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Live Updates The Cult of Nazderon Istaria Community Manager
October 13, 2020

Content Summary

  • Though the battle between the Imperial Army and the invading welger continues to rage around the Ruin of Tazoon, danger does not sleep and a new threat has arisen in the sands near the village of Kaiyar.  A cult and a dangerous plague have begun to spread and it is up to the Gifted to investigate and stop it if they can!
  • Long gone from the lands of Aradoth, old faces have returned and established the Guild of Artifact Hunters west of the village of Kaiyar.  New challenges and rewards await those who are willing to deal with them!
  • Numerous new plot (and some lair) decorations have been added for your enjoyment!
  • Baubles and Titles have both been given a massive facelift to organize them and to make them more relevant and useful.


  • Energy Defense and Mind Defense abilities and aura augmentations are now known as Group Energy Defense and Group Mind Defense.
  • Group Energy Defense aura augmentations tiers III and IV now require an active Wizard.
  • Group Mind Defense aura augmentations tiers III and IV now require an active Sorcerer.
  • Group Flame and Ice Defense aura augmentations tiers III, IV and V now require an active Mage.
  • Illustrious Stand aura augmentations tiers III and IV now require an active Healer.
  • Multicast augmentation tier IV now requires an active Conjurer and Multicast augmentation tier III now requires an active Conjurer or Mage.
  • Energize augmentations now require an active Storm Disciple or Ranger.
  • Static Aura augmentation now requires an active Storm Disciple.
  • Blood Shield, Concentrated Blood and Blood Doll augmentations now require an active Blood Mage.
  • The following augmentations of all tiers now require levels appropriate to the abilities: Lightning Arrows, Ice Arrows, Flame Arrows, Spirit Arrows, Group Energy Defense, Group Mind Defense, Group Flame Defense, Group Ice Defense, Illustrious Stand, Multicast, Energize, Static Aura, Blood Shield, Concentrated Blood and Blood Doll.
  • Flame Arrows I ability is now masterable.
  • Updated description of Oasis of Brethil Tech Kits as they can only be applied to damaging ranged spells.
  • Amor and Scale Tech Kit: Family Heirloom will work properly as a damage shield which can process on 10% of hits received by players.
  • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Myloc Veteran Rune and Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Myloc Hierophant Rune now deal unstoppable damages instead of ethereal damages.
  • Bags of Coins and (Personal Loot) crates are now set to 0 hoard to prevent accidental hoarding.
  • Corrected a typo in “Jewelry Tech Kit: Merrasat’s Bountiful Embrace.”
  • Corrected Myloc Veteran and Hierophant runes to be properly named Jewelry and Scale Tech Kits, rather than Armor and Scale Tech Kits.
  • Resilience of Life doesn’t use a Gift slot anymore.
  • Armor of the Sun will now accept Tier II and Tier III techniques.
  • Spellbound I to IV and Mesmerized debuffs level restriction has been removed.
  • Chaos Ward and Chaotic Boon now save on logout, have a 10m range and a 120s recycle (down from 300s)
  • Essences now feature flavor text in their description.
  • Resurrection’s immunity, Rapture, now lasts from 5 seconds (down from 12) to match the length of the resurrection effect.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the junk item, Wraith Robe.
  • The buffs from the Crystal Shaper’s crystals will remain after logging out: Crystal of Blood, Crystal of Bone, Crystal of Heart, Crystal of Mind, Exceptional Shard of Freedom, Shard of Freedom, Stone of Seeking, Void Crystal of Focus, Void Crystal of Form, Void Crystal of Power, Void Crystal of Rage, Void Crystal of Resilience, Void Crystal of Strength
  • Ancient Signet Ring, Icefang’s Head, Head of Atta-Nuk, Kalevala’s Head and Tochak’s Head can now be right-click used to acquire a quest.  The items descriptions have been updated to reflect this special use.
  • Bows/XBows
