.

Those who are interested in this story should speak with Captain Bixben Lindnottin in New Rachival.

Additions, Changes and Fixes (in no particular order)

  • Small decoration added to New Vassarak village
  • Lighthouses are now decorated
  • Updated all tiers of Crystallized Brick formula. They were all set to 1 stoneworking skill required.  They are now 1, 400 and 800
  • New structures added to player plots:
    • Small House Style 7 (gnomian)
    • Medium House Style 6 (gnomian)
    • Banner: Fire Claws
    • Banner: Lunus 1
    • Banner: Lunus 2
    • Beginner, Journeyman, Expert Crystalshaping Workshops
    • Turtle Pond
    • Ant Farm
    • Bird Bath
    • Phoenix Bath
    • Butterflies
    • Stone Flooring Rough Autumn Grass all sizes
    • Stone Flooring Spotty Autumn Grass all sizes
    • Stone Statue: A Bright New Look Thinking Sslik
    • Ice Statue: A Bright New Look Thinking Sslik
    • Signposts: Human, Sslik, Saris, Half-Giant, Fiendish, Dragon Lunus, Dragon Helian. Sign templates can be bought from Imperial Pawnbrokers. To add your custom text, click “Set Title of Structure” and enter your text. To start a new line, use “\n” in front of the word that will start a new line.
    • Banner: Imperial Army
    • Ambirannis' Sacrifice Memorial Statue - Square Base
    • Ambirannis' Sacrifice Memorial Statue - Octagonal Base
    • Trophy: Welger Banner
  • Relstaroth and Halindrass have acquired formulas for Inactive Workshop Crystal Shaper
  • New structures added to player lairs:
    • T4 Helian and Lunus Taverns, T6 Helian and Lunus Taverns
    • Lair Mural Esh the Mind Lasher
    • Lair Mural Storm’s Shadow
    • Lair Mural Seliena the Brilliant
    • Lair Mural Shadow Dragon
    • Lair Mural Lem the Cold & Kaa the Shade
    • Lair T0 Chamber - Ambirannis' Sacrifice Memorial Chamber
    • Lair Signs: Helian and Lunus variations of lair signage can be built featuring left, right, up, down, both left/right, and no arrows. Similar to plot signposts, you can add custom text using structure titles.
  • Fix: Stone Brick texture between two wooden planks in human wood planks model
  • Fix: Essence Leather Construction Canvas, Radiant Leather Construction Canvas, Essence Hide Construction Tarp, Radiant Hide Construction Tarp will now produce novians upon deconstruction
  • Dragon Vaultkeepers’ range has been increased to 30 meters
  • Fixed directions in feedback messages in quests “Breath of Fire: Refining A Useful Weapon”, “Breath of Ice: Alter Your Breath Weapon Type” and “Breath of Lightning: Learn To Breath Pure Energy”, “Spiked Scales IV: The Smaller Chunks of Ice”
  • Fixed typos in the following quests: “Corruption of the Spirit II”, “The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient (Part 3)”, “Drain Bolt V: Field Research”, “Dragon's Gift V: Kaliphar's Reagents”, “Deadly Thorns (Part 1)”, “Deadly Thorns (Part 2)”, “The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient (Part 4)”, “The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient (Part 5)”, “Earn Title: 1st Fafnir the Defiler”, “Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 3)”, “Rane: The Than'kuk Threat (Part 3)”
  • Modify “Town Marshall: New Nightmares” quest so Dire Wolves Gnasher kills will count for the quest
  • Tail Accessory tech kits now attune on install
  • Tail Accessory tech kits now have adventure level requirements: 10,30,50,70,90 minimum adventure level, per tier, respectively
  • Expert Tech Kit: Tail Axe formula has been added to Vrylliak
  • Expert Tech Kit: Tail Spear formula has been added to Vrylliak
  • Epic:
    • Vargas the Bold has acquired formula to create epic dragon tool claw, Dimensional Apparatus
    • Vargas the Bold has acquired formulas to create epic cargo disks for bipeds and dragons!
