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Blight Updates Blight Delta 310.2 Istaria Community Manager
January 25, 2020
  • Dragon Tech Kit: Tail Blade IV and Tail Spiky Ball IV don’t require Alchemy skill anymore to be crafted, only Dragon Scalecraft skill.
  • A link has been fixed in quest “The Fall of Tazoon: Protect the Camp”. The quest can now progress.
  • Flawless Magnaar Stone attunement doesn’t work as intended and has been removed for the time being.
  • Red Silk Deluxe Backpack Pouch is renamed to Red Deluxe Silk Backpack Pouch to match names in other tiers.
  • Quest “Attunement: Aiya” has a better quest log and gives you better feedback.
  • Fixed description of Phylactery of the Afflicted and Head of Grendulf the High Priest.
  • Fixed a typo in quest “Storm Disciple: The Way of Wood”.
  • Fixed a direction error in the text of New Trismus 6: The Breach.

  • Silver Dragon Gambling Statue (plot item) now uses new texture.
  • A matching Bronze Dragon Gambling Statue has been added to plot structure list.
  • Guild: Yewn has acquired outgoing teleporter.
  • Quest “Fall of Tazoon: Grant Smyth” now refers to Fall of Tazoon: Grant Smyth Grant as “west” instead of “south” of the Ruin of Tazoon
  • “Battlefield Relics” quest issues have been fixed.
  • Sergeant Andoraith at the Imperial Army barricade has a new quest that will help you find a new questline.
  • Quest “Learn to Make Dire Wolf Hide Grips” fixed progress link.
  • Than’kuk are no longer social and use the default agro radius (instead of a much larger one)
  • Welger get far less evasion per level than before.
  • Added more Varan Gaoler spawns within the Ruin of Tazoon.
  • Feature: desert appears less flat now.
  • Survivor Sienna will no longer provide banking services.
  • Ambrosia of the Gods work now properly (broken in 310.1). Holy Zeal! augmentation area of effect has also been increased.

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