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Blight Updates Blight Client 400.201.0 Istaria Community Manager
June 18, 2020



  • Updated the Monster Window to allow stacking of health bars horizontally or vertically, this depends on the size of the window.


  • Fixed players returning to idle pose when in combat under certain conditions (your character would stand idly but continue attacking as normal).
  • Fixed an issue where players who have very long names (>16 characters) wouldn’t be able to receive chat invites and their names were cut off in chat.

Client 400.198.0


  • A number of issues has been addressed with changing forms (i.e Khutit form, costumes):
  • Fixed an issue where if you change form and then move, other players see your old form running on the spot.
  • It’s no longer possible to move while transforming (so you can’t slide around or fly around like that which was buggy).
  • Fixed an issue where you could in theory get stuck transforming and require a relog.
  • Fixed an issue where if you died while transforming you might not see you died / other players might not see it.
  • Fixed the player character disappearing for a split second when changing forms.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character’s head could disappear if you look around while transforming / wearing a costume.
  • Fixed an issue where if another player wore a costume and turned on the spot when on top of a building, they might visibly fall through the floor and disappear.
  • Fixed some more memory leaks.

Client 400.193.0


  • Add Tell option to Windows Player List, Player Search, and Group
  • Allow different areas of water to have differentiate underwater effects


  • Fixed falling off objects / teleporting to the surface when in lairs when first logging into Istaria.



  • Allow for monster direction to be established as one way, so monsters will patrol in one direction, then stop. (future content)
  • Allow items to have a “refill untraining points” event  (future content)


  • Fixes to solve problems with sectors becoming inactive / no monsters / no players
  • Fixes to solve player being hit by monster when monster is not around
  • Monsters with patrol functionality will properly move through their patrol route
  • Catch monster shutdown / startup errors when area of effect spells are in use
  • Add item info to action results so that non-combat actions, like fabricators, will display info
  • Update crafting XP calculation and add additional feedback messages for the three types of XP that we calculate: in school and primary skill, in school and non-primary skill, and out of school skill
  • ABS function
  • Updated feedback messages and finalized XP ratios


  • Event processing optimizations

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