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Blight Updates Blight Delta 311.1 Istaria Community Manager
September 10, 2020
  • Wrack is now preventable by Sigil of Ascent V.
  • Drouk in Skaalkar should have his Khutit form again.
  • Rune of Summoning icon looks more like a rune now.
  • In quest “Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 2)”, acquiring items steps for the Cleansing Bath is now  tracked instead of just completing themselves.
  • Fixed the Brobbet’s Burst bauble line from giving incorrect augmentations / not working.
  • Anamandryx now has a proper icon.
  • Moved quest “New Trismus 9: The Mysterious Key” from Serena to Zandra
  • Rapid Fire Posture will no longer conflict with other Stances
  • Ghost of Fesnick and Ghost of Sparcro Ehl`kor look like ghosts now.
  • Improved the gem inlay textures used in lairs and other dragon structures.
  • Title: The Resident doesn’t give a “for sale” symbol anymore.

  • Fixed quest “The Blood-Magic of the Welger (Part 2)” to continue when you speak with Taur-el (after killing the High Priest)
  • Marcus in Kion now sells the Old Wooden Bucket instead of Amenath
  • Sapphire Wolf trophy quests now reference the Island of Ice instead of Fire
  • Fixed new trophy quests to have proper dialogue and reference the correct items:
    • Lesser/Greater Devourer Shells
    • Vikinos Shells
    • Bloodskulk Rudimentary Charms
    • Bloodskulk Crude Spearheads
    • Bhal’kuk Crude Knives
    • Nah’guk Bludgeoners
    • Than’kuk Crude Knives
  • A new set of crystals has been added to Emilia at the Guild of the Artifact Hunters.
  • Updated Shard of Twilight description to match Delta 311 changes.
  • Epic Transmutation formulas now require 1 Orb instead of 4
  • Quest “The Blood-Magic of the Welger (Part 2)” will now send you to the Challenge Master after freeing Taur-el
  • New craft NPCs:
    • Elendosh, Crystalshaper, Dralk
    • Ahassunu, Crystalshaper, Chiconis
    • Lugalkam, Crystalshaper, Delgarath
    • Mortan Woodcarver, Fletcher, Dalimond
    • Davido Farfalla, Fitter, Dalimond
    • Lydia Burdenhold, Mason, Dalimond (new part of city)
    • Walter Hidron, Weaver, Dalimond (new part of city)
    • Ralphus Vorta, Jeweler, Dalimond (tavern)
    • Nudrir Fiddlesprout, Fletcher, New Rachival (new building)
    • Rondo Wisecraft, Spellcrafter, New Rachival (new building)
    • Anni Nimblethread, Tailor, New Rachival (new building)
    • Jother Scrapedagger, Weaponcrafter, New Rachival (new building)
    • Gidge Hammerthrower, Carpenter, New Rachival (new building)
    • Ecki Crescentcrank, Enchanter, New Rachival (new building)
    • Darvi Daydreamer, Mason, New Rachival (new building)
    • Fillius Thimbletwitch, Weaver, New Rachival
    • Macks Cleverfind, Gatherer, New Rachival
    • Elfie Gigglepebble, Miner, New Rachival (new building)
    • Siegmar Rannveig, Fletcher, Mahagra (new buildings)
    • Eirik Ingisson, Spellcrafter, Mahagra (new buildings)
    • Sibbe Jaddvor, Tailor, Mahagra (main building, 2nd floor)
    • Lagertha Ubbe, Tinkerer, Mahagra (tower)
    • Stein Orri, Gatherer, Mahagra (new buildings)
    • Thorred Hroll, Enchanter, Mahagra (new buildings)
    • Tofa Torgard, Weaver, Mahagra (main building, 2nd floor)
    • Lothbrok Ubbe, Jeweler, Mahagra (tower)
    • Venahel, Fletcher, Kirasanct
    • Kharae, Tinkerer, Kirasanct
    • Thazera, Weaponcrafter, Kirasanct
    • Baliare, Fitter, Kirasanct
    • Shayari, Mason, Kirasanct
    • Velasa, Miner, Kirasanct
    • Izad, Spellcrafter, Sslanis
    • Mizumah, Tailor, Sslanis
    • Chipahua, Tinkerer, Sslanis
    • Hakzha, Weaponcrafter, Sslanis
    • Salaqueel, Gatherer, Sslanis
    • Matlalu, Miner, Sslanis
    • Xipilli, Jeweler, Sslanis
    • Kwenya, Spellcrafter, Feladan
    • Darielem, Tailor, Feladan
    • Harhaziel, Tinkerer, Feladan
    • Lavanael, Weaponcrafter, Feladan
    • Nepheles, Enchanter, Feladan
    • Hayella, Fitter, Feladan
    • Nithiah, Mason, Feladan
    • Weatta, Weaver, Feladan
    • Ravadiel, Miner, Feladan
    • Raum, Jeweler, Feladan
  • Barrakhen’s textures now properly load
  • Guardian of Rage, Exalted Gudal, Nazderon, Elith in the Inner Sanctum and the Machine of Inhibition will now use the boss health bar
  • Updated various map tiles that were out of date.
  • Fixed dragon statues standing out in the world fog.
  • Quest “An Ancient Journal” is now classified as a story quest, can be picked up at level 15, has updated coin and XP, and will track acquisition of Lesser Mummy Wrappings by any method.
  • Quest “Engineer: Resupply the Village” no longer refers to Tazoon in the present-tense
  • Quest “Engineer: Trouble in the Rocks” now properly refers to Obsidian Golems instead of Marble

Client 401.5.0


  • Fixed an issue where the welcome messages (“Join the Discord server!”, etc)  could be displayed multiple times under certain circumstances. We’re not that pushy about the Discord server, we promise!
  • Don’t show coin value for abilities
  • Bee buzzing sound on bee hives fades properly
  • Changed how boss monsters are identified for the boss window popup health bar. This change is linked to the delta. If you use the Blight client on live, then the boss monster health popup will not work until after the delta is released.

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