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Blight Updates Blight Client 400.171.0 Istaria Community Manager
May 4, 2020



  • Shopping List Window fixes to improve column visibility
  • Fixed some effects like Gift of Strength showing a T-posing model instead of the original animation.
  • Prevent macro from running hotkey script while in combat

Client 400.167.0


  • Fixed being unable to move items into or out of pouches that are currently in structure storage.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while teleporting.
  • Fixed issues with the distant fog disappearing temporarily when transitioning to a new environment.
  • Fixed an extremely rare issue where the sky could turn black and stay stuck like that after entering the game.

Client 400.163.0


  • Fixed world flickering near the guard post in Dralk due to a broken lair chamber model.
  • When planning a plot, adjust new structure position so it is always within plot boundary
  • Experimental code - increase rate of real shadow updates
  • Big fixes for the environment system which manages lighting, the sky and so on. Fixes issues like white flashes when entering new areas (like underground lairs), lights and fog flickering in the distance, light changes in places like Deadlands being slow and jittery, lights disappearing for a moment, the sky not animating properly, and more!

Client 400.160.0


  • The options window has been given a complete overhaul of organisation in the ‘Options’ tab, now known as ‘Advanced’. Various options have been renamed for clarity and had their tooltips given more information. A few options that do not function as intended have been removed for review.
  • Advanced tab: Two new options have been added - AFK Message and Screenshot Save Path.
  • Camera Tab: New option - Field of View slider for third person. It ranges from 40 to 140 degrees in increments of 10 degrees.. The variations of Active Head Movement and Show Weapons/Tools In Hands options are now shown as dropdowns rather than multiple checkboxes.
  • Audio Tab: New option - Mute Emotes. This disables all sound from emotes, regardless of who sends it.
  • Add dropdown to Options window for Active Head Movement and Show Weapons/Tools in Hand
  • Optimizations to the character texture world cache to prevent unnecessary disk usage.


  • The smaller Skulk hut will no longer have a floating piece of geometry and the roof slats are properly partially transparent.
  • Fixed the various log files having garbage characters in them if a message was above a certain length.
  • Fixed a serious memory leak usually found around New Rachival  / Tazoon. Memory usage optimisations are still a work in progress and more work is being done - out of memory crashes should be significantly reduced everywhere now.
  • Fixed a few other minor memory leaks which would add up over a significant amount of playtime.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur during game shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue that contributes to possible stuttering during loading of npcs/monsters.
  • Fixed cloth/leather/flag pieces falling from structures when cloth simulation is enabled.
  • Disabled object fading as it doesn’t work properly and can cause bugs like invisible lair pieces. Object fading will become available later once it’s confirmed it works reliably.
  • Fixed stretched textures on fallen logs.
  • Fixed structure contents windows so that they don’t become broken in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the character texture cache where npcs could turn grey until you manually clear the world cache.
  • Fixed the terrain visibly flickering if you spin your camera too quickly.

Client 400.142.0


  • Large Cargo Disk icons (Knut’s) are no longer misaligned on the standalone Cargo Disk Window.
  • Chat Windows edit text cursor size
  • The 'clear hotkey' option in the dropdown menu should not work if hotkey bar is locked
  • Temporary optimization to real shadow calculations to improve performance - future update will implement permanent solution

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