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Blight Updates Blight Client 401.12.0 Istaria Community Manager
September 17, 2020


  • Fixed the People Search window’s race list showing strange race names.
  • Fixed incorrect rotation issues on ground clutter (grass, rocks etc).

Fixes to Prior Blight Client:

  • Fixed an issue where when crafting the Batches slider would not reduce automatically to maximum possible batches after a craft if the slider was already less than 50.



  • Updated the default UI layout for new players.



  • Fixed an issue where the welcome messages (“Join the Discord server!”, etc)  could be displayed multiple times under certain circumstances. We’re not that pushy about the Discord server, we promise!
  • Don’t show coin value for abilities
  • Bee buzzing sound on bee hives fades properly
  • Changed how boss monsters are identified for the boss window popup health bar. This change is linked to the delta. If you use the Blight client on live, then the boss monster health popup will not work until after the delta is released.



  • Native support for anti-aliasing. This is accessed from the Video tab in options. Take note that you can’t use DX9 shaders with this option.
  • Item info window shows coin value in a separate color.



  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys could become stuck in a grey and unusable state.

Fixes to Prior Blight Client:

  • Fixed shift-clicking lists not allowing you to select downwards, only upwards.
  • Fixed decorative marks being invisible since the previous Blight client.
  • The item creation window again allows you to create more than 50 batches if you have the resources for it. If you can’t make more than 50 batches, you can still preview up to 50.



  • Metal golems have been retextured to be higher quality and more accurate to the metals they represent. See here for a comparison.
  • Pets now fade when unequipped instead of instantly disappearing.
  • Updated the right click menu order so it's consistent in all windows (Inventory, Equipment window, Cargo Disk window, Pet window). Show Item is always at the top now, Destroy is in it's own section to help prevent mistakes.
  • You can now directly rename an item when right clicking it without having to go into the Customize screen.
  • If you inscribe an item in the Customize screen, the game will warn you that you can only inscribe once and you need to confirm for it to apply.
  • When right clicking an out of range structure, the game will now show you a “Structure out of range…” message instead of nothing appearing.
  • When to right click things in the Vault with the Vault Keeper out of range, the game will now show you a “Vault Keeper out of range…” message instead of nothing appearing. You can also multi-select things in the Vault even if the keeper is out of range.
  • You can now Show Details on Vault items even if the Vault Keeper is out of range.
  • Added a tutorial message that appears if the player moves more than 50m away from their grounded cargo disk which explains how to find it again.
  • When accessing a structure inventory, the "Customize..." option is renamed to "View Customizations..." since it's not possible to customize an item in a structure inventory.
  • Updated how pet names are displayed to prevent redundant <Owner> tags on them. A pet which isn’t named will simply be known as “PlayerName’s Pet” without a guild tag duplicate.
  • The “unlooted” sparkles effect has been revamped and is now much more noticeable on dead monsters.
  • The quest icon above NPC’s heads now scales based on distance, which will make it more easily visible.
  • It’s now possible to pin quests to a separate quest tracker window which will display the quest steps succinctly on screen.
  • The coin value of items is now visible in the Item Details window.
  • The Create Item window will no longer let you decrease the “less creation chance less resource usage” slider if doing so wouldn’t actually reduce the resources because they’re at minimum levels already.
  • Increased the width of the item info window to more comfortably fit large amounts of text and long effect names.


  • Fixed a mesh weighting issue on the stone, gem, and metal golems that caused a piece of geometry to float off the creature.
  • Istara’s Tear now properly plays its effect on use.
  • Fixed the crash when deleting saved hotkey layouts in certain orders.
  • Fixed the grounded cargo disk icon not appearing on the map for players who use the MapPack.
  • Prevented Ra'nnmagron’s speech from cutting off.
  • Fixed several abilities having garbage text in their descriptions (commonly seen with effects that have a chance to trigger themselves).
  • Fixed an issue where NPC fade in / fade out speed could be inconsistent.
  • Fixed a number of issues with pets:
  • Fixed nearby pets redeploying if you equip your own pet.
  • Pets no longer erroneously start following the wrong person when certain conditions are met.
  • Pets no longer duplicate when transforming (Khutit etc) or wearing a costume.
  • Select Nearest Resource command (/snr) will always select the nearest resource instead of cycling them incorrectly.
  • Non-moving targetable objects (like crates) should no longer rotate when attacked (someone had imbued them with mischief magic before).
  • Fixed the human-style shrine’s lighting issues.
  • Fixed the lack of transparency on some dragon statue’s fins.
  • Fixed hotkey editor entries having blank text under certain conditions (like referencing items/abilities that no longer exist).
  • Fixed issues with chat input history window getting stuck, and it’s now possible to close it by using ESC instead of having to always use downarrow.
  • Improved real shadow fps, and fixed an issue where fps may drop while moving around with real shadows enabled.
  • Ruxus and Arbotus now properly show teeth and leaves.
  • Fixed some rare crash issues.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the Create Item window:
  • Fixed an issue when adding/removing techs or decreasing batch count causing the required resources number to be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue which caused extreme fps drop when opening the Knowledge window while Create Item was also open.
  • Fixed the game freezing excessively when opening the Knowledge window while the Create Item window was already open.

Client 400.221.0


  • Add functionality of NPC chat to appear in another NPC’s chat window so that area conversations are more continuous.
  • Change the maximum distance that lights are displayed, depending on graphics preferences (50 to 100 - performance to quality)
  • Feature: Enhance Lunus Banner 02 texture
  • Allow world effects to play at specific times (so they are synchronized across all players)


  • Updated Rules of Conduct
  • Masculinize dwarf emote text (they were feminine before)
  • Fixed the Dryad female idle animations not showing the magic dust effect.
  • Fixed some pets / npcs losing their tinted colours if you leave the area and then return.
  • All UI themes now properly change the color of the socket icon in the socketing interface.
  • Fixed the lava region in the Fiery Rift from disappearing at certain camera angles and improved its texture quality.
  • Fixed an issue where models that have been scaled aren't lit properly.
  • Fixed some crashes that could occur during shutdown.
  • Fixed the monster class in the target window getting stuck and copying to other non-monster targets.

Client 400.203.0


  • Add functionality of NPC chat to appear in another NPC’s chat window so that area conversations are more continuous.


  • Updated Rules of Conduct



  • World effect allow randomness and duration so that effects can have a chance to play, instead of always playing (Feature for future content)
  • Target window display the Monster class

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