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Live Updates Delta 310.6 Istaria Community Manager
May 5, 2020

The Arena at the Ruin of Tazoon

  • Quests will no longer check the quantity of Challenge Tokens you have in your inventory, but they are now level restricted (T1 to 50, T2 to 70, T3 to 90 and T4 to 100). They now award XP when completed appropriate to the minimum level they can be received.
  • Rewards sold by Challenge Master are now tiered by adventure levels and expanded to level 100. Prices have been adjusted to fit current Challenge Tokens quests awards.
  • T2 and T3 Heroes now drop trophies appropriate for their level. Additional trophy quests have been added to Trophy Hunters.
  • Gudal drops a bounty item that will interest a Bounty Master who has arrived at the Eastern Outpost.
  • All Welger Heroes have a chance to drop a Challenge Token of their level.
  • New T1 to T3 Hero challengers (Expert and Master) joined the arena with daily quests. But you have to defeat all challengers of a Tier every day to unlock the quests.
  • Gudal the Champion will come in an Exalted version once a week to the arena. Prepare yourself for a fierce battle and take friends with you... really....
  • You can now only take one arena quest at a time.
  • Welger Heroes, as well as various Welger bosses around the Ruin of Tazoon, will properly have Welger traits as designed. Welger traits are random augmentations giving monsters a bonus. The number of traits they can have varies with their level.

Armor of the Sun and Sun Blade

  • Tech kits created from the Armor of the Sun pieces and the Sun Blade will only give an appearance. No bonus.
  • New tech kits are available to purchase at the Imperial Army Camp: Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Blessing of the Sun and Weapon & Scale Tech Kit: Bite of the Sun: they will give similar bonuses as the Armor of the Sun and the Sun Blade, but they now take a tech slot and can only be applied on Tier III gear or better.
  • Armor of the Sun Tech Kits can now be applied on any type or armor: not restricted to chainmail armor anymore.
  • Solite Bars properly need a Smelter to be crafted.
  • Quartermaster Bortak Hammerhead at the Imperial Army Camp has lowered his prices. Players who have already bought formulas there will have a refund of Imperial Army Tokens as compensation.

Adventure Fixes

  • Elial’s Thorn attributes (except a boost in Focus instead of Primal) and effects now match Void Claw.
  • Corrected loot for all types of Sandspur Scorpions
  • Agh'kuk Gatherers in New Trismus are now known as Agh'kuk Scouts and drop Agh'kuk Scout Beatsticks as trophies. Trophy quest and quest “Town Marshall: Picking on the Little Guy” updated accordingly.
  • Fixed floating gnome junk obstacles in the Observatory
  • Shepard Dog pet is now known as Shepherd Dog pet
  • Honored Galean Adair in Aughundell can properly invite players meeting requirements to Knight of Creation school.
  • Small Bag of Coins is now consumed when used.
  • Updated Moulani’s Venom Gland description.
  • Fixed a typo in Tashka Lusa's Obsidian Heart description.
  • Fixed optimal Masonry skill to apply Granite Construction Keystones on Dwarven walls in Aughundell
  • Weak Lycanthropy duration is now 5 minutes (down from 60 minutes).
  • Jade Snarler known as Sinth will now spawn among the Enormous Jade Snarlers in the Forest of Acer.
  • Vial of Mysterious Liquid for Minisa got a better icon.
  • Lesser/Greater Aura of Flame won’t conflict with Aura of Health anymore.
  • Massive Diseased Brownbacks will spawn more consistently and their respawn time has been reduced by half.
  • Doc Tarrant in Delgarath has worked on being a nicer person and will now offer to cure players from Tier I to Tier VI poisons. He also sells more items.
  • The dragon-specific technique kits Piercing Winds, Razor Teeth, Deadly, Battle Forged, Rending, and Sharper now show what they conflict with in their descriptions. Their formulas have been renamed to include the prefix ‘Dragon Scale’ or ‘Dragon Claw’ as well.
  • Various technique kits have had their descriptions updated with their exact numbers for clarity. Many have also been given the “[Type] Tech Kit” prefix for identification and sorting purposes.
  • Vladtmordt the Chronicler shouldn’t propose to non Hatchling Dragon to upgrade their Chest Scale of the Prime or Tempered Chest Scale anymore.
  • Ancestral Determination and Verify will now remain on your character if you log out (like other Gift buffs)
  • Allocated Health augmentations won’t conflict with other health boosts as True Grit anymore.
  • Spell: Cleanse IV description now asks for a Volcanic Pustule Sac instead of a Lava Oastic Sac.
  • Wolf Fire Fang properly lists Spell: Cleanse IV in its description.
  • Epic Crates can no longer be hoarded
  • Sigil of Ascent will now block delay mod debuffs as well
  • Fixed the name of the Skalkaar welcome sign so that the Shrine icon won’t be used
  • Followers of Atta-Nuk now have a chance to drop Ghostly Miasma instead of Hoardables
  • Travel Scrolls for the Towers of Healing and Nature will now be handed out along with other Tower travel scrolls.
  • Tamed Apple Oastic can now carry 2 items for 1500 bulk.

