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Herald Reports: Order Order Shard Report: April 2005 Menkure
April 13, 2005
The return of the Order Shard Report!  News covered includes the Return of the Council of Elders, Aroah's Leap Lighthouse and Tunnel finished, the Disappearance of Grant Smythe, and the ongoing Attacks on Aughendell by the Withered Aegis!  Also with a Guild Spotlight on the Annatar

By Menkure Salitis

The Order Share Report is back!

Greetings everyone! My name is Menkure Salitis, and I've been asked to take on the job of Herald for our incredible realm. It has beena long time coming, and there is much to report on since the last report was published.

Before I begin, I would like to make a humble request to those reading this today. While I am only Saris, I will try and report on everything that I can, but I know that I cannot be everywhere at once. Still, if there are any events that you know of that are happening around Istaria -- from a large assault or raid, or even if it's just a social gathering --don't hesitate to send me a /tell, private message me here on the boards, or send me an email ([email protected]), and I will do everything I can to get it in the next shard report.

Glory to Istaria!

In The Headlines:

Ancient Rite of Passage: The Council of Elders has returned to Istaria!

There is a lot of excitement within the Dragon community, as news spreads that the Council of Elders has at last returned to Istaria, in preparation for the Ancient Rite of Passage. According to ancient dragon mythology, the Ancient Rite was started by Drulkar, to test the strength, courage, wisdom, and insight of his followers... allowing them to achieve the status of ancient.

After a lot of work, and finding the right kind of payment in royal bells, I was able to sit down with a few dragons and talk with them about these exciting times.
"as far as any of us know, the alter of drulkar has been rediscovered, its power has seeped into all of us, giving us some additional strength... and the Council of Elders has returned also, they are willing to allow those of us with the wisdom and strength to undertake the ancient rite to achieve the highest state a dragon can!" Said Mist, a large blue adult dragon. "It's an important time, one in which we can both heal the schism within our race and reclaim our past glory"
As for how one becomes an Ancient dragon, no one is really sure as of yet, and whispers abound as to what the council deems to make a dragon worthy for the Rite.
"I've heard one must have reached near the pinnacle of dragon power and have learned all the various masters have to teach before the council will even consider you a candidate" Mist told me.

So far, the Council of Elders is busy preparing for the Ancient Rite of Passage, and word now is that, if all goes well,they will permit the Rite to begin as soon as next week

The reporter tried to find out more, however the conversation turned to how well the reporter would taste. After distracting them with the last shiny hoardables I had, I made a quick getaway.

Lighthouse and newly discovered Tunnel at Aroah's Leap constructed!
Within a single day and night, a massive force of crafters constructed the newly discovered tunnel and lighthouse at Aroah's Leap. Deep inside the mine, an old teleporter was uncovered. However, no one knows where it leads to. I was able to speak to some of those involved in its construction, and here's what they had to say:
"I'd heard of the tunnel," Levity told me, "So I joined the WorldProjects chat. It was bustling, and several folks were working iron, so I hauled myself and my disk to the iron mines."
"Deth came to collect the bars I made, flying them away and returning so quickly that I couldn't keep up!"
As word spread, many more joined the construction efforts, including Malacast, Maltavorn, and Tsilaros.
"Tsil had a bunch of Novian units and used them on the tunnel and lighthouse" Maltavorn told me.
"Malacast and I carried some of the pale sphere units that Tsil made, but the Elm and Iron crews did the bulk of the real work"
With all the people working on the project, there were some jobs only a select few could only do.
"Blondie pretty much did the Kenef weaving by himself" Mal recalled. "It was about 300 bolts, I think"
"Constant reports of progress came from Aroah's Leap," Levity continued. "It finally got late enough that I had to go. I pulled a load of bars into town and made 82 sheets, and handed them off"
"It was such a refreshing community thing to do, something we've missed for so long," She added. And indeed, that rings true with what many others have said.
There still remains the mistery behind the newely discovered teleporter at the end of the tunnel. As of this writing, no one knows exactly where it leads to. Perhaps some unknown island? Or even still, what perils lie behind it? So far, the Empire is keeping silent on the subject.

"Of course, with the many ways the Withered Aegis could sabotage us, a tunnel that opensus to an invasion would be perfect! After all, we'd just blindly build anything we saw to work on!" -Levity

Grant Smythe Missing!