    • Vargas the Bold has acquired formula for the Queen’s Siphon
    • Vargas the Bold has acquired formula for Guardian of Rage Ally.
    • Queen’s Wisdom now adds 162 to 184 to heals (instead of +200 HPS)
    • Blood Urns are now immune to health debuffs.
    • Elial’s Thorn now has its own unique model, sporting eight variations to choose from when crafting. Eight displays have been created, one for each variation.
  • Motes of Rage now have less health and drop Tier 5 Junk Loot instead of Tier 1.
  • All Quartermasters that sell crafting techniques now also offer socketing techniques.
  • The Wolf’s Blessing crystal is now restricted to a maximum adventure level of 25.  The crystal also offers greater damage and more impact upon recycle/delay.
  • Blight Hounds and Fafnir are no longer social (Fafnir and his spawned allies will still cooperate, however).
  • Total Combustion from Surtheim’s Combust is no longer dispellable.
  • Surtheim and Surtheim Fragments will no longer ask for aid (or receive it) from Fragments that aren’t part of its spawned followers.
  • Sigil of Kaasha is now restricted to a maximum adventure level of 40.  The crystal now has a 15% chance (up from 5%) of applying Kaasha’s Blessing
  • The Disgraced in the Frontier and Eastern Deadlands are no longer social.
  • Disgraced Magus will now only have 1 Bound Revenant follower instead of 2.
  • Adjusted the spawn quantities and rates of The Disgraced at the Spy Camp and the Forward Camp in the Eastern Frontier.
  • Counterspell Magic Penalty can no longer be dispelled and lasts for 15 minutes (up from 1 minute).
  • Counterspell Defend and Missile Defend now last for 15 minutes (up from 1 minute)
  • Purified Essence Powder formula now requires a MIllstone (instead of a Stoneworking Pedestal) so that it is in line with other Alchemical Powder formulas.
  • Quest “Earn Title: A Reel Fisherman” will now properly direct you to return to Ted when you’ve acquired the requested quantity of Trout.
  • Fixed typo on item Infected Bonespur Tail Spine
  • Frozen and Storm Essence now have a bulk of 10
  • In “Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades” quest, Kimitri Rina will take your five Veteran Ghost Vapors instead of only one.
  • The Key to New Rachival now has a hoard value of 0 to prevent accidental hoarding.
  • The “2017 Hours of Frost Ice Mask” (dragon) is now known as “2017 Hours of Frost Ice Head Scale” for clarity.
  • Char:
    • Decorations added.
    • All lairs across Char have been expanded. A 5th lair has been added to Talfak (Dralk).
    • A new teleport pad has been added to Desokul. Researcher Nyjia will attune you to the pad.
    • New decorative NPCs added to enliven area
    • Special thanks to Fenrisullfr for artwork that inspired changes to Drulkar’s Watch!
  • Dragon Lair decoration:
    • Shrine Chambers
    • Vault Chambers
    • Consigner Chambers
    • Pawnbroker Chambers
    • Tavern Chambers
  • Dragon Taverns decorations now come in 2 varieties: with patrons, and without patrons
  • Fixed quest “Sslanis Militia: Storming the Dead” so that greeting Kerrak will move the quest forward properly.
  • Primal Mastery IX: Trophies of the Isles now drops a unique item for Ice Gnawer instead of a technique component to alleviate confusion.
  • Spring Festival pets now have their own unique icons and descriptions.
  • The formula for the Myloc Ally now has a unique icon and describes what the pet does.
  • The Myloc Ally now describes its active and passive abilities in its description.
  • Myloc Queen Hair now has its own unique icon.
  • Baubles and their conflicts have been rebalanced to provoke more choice in which you choose to use.
    • Baubles are now categorized into three categories, reflected in their icons and descriptions: offensive (red), defensive (blue), and utility (silver).
    • Offensive baubles are: Alyssa’s Energized State, Brobbet’s Hand of Justice, Fury of Daggarth, Heightened Senses, Istara’s Guiding Hand, Niatha’s Blessing, and Spectral Touch.
