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Live Updates Live Client 400.108.0 Istaria Community Manager
March 5, 2020



  • ‘Hoard Breath’ now has an icon matching the rest of the interface.
  • If you open a pouch (or any container) by double clicking, you can also close the displayed window by double clicking on the same pouch.
  • /printversion command copies client version info to clipboard


  • Fixed Drulkar’s Altar having no distance fog effects applying to it.
  • Dodge and Block icons are no longer cut off.
  • Fixed group window so it displays leaders.
  • Remove out of range monsters from the monster window.
  • If a structure is fading in / fading out, then don't display detail attachments.
  • Various small objects no longer ignore distance fog.
  • Fix quest followers sometimes causing other players to crash.
  • Fix object fading off making attachments disappear

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