Quest Fixes

  • Fixed quest “Burning Archer: 02 - Find the Second Scroll” so that it can be properly obtained.
  • Updated quests “Monk: The Journeyman’s Trial”, “Town Marshall: Expediting Death”, and “Accurate Breath IV: Precision Practice” so they no longer mention Redbacked Spiders. Directions updated as well.
  • Updated directions in quests: “Town Marshall: Crop Killers”, “Ranger: Wolf Hunter”
  • Quest “Hardened Scales IV: The Sprawling Desert” is now known as “Hardened Scales IV: The Lush Forest” and directions have been updated to fit where Jade Snarlers now live
  • Fixed typos/improved texts in quests: “Vandus Confederation: Traitor in the Midst I”, "Vandus Confederation: Unease in Tishlar", “Source of Power: The True Source”, "Source of Power: Astronomical Observations", "Source of Power: The Source of Power Revealed", "Investigate The Abandoned Quarry", "The Tale of Kiatar", “Go Bag Worn Figurines”, “Dimensional Pocket X: Return with News from the Towers of Magic”, “ARoP15 - Gate of Embers: Harness the Energy for the Spell of Pathfinding”, “ARoP16 - Gate of Embers: Ellean's Story Part Three”, “ARoP17 - Ritual of Journey: Prelude”, “ARoP18 - Ritual of Journey: Enter Akhanis”, “ARoP24 - Retribution: Seek the Guardians”, “Kill Red Tusks”, “Burning Archer: 08 - Find and speak with the Archwizard Thurid”
  • Fixed step visibility in quest "Source of Power: The Source of Power Revealed".
  • Fixed "Minisa's List of Ingredients" description. Sergeant Talinse will give you a reward in quest "Investigate The Abandoned Quarry" as mentioned in his dialogue.
  • Improved directions in quest "The Tale of Kiatar"
  • Updated quest “Ranger: Fanged Arrow-Tips” to mention the Fang of Mani and to properly track your acquisition of it before sending you to speak with Tyalangan
  • Emblem: Lore Master properly requires the completed quest “Earn Title: Lore Master”.
  • The Aradoth Shipment quest no longer requires you to find a hidden trigger point and instead lets you speak to Barridin directly, who then redirects you to the cave you would’ve discovered previously.
  • The Hidden Dragon: Recovering Knowledge no longer requires you to craft the Flame-Imbued Essence Orbs personally and Tsraari now sells the formula to craft them.
  • Player isn’t sent to Tazoon anymore to visit Jynasix in quest “ARoP04 - Scale of Ancients - Fashion a Cask of Holding”.
  • Updated quest “Ahala's Sweet Tooth I” to fit recent changes regarding Tazoon.
  • Quest “Rare Foods: Snap Dragon” will now track the acquisition of ingredients for players.  Ssaulios’ dialogue is now “sslikified”.
  • Quest “Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 4)” will now track the acquisition of Recharge Cells and Purified Essence Powder.
  • Quest “Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades” will now track the acquisition of various items required for Joggler Snimms spell.
  • Lisandia the Primal Master will properly take the Ice Gnawer’s Glacial Carapace in quest “Primal Mastery IX: Trophies of the Isles”.
  • In quest “Sslanis Militia: Assault on the Dead”, quest feedback will send you to Captain Kerrak instead of Ssoren after speaking to Sergeant Talinse.
  • Fixed visibility and some journal entries in quest “Burning Archer: 11 - Brew for Sindenis”
  • Quest “Rhagool: Looking for Junk” will now mention hoardables and better prices than regular vendors.


  • Flattened plot edges in Heather
  • Flattened bump in South March
  • Buildable Dwarf Wall Pillar, Buildable Dwarf Wall Straight 18m and Buildable Dwarf Wall Tower properly require Essence Structuring skill to apply Bright Essence Construction Spheres.