    • Defensive baubles are: Holy Armament of Istara, Mystical Ward of Istara, Divine Protection, and Istara’s Breath.
    • Utility baubles are: Alyssa’s Touch, Hastened, Daggarath’s Blessing, Istara’s Grace, and Istara’s Gait.
  • A new pawnbroker in Delgarath now sells T6 baubles; the pawnbrokers in Aughundell now only sell T5.
  • Danaos in Delgarath now also sells an Armor Cleaning Kit
  • Baubles now use a new icon.
  • Aelia’s Cudgel now boosts healing by 13-15
  • Essences of Fire, Ice and Lightning are no longer tradeable (and also no longer say they attune-on-equip)
  • Aratanosh no longer specifies the number of crystal categories in quest “The Guardian and the Crystalshaper”
  • Sprint and Exceptional Sprint have been unlinked.
  • Exceptional Sprint now gives a boost of 60 speed (up from 40).
  • Heather:
    • Plots and lairs have been expanded (where possible)
    • Decorations added
    • Resources added: chickens, bass, potatoes, and more cows, more carrots
  • The Spring Festival seeds and seed packets now have unique icons.
  • Kaiyar decorations and resources: bananas, rice plant, chickens, sheep
  • Quest “Mining Mastery II: Bronze Bars” is now known as “Mining Mastery II: Craft 75 Bronze Bars”
  • Added Helian Smelter, Essence Channeler, Gem Shaper to lair near New Trismus Store.
  • The Bjorn and Bjarn brothers at Trandalar will properly offer a quest to qualified Half-Giant players.
  • Xarinnis in Kion now sells Beginner formulas: Cut Gem, Dexterity Scales, Focus Scales, Strength Scales, Scale Pack, Tool Claw, Lesser Gem-Tipped Claw, Tainted Essence Orb, Metal Bar, and Ignore Mysticism.
  • Priceless Conqueror’s Scales descriptions have been fixed.
  • Mohs’ respawn time has been reduced by half.
  • Racial Shops (Consignment and Pawn) now use NPCs that are appropriate for each structure (e.g. Sslik shops use Sslik NPCs, Saris with Saris, etc.)
  • Old Moham’s Pouch now has 200 stacks capacity as other pouches.
  • Farm Animal Increase:
    • Introducing: Nursing Cow (more milk), Bull (more meat & hide), Large Sheep (more wool, meat, hide), Plump Hen (more eggs)
    • More animals spotted in: Holcomb Farmstead, Wellston Farmstead, Bristugo (near Morrison, spiritist trainer), west and east of Mia’s Edge, Grayling, Lerena, west of Duskhold, Ballantor Farmstead, south of South Gate, south of Harton Valley
    • “Rich” animals have been added to previous locations as well.
  • Bulk:
    • Resources with a bulk of 6 lowered to 4, bulk of 8 to 6, 10 to 8, 12 to 8, 40 to 30 and 120 to 90.  Resources with a bulk of 4 or less remain the same.
    • Tools with a bulk of 10 lowered to 5.
  • All Gatherer’s Cogs will no longer conflict with other cogs and techniques that add mining and quarrying and instead will properly conflict with those that add logging, essence shaping, and foraging.
  • Added Aytama, a Vaultkeeper, to Spirit Isle
  • Increased the stack capacity of Backpacks.  Starting Backpack now allows 120 stacks, with each Tier beyond increasing by 5 stacks to 150 at Tier 6.
  • Worn Leather Backpack which is purchased from Geoff is better than starting, but less than Tier 1, and allows 110 stacks.
  • Marcus in Kion now sells both the Worn Leather Backpack and Worn Flaxen Sack.
  • Geoff now sells an Emblem: Resident title that is usable by property holders.  Resident title buff is now limited to property-holder access only.
  • Fixed dialogue in quest “Dimensional Pocket X: Return with News from the Towers of Magic.” (Lunus version)
  • Added two daily quests to Ada Fruthak at the Tower of Healing that become available after completing certain quests in the Oasis and at the Imperial Army Camp.  These quests award Clerical Tokens for completion.
