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Blight Updates Blight Simulation Update Istaria Community Manager
April 26, 2020

Game World


Monsters will properly despawn quickly ( 30 seconds ) after being looted
Update how monsters despawn to ensure they are not left “dangling”



  • Allow teleport event to specify rotation so player ends up facing where they need to be looking / going
  • Allow a spawn region to also specify a rotation for monsters spawned. This is used with monsters that don’t move, and need a fixed rotation
  • Allow monsters to have dynamic abilities / items so they can switch out when spawned
  • Allow quest steps to popup a text block for books, scrolls and other text
  • Allow AquireItem quest trigger to advance a quest if an augmentation is received
  • Get partial XP for crafting done using non-primary school skills


  • If the existing structure, or structure intended to built doesn't have a valid polygon for testing, still allow the structure to be built.
  • If structure is built unlimited, then was only allowing 1 to be built
  • Ablative Trigger should fire OnTimerEnd if present
  • Correct feedback message for price / percentages "I'll list your <item name for..."
  • Streamline how appearance information is sent / stored on the server.
  • Correct calculation of damage modifier bMaximumDamage so that it always does 100% of the damage

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