Ruin of Tazoon Fixes

  • Trophy quests "Go Bag 5 Protective Charms", "Go Bag 5 Worn Figurines", "Go Bag 5 Totems of Varrantoth", "Go Bag 100 Protective Charms", "Go Bag 100 Worn Figurines", "Go Bag 100 Totems of Varrantoth" will properly propose to repeat the correct quest upon completion.
  • Quest “Ruin of Tazoon: The Ruins” is properly tagged as an adventure quest.
  • Fixed Boiled Pincer food from Dryart so that it will give its buffs (or debuff) on consumption
  • Capture Device in quest :”Imperial Army: The Messengers” is now attuned and will be deleted once the Varan Courier is captured. Ready to Capture augmentation has now a duration of 30s.
  • Go Bag 5/100 Bloodridge Tusks quests added to Mahagra and New Rachival Trophy Hunters
  • In “Battlefield Relics” quest, the drop rate of relics on Redden Collectors and Redden Foragers has been increased.
  • Welger weapons got their damage types adjusted: Welger Axe, Welger Claw and Welger Blade will deal slash damage instead of crush damage; Welger Fork and and Welger Pitchfork will deal pierce damage instead of crush damage.
  • Quest “Taiwen: Reanimating Death” will now accept Varan Adepts as well as Priests. Varan Adepts will also drop Hex Bags.
  • Small Oak Trees near the Granite Hills camp will spawn more quickly and consistently.
  • Quest “Feladan: Learn about the Feladan Protectors” is temporarily unavailable while it is being reworked.
  • In quest “Shau’s Wrath”, Varan Adepts will count for the step “kill 100 Priests of Varan”.
  • Tradestone's Blessing augmentation can be removed by the player.
  • Fix a link in Gebble’s dialogue in quest “Fall of Tazoon: Refugees”.
  • Signet of Varrantoth Tech Kit can’t be applied on Dragon scales anymore as Dragons can’t earn it (bipeds only quest).
  • Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Ancient Barasavian Charm now can only be applied to wing scales, hindleg scales, and all jewelry pieces.
  • Spell Tech Kit: Relic of Mellohndar has now 10% (up from 5%) of chance to process its augmentation aligned to other Tech Kits at the Oasis of Brethil but is now restricted to Primal spells.
  • Fixed constraints of quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Heirlooms of Tazoon”.
  • Jan Elissan the Artifact Hunter in the Ruin of Tazoon will offer another daily quest to players who have completed quest “Imperial Army: The Assault”.
  • Added a missing dialogue line to Grant Smyth in quest “Grant Smyth: Fate”.
  • The Bromeliad of Tazoon shouldn’t conflict with other weapon crystals (ex: The Wolf’s Bane) anymore.
  • Family Heirloom, Armor Tech Kit: Signet of Varrantoth, and Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Defender of the Army are now available at Town Marshall Dezwar Gabbledock in New Rachival.
  • Improved directions to gather logs in quest “Fall of Tazoon: Refugees”.
  • Challenge Tokens now have 0 bulk.
  • Fixed a link in quest “Angwu: The Art of War”.

Known issue: Exalted Gudal can have graphical issues when using some of his abilities

Client Features

  • The options window has been given a complete overhaul of organisation in the ‘Options’ tab, now known as ‘Advanced’. Various options have been renamed for clarity and had their tooltips given more information. A few options that do not function as intended have been removed for review.
  • Advanced tab: Two new options have been added - AFK Message and Screenshot Save Path.
  • Camera Tab: New option - Field of View slider for third person. It ranges from 40 to 140 degrees in increments of 10 degrees.. The variations of Active Head Movement and Show Weapons/Tools In Hands options are now shown as dropdowns rather than multiple checkboxes.
  • Audio Tab: New option - Mute Emotes. This disables all sound from emotes, regardless of who sends it.
  • Add dropdown to Options window for Active Head Movement and Show Weapons/Tools in Hand
  • Optimizations to the character texture world cache to prevent unnecessary disk usage.

Client Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while teleporting.
  • Fixed world flickering near the guard post in Dralk due to a broken lair chamber model.
  • When planning a plot, adjust new structure position so it is always within plot boundary.
  • Big fixes for the environment system which manages lighting, the sky and so on. Fixes issues like white flashes when entering new areas (like underground lairs), lights and fog flickering in the distance, light changes in places like Deadlands being slow and jittery, lights disappearing for a moment, and the sky not animating properly, and more!
  • The smaller Skulk hut will no longer have a floating piece of geometry and the roof slats are properly partially transparent.
  • Fixed the various log files having garbage characters in them if a message was above a certain length.
  • Fixed a serious memory leak usually found around New Rachival  / Tazoon. Memory usage optimisations are still a work in progress and more work is being done - out of memory crashes should be significantly reduced everywhere now.
  • Fixed a few other minor memory leaks which would add up over a significant amount of playtime.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur during game shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue that contributes to possible stuttering during loading of npcs/monsters.
  • Fixed cloth/leather/flag pieces falling from structures when cloth simulation is enabled.
  • Disabled object fading as it doesn’t work properly and can cause bugs like invisible lair pieces. Object fading will become available later once it’s confirmed it works reliably.
  • Fixed stretched textures on fallen logs.
  • Fixed structure contents windows so that they don’t become broken in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the character texture cache where npcs could turn grey until you manually clear the world cache.
  • Fixed the terrain visibly flickering if you spin your camera too quickly.
  • Improved column visibility in the shopping list window.
  • Fixed some effects like Gift of Strength showing a T-posing model instead of the original animation.
  • Prevent macro from running hotkey script while in combat
  • Attempted to address some issues with real shadows that would cause frame rate drops.


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