  • Added two daily quests to Private Berriens at the South Gate of Kion.  These quests award Tokens of Gratitude for completion.
  • Hubert Hufflebing now offers a quest to send players to Frostwatch from New Rachival
  • Major Antidotes no longer require 10 to 20 venom to craft.
  • Antidotes now require 3 to 6 Venom instead of 5 to 10.
  • Cave Crawlers and Soldiers now have a chance to drop 2 venom.
  • Cave Crawler Breeders now have a chance to drop up to 3 venom.
  • Anti-Lycanthropy Salve and Lycanthropy Ward now last for 30 minutes (up from 5 minutes), have a 5s recycle (up from 1s) on use, and a 25 pre-delay instead of a 50 post-delay.
  • Lycanthropy will now last for an hour (up from 5 minutes) unless cured.
  • Werewolf Bite will now have a 20% chance of Lycanthropy, will fail on conflict, will save on logout, does 50% more damage and now does slashing damage.
  • Imperial Mender Medicus in New Rachival now sells an Unstable Lycanthropy Ward Salve.
  • Drulkar’s Flame quests are now properly marked as adventure quests in the Quest Book.
  • Blagarath the Rift Artifact vendor has been moved into nearby lair with Derasian and Septianus
  • Dryads now have new unique modesty clothing that can be turned off with the command ‘/setpref modesty false’.
  • Correct the footprints on the following plot structures: ‘Decorative Pond, T2’, all variations of the Wheelbarrow, all variations of the stone wall, sslik wall and corner pylon, ice and stone dragon statues, large and regular warehouses, grand warehouse and the fancy hammock.
  • Various small plot objects have been updated to no longer occlude (hide/make disappear) other objects behind them to avoid jarring disappearances of structures.
  • Moss-Covered Club now only procs its debuff on hits (not blocks) and will fail on any conflicts.
  • Cloak of Moss now lasts for 30 seconds (down from 70), ticks every 5 seconds (instead of 6) and will conflict with other flame resistance debuffs.
  • Primal Boon now has a recycle of 5s (up from 0), but it’s buff now lasts for 30s (up from 10s).
  • Blighted Bramble’s Entangled will now give a Temporary Root Resistance buff when it fades.
  • Frozen I is now known as Slightly Frozen, Frozen II as Moderately Frozen, and Frozen III as Greatly Frozen
  • Reklar’s Sash of Fury can now be dyed
  • Quest "Fallen Spirit: Errand of Remembrance" now rewards Beginner Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Sigil of Ascent, quest “The Cult of Telak (Part 2)” now rewards Journeyman Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Sigil of Ascent, and quest "Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 3)" now rewards Expert Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Sigil of Ascent. Players who have previously completed the quests should find their new formulas in inventory/vault.
  • Avaraldo’s Potion of Alacrity’s formula and augmentation now have their own unique icons.
  • The Statistic: Velocity technique now has its own icon to distinguish it from Statistic: Speed.
  • All major cities and some points of interest now have their own unique loading screens when teleporting that replaces the default concept art/current content image. If you are loading for longer than five minutes, the screen will switch back to a random piece of concept art. Teleporting to other areas will still result in the default image.
  • All banners that previously were lacking cloth physics now display proper cloth physics. This may require a clear of your world cache to update plots.
  • The Spirit of Karvanoth now rests within a defunct and broken version of the portal summoned by him during the Hours of Frost finale.
  • Update The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard so that step 4 says, "Return with the Blessed Water and Crystal Flask", instead of "Return with the Blessed Water"  - so players know the flask is required.
  • Eilal’s Thorn will no longer act as a two-handed weapon.
  • Dralk dragon NPCs and Chiconis dragon NPCs got all new idle animations.
  • All dragon NPCs in Istaria will use the new greet animation when greeted.
  • All rock and wooden signs in Istaria have been updated with new font.
  • Hasera’s Disciples armor statistic has been reduced.
