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Blight Updates Blight Delta 310.1 Istaria Community Manager
January 15, 2020
  • The Sigil of Kaasha no longer restricts you to be under level 40, but heals for 27-33 HP per tick instead of 1.67% of maximum health.
  • Surtheim's Combust now recycles every 90s (up from 60s), does more damage up front and less as part of the DoT, is no longer a Drain Life, the DoT is once against dispellable, but the Flame Resistance debuff is now a separate debuff and remains not-dispellable.
  • Trepidation will now fade after a reduced number of hits (2 to 5 hits instead of 2 to 8).
  • Kalevala’s Head description now mentions the Iron Guard and a bounty.
  • “Trials of the Gifted (Missing Ability)” is now called “Trials of the Gifted: Redeem Emblem” to minimize confusion and not appear like an error.

  • Myloc Queen Hair now properly uses its new icon.
  • Nyjia’s dialogue no longer refers to Pleasant Canyon as she is clearly not in Pleasant Canyon.
  • You can now properly gather Rough Oak Logs while on the quest requiring you do so.
  • Guard Tarmor has been given a reality check and now knows he’s no longer in the Vault of Istara.
  • The ghost dragons around Char now appear as spectres, ghostly dragons with visual designs.
  • A small typo has been fixed in Ra’nmagron’s text.
  • The Knowledge Window now displays the Create button once more. The ‘Show products’ checkbox’s tooltip also displays a warning that large formula lists may freeze your game.
  • Mage, Scout and Warrior trainers will no longer give a revitalize spell at all.
  • Geleon will now give players a pair of Refurbished Fabric Scissors in quest “Scholar:  Paper and Papyrus”
  • The Hunter, buff from Wolf-Hunter ability, is now now flagged to work with attacks (should exclude spells).
  • Quest “The Fall of Tazoon: Refugees” has been fixed: you can now gather Rough Oak Logs with Dragon Intuition or an Istarian Army Knife
  • Lumberjack Mathoor Danokh will ask for Iron Oak Log instead or regular Oak Logs in quest “Imperial Army: The Defenses”
  • Ambirannis’ Sacrifice Chamber now uses the correct unfinished stage model and is no longer moved outside of lair bounds when trying to plan it.
  • Crafted Backpacks and Scale Packs now give a stack bonus for the inventory, starting at +25 at Tier I, and +5 at each Tier. Worn Leather Backpack sold at Geoff’s/Marcus’ gives a +10 stacks bonus. Starting Backpack and Starting Scale Pack don’t give stack bonus.
  • The Queen’s Siphon now requires 1000 Essence Harvesting skill instead of Quarrying or Mining.
  • Small typos fixed in the quest “The Bones of a Master (Part 1)”.
  • The Dragon skeleton north of Tazoon won’t kill performances anymore.
  • The Guardian of Rage ally formula uses now Ingenuity instead of Alchemy skill for the Elemental Shard.
  • In quests “Elsa Batos: The Bank Vault” and “The Fall of Tazoon: Survivors”, the resources asked by the quests on Debris Piles can be obtained  by using an Istarian Army Knife or Dragon Intuition ability.
  • “The Bones of a Master (Part 2)” now allows you to loot required items properly and progresses.
  • New technique kits now properly display their icons.
  • Various missing files have been found and sent out, such as the missing model in Tazoon itself (an anvil), textures for Elial’s Thorn,
  • Improved directions in quest “The Bones of a Master (part 2)”.
  • The Light of Drulkar will now properly consume itself on use.
  • One of New Rachival teleporters once again will let you travel to guilds
  • Adjusted respawn rates across various debris piles so they are uniform
  • “Andoraith's Dialog 4” won’t be displayed anymore in “Imperial Army: The Defenses” quest log.
  • Feature: Ocean clutter
  • Purified Essence Powder formula craft window will properly display the right tool needed (millstone)
  • Geoff had forgotten to take the new Emblem: Resident with him in previous Delta. He has fixed his overlook.
  • Quests “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Totems of the Welger” and “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Ancient Runes” at the Tower of Healing work now.
  • Guard Shasses in Sslanis and Prawn Golemslayer in Aughundell really have Guard’s Protection Aura now.
  • Coarse Unpsun Cotton can only be found on Coarse Cotton Plants in the Bloody Tears now.
  • Regular Oak Trees will now have the same amount of logs as regular trees of other Tiers.
  • Trepidation, Frozen from Ice Arrows abilities and Entangled debuffs will properly give a temporary immunity after fading.
  • Player structure Butterflies has been renamed to Butterflies w/ White Planter. A second variation has been added with green planter
  • Anti-Lycanthropy Salve is now known as Anti-Werewolf Salve and won’t conflict anymore with Lycanthropy Ward Salve.
  • Added a missing link and fixed visibility to Grizelian’s dialogue in quest “The Battlefields: The Leader's Strength”.
  • Master Dragon Crafter's Cargo Disk of Drulkar's Flame formula is classified as a container instead of a Dragon scale.
  • Greater Aura of Flame overwrites Lesser Aura of Flame rather than having them both at the same time.
  • Feature: minor visual changes to Cave of the Winds
  • Reduced steroids dose to Welger’ daily food ration: they should be more manageable now.

Known issues

  • Quest “Battlefield Relics” doesn’t work.
  • The Varan Courier submission in “Imperial Army: Messengers” doesn’t work.We have set the step to a simple kill: players can continue with testing until we find a solution.
  • Quest “(Daily) Ruin of Tazoon: Free the Captives” two locations trigger at the same time. That does not stop quest from progressing though.
  • Ambrosia of the Gods is broken: we’re investigating...

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