The Head of the Vault of Istaria has been reported missing by many people. Rumors abound as to his current whereabouts, but nothing has been confirmed.

Many people are upset that Mr. Smythe has left his post without telling anyone. Since Mr. Smythe handled the additional sales of stocks for the Vault of Istaria, many are unable to get the approval needed for the purchase of advanced stocks, and the additional vault space that comes with it.

Even more alarming is the news that Mr. Smythe is under a possible investigation by the Empire for embezzling, however no one either for the Vault of Istaria or the Empire is willing to comment.

Aughendell Attacked!

After a lapse of insurrections by the Withered Aegis, Aughendell was attacked several times this month, but the assaults did little to no real damage. The call was issued out across all of Istaria and adventurers ran to the embattled city. With incredible speed, the forces of the Aegis were driven back or killed, leaving Aughendell once again safe. Many thanks to all those adventurers who strive to keep Istaria safe and secure!

Guild Spotlight: The Annatar

Trees! And many of them! They are one of the very first things you notice when you step off the pad here at Back Bay. Home of "The Annatar", Back Bay is an excellent example of what a Guild can do when they set their hearts and minds to the task.
As old as the days when the Newly Gifted flooded Istaria, "The Annatar" hailed from the realm of Dawn, before our worlds were merged into one.

I met Akiyama Yuusuke yonsei, the Annatar's guildleader, at the pad. Yuusuke had been with the guild since the beginning, and was made one of three guildleaders in order to balance out the leadership when The Annatar took in another guild. Back then, as with many other guilds in the land of Istaria, The Annatar was a lot larger. Even though some have moved on, Yuusuke tells me that they have as many as 10 to 15 awake at any given time, and he expects many others to return in preparation for the upcoming battles that lie ahead.

"The name, The Annatar, was originally an appellation..." He said, "The Giver of Gifts... but we take it to have a more general meaning... that we live to serve others."

And indeed, The Annatar has done much for Istaria. They helped set up "The Newely Gifted services" and helped maintain it for all the newely Gifted, so that they would be equipped and have the guidance they needed the most during that precarious time. They were involved in all of the major events, from the initial discovery of the Satyr tunnels and their re-construction, to the liberation of Feladan. Indeed, there was no job too big or small for them to take on.
We stepped in at the tavern, and I asked Yuusuke to share some of his memories.

"Is there any that you remember? Anything that you or your friends had a part of?" I ask, looking up after getting my parchment and quill.
"Oh yes..." Yuusuke says, "Let me tell you of one long gone... he took the long death, sadly... Master Sshiir... He and his kin ssilk Master Bruno were two of our, and Dawn's, greatest explorers... and one day, in the mountains...Master Sshiir found an incomplete tunnel... the first such ever found...' "... we know it now as one of the 4 tunnels that allowed the liberation of the Satyr peoples... but through his discovery, and then others, many joined in great efforts..."

Yuusuke went on to tell about how many of the Annatar had worked as both crafters and adventurers on the Satyr tunnels, as well as their involvement in the Liberation of Feladan on Dawn.
"'Feladan was lost in my childhood time..." Yuusuke said, looking solemn as he remembered. "I lived most of my youth in Dalimond as a refugee... when the time came to fight to reclaim Feladan, you can be certain I and this guild were there in force." "...I was there, most all the time of the rebuilding, fighting in the best friends in guild, Master Grummel and Mentor JeanBaptiste were there with me most days..."
"We had perhaps 10-15 Annatar out there most all through the fighting..." He continued, "...we had to keep open the routes for the crafters... that meant the road, and then the hottest spot, just inside the ruined gates."
Just as with the other realms, Feladan was liberated, thanks to the hard work of the Gifted. As it grew dark outside, I asked Yuusuke what The Annatar was focusing on now.

"The focus now, just recently, is to prepare all members fully for the return of the foe and the battles that will come..." He tells me as we finish our tea in the tavern. "We crafted for months to prepare our home and is time to train hard."
"We gather and make the last of the premier suits of Armor, the last needed weapons of the highest skills, and we train ourselves to use them."

Like so many other guilds in our world, The Annatar has endured through some of the greatest of hardships, and yet those hardships have only strengthened them. It is pretty certain that The Annatar will remain around for quite a while, and be a positive influence upon our world.


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