  • Morning Dew aura and effect have their proper icon now
  • Medibot, Combatabot, and Spellabot properly show they consume 1 Etherium Recharge Cell
  • Some monsters no longer rotate in combat to face player where appropriate (for example dung piles)
  • Falgut the Slaver, Queen Shaloth and the Son of Gigaroth now have less health
  • Primal Burst is now linked 50% to Gold Rage instead of Ravage
  • Gold Rage is no longer linked to other melee abilities for shared recycle.
  • Redbacked Spiders are now known as Redden Spiders and their sub-types have changed (no longer are they Soldier, Worker, Hatchling and Breeder).
  • The region around where the Redden Spiders spawn is now known as the Bloody Tears
  • Fixed directions in quest “Drain Strike I: Gain The Power Of The Draining Strike”
  • Cotton and Redden Spider spawns were redrawn in this region to be more balanced
  • Desert Wolves south of Tazoon are now known as Jade Howlers and their spawns are more spread out and balanced
  • Fixed quest “Accurate Breath I: Improve Your Breath Accuracy” to tell you to speak to Private Vortis in Parsinia and fixed a broken chat link
  • Fixed directions in quest “Drain Strike I: Gain The Power Of The Draining Strike”
  • Agh'kuk Warriors and Gatherers now have less "nerf" applied to them
  • Added merchant to Kion named Amenath, a pawnbroker who buys manufactured goods.
  • Guard’s Protection Aura buff is no longer dispellable.
  • Shrine of Kion now gives the Aura of Merrasat (which boosts Flame Resistance and Health) instead of the Aura of Purity
  • Burning Archer quests now award coin and XP upon completion and use the quest bucket system
  • Some NPCs are now active guards, with more health and the Guard's Protection Aura: Private Berriens, Ssathe, Shasses, Kerrak, Elainor McGrubben, Renaash, Marie Annis, Gremmora Shieldbreaker, Prawn Golemslayer, Gegnar Aegisslayer, Kignar Shieldbreak, Gormund, Kelna Bronzeboot
  • Militia Guard’s on New Trismus now have more health and some now properly have Guard of the Gifted and Guard’s Protection Aura
  • Blacksmith Trainers will no longer give Refurbished Stone Chisel
  • Scholar Trainers will no longer give Refurbished Fabric Scissors
  • When they can, Outfitter, Scholar, Miner, and Gatherer Trainers now give Refurbished gear instead of Training gear.
  • When they can, Scholar Trainers now give Refurbished gear instead of Training gear.
  • When they can, Scout, Mage and Warrior trainers will now give Revitalize 1 instead of Training REvitalize.
  • Debuff Ensnared can no longer be dispelled
  • Lost Elders now have proper Ethereal Armor and Armor values (they were reversed) and no longer use blight-related abilities
  • Regular Wisps are no longer worth any XP
  • Enraged Wisps now have improved abilities and do energy damage
  • Auto-attack for Flame Wisps is now flame (instead of pierce)
  • Auto-attack for Shadow Wisps is now spirit (instead of pierce)
  • Skeletal Warlord is now larger and has more health
  • Frozen (Ice Arrow debuff) will now give Temporary Slow REsistance when it fades.  The effect of the slow has been increased as a result (Frozen I 10 to 30%, Frozen 2 20 to 40%, Frozen 3 30 to 50%)
  • Maddened (Mage's Maddening Trick debuff) will now give a Temporary Mesmerize REsistance when it fades and will only fade after an increasing number of hits (by tier starting at 1 hit and increasing to 5 hits).
  • Trepidation now lasts 15s (down from 20 to 30s), buyt requires a nubmer of hits to fade (from 2 to 8) and gives a Temporary Mesmerize REsistance when it fades.
  • Spell Barrier now recycles every 45s (down from 60s)
  • Lilden Scepter and Stuffed Exotic Bird now reference Drulkar's Wrath instead of Withered Scales and have proper coin, hoard and keywords.
  • Cleanse V now refers to "Shining" instead of "Shinig"
  • Added a note to the description of Menacing Presence, Distract, and Interpose for players to remain within 10m of the attacked ally.
  • Added a note to the description of Counterspell Other, Defend Magic, Defend Other, Missile Defend Other and Protectorate for players to remain within 10m of the defended ally.
  • Menacing Presence will now have a 100% chance of giving its debuff to the target (up from 75%).
  • Tier 1 chests no longer drop hoardables, but have a higher % chance and more opportunities to drop Formulas, Techniques and Broken Items.
  • Massive Chest within the Inner Sanctum now has a greater chance to drop Inner Sanctum Relics and formulas, but no longer Broken Items.
  • Adjusted the respawn rate of undead within the Blighted Outpost on Lesser Aradoth
  • Blood Shield no only counts hits (not blocks), fades after 2 additional hits (per tier), is no longer dispellable, but now also fades about 2x the amount of hits has been taken (e.g. Blood Shield 1 consumes 250 health to be cast, will now fade after 3 hits or 500 damage).
  • Fire Beetles are now known as Ognis Trudgers and SCuttlers and their spawns near Mount Fury have been updated
  • An Ore REfinery can be found southwest of Desokul
  • Redrew and rebalanced the Platinum Golem and ore spawns southwest of Desokul and near Dragon's Breath
  • Flame Beetles are now known as Hephas Trudgers and SCuttlers and their spawns near Mount Fury have been updated
  • Quests “New Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battleground” (for biped and dragon) now give a Special Coin Purse which grants the player 10 silver.
  • Miry the Acolyte in quest "New Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battleground" now tells players they should consider speaking to Frelic
  • Ability “Title: Champion of the Iron Guard” no longer mentions Life Magic
  • Increased the capacity of the Spell book from 300 to 350
  • Increased the damage of Demon’s Flurry to 58/96 from 46/83
  • Intuition abilities now have a description
  • Quest “Skalkaar Tutorial 3: The Grulet Tusk” will now have you kill one Grulet before you attempt to loot others for their tusks.
  • Quest “Skalkaar Tutorial 10: The Mother Gruok” now gives directions in the journal entry for the Mother Sow
  • Quest “Skalkaar Tutorial 11: Head to New Trismus” description now says “head to New Trismus” rather than “return to New Trismus”
  • Quest “New Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battleground” now references the player as Gifted instead of Dragon or race.  Pratt also reminds players to bind to the local shrine before he sends them on his tasks.
  • Added more spawns of Frosthounds and redrew Kalevala's patrol path to be shorter.
  • Kalevala now has 2 followers.
  • ADjusted the quantity and respawn rate of Slate and Iron near Slate Crest
  • Adjusted the quantity and respawn rate of Slate on Scorpion Island, near Izzon Peak, near Central Valley, on Abandoned Island, and near Snowfall
  • Adjusted the quantity and respawn rate of Flax near Slate Hills
  • Adjusted the quantity and respawn rate of fabric and fungus on Fabric Isle
  • Adjusted all resource spawn quantities and rates on Skalkaar, Spirit Isle and New Trismus
  • Rich Sandstone, Copper, and Garnet can now be found in limited quantities on Skalkaar
  • Rich Sandstone, Copper and Cedar can now be found in limited quantiites on New Trismus
  • Quest “Niesa's Draught (Part 1)” now uses Undamaged Crimson Ravager Hearts.
  • Heal Increase no longer boosts healing by a range but instead by a flat number (instead of 5-10 it is now 5 and so forth).
  • Potency now boosts the maximum healing value by 2x that of Heal Increase (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 by tier).
  • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Hardened Wing-Membranes is now available on Krianos for Tokens of Gratitude
  • Date Bars buff is now known as “Yummy Date Bars!” and has an updated description

Known issues

  • Quest “Battlefield Relics” doesn’t work.
  • The Varan Courier submission in “Imperial Army: Messengers” doesn’t work.
  • Quest “(Daily) Ruin of Tazoon: Free the Captives” two locations trigger at the same time. That does not stop quest from progressing though.

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