    • Min/Max damage for all bows and crossbows has been increased by between 18% to 48% (some more, some less) to bring them into line with 2-H weapons for DPSs
    • Fine bows/xbows no longer have a decrease in delay from the normal versions
    • Longbows now require 2 levels higher to use than Shortbows to create a progression through the bow types
    • Bloodthorn Bow now has a delay of 2.90 (down from 3.4) and damage adjusted to be above all Tier 5 bows
    • Monsters who previously had Tier 6 bows now use their Tier 5 equivalent
    • Demon Flurry’s damage is now 70-96 (instead of 54-96)
    • The Harbinger pre-delay has been increased from 4.0 to 4.4, damage from 122-135 to 158-178 and the per-tick damage of Leech from 68-84 to 122-154.
  • Weapon Tech Kit: Bite of the Sun will no longer overwrite any conflicting tech kits without warning.
  • Various Myloc loot drops have had erroneous tints removed.
  • Sigil of Ascent will now only apply its augmentation on a hit (not a hit and block) and will not conflict with beneficial alacrity buffs
  • The Hunter buff no longer has -delay
  • Bane of The Gifted ability will now properly give its augmentation.
  • Minor Imbued Scale of Intellect will now properly give its augmentation.
  • Gummy Power will no longer cap your speed/flyspeed
  • Root spells will now only apply their debuff on a hit (not block), will fail if a conflicting root already exists
  • Rooted debuffs will no longer fade after damage or hits are taken and will grant a temporary root immunity on fade
  • Debase is now classified as a slow, instead of a root
  • Spell: Freeze techniques will now only apply their debuff on a hit (not block), will fail if a conflicting root already exists
  • Glaze debuffs will no longer fade after damage or hits are taken and will grant a temporary root immunity on fade
  • Ally ability, Icy Strike, will now only apply the debuff on a hit (not block) and will fail if a conflicting root already exists.  Frozen will now grant a temporary root immunity on fade.
  • Patch of Bramble spells will now only apply their debuff on a hit (not block), will fail if a conflicting root already exists
  • Patch of Bramble debuffs will no longer fade after damage or hits are taken and will grant a temporary root immunity on fade
  • Ice Shackles, given from Wing Scale of Battle, is now classified as a stun, not a root
  • Ice Shackles spells will now only apply their debuff on a hit (not block), will fail if a conflicting root already exists
  • Ice Shackles debuffs will no longer fade after damage or hits are taken and will grant a temporary root immunity on fade
  • Corrected the Blackhammer Clan Crest’s Technique effect text from saying it applies to spells. (There is no functionality change - it never did.)
  • Removed a minimum level requirement on Enthralling Light’s debuff, Enthralled.
  • Wrack is now preventable by Sigil of Ascent V
  • Rune of Summoning icon looks more like a rune now.
  • Rapid Fire Posture will no longer conflict with other Stances
  • Boar's Rage from Boar's Hide Mask will now conflict with Hero's Resolve
  • Dim Crystal of Might is now attune-on-install
  • Combat Stance: Alerted will now properly overwrite other stances

Adventure Schools

  • Scout
    • Now receives Quick Shot 1 and 2 at levels 2 and 12 respectively.  These are a 15s quick-firing ability similar to Power Shot, but with different bonuses for Offensive, Focused and Alerted stances.  Additional Quick Shots will be forth-coming for higher levels as ability shuffle/revamps continue above level 20.
  • Smash 1 and 2 (used by multiple schools including Cleric, Druid, Healer, and others) now recycles every 30s (made consistent with other tiers), no longer gives an automatic debuff of crush resistance on a hit.  Instead, it has three possibilities for difference stances:
    • Offensive Stance - Will give a 30s debuff that causes incoming crush damage to do 10% more
    • Focused Stance - Will do additional damage (+5 for Smash 1 and +10 for Smash 2)
    • Attuned Stance - Will cause a 3s stun
  • Skin like Cedar is now an active buff with a 20s recycle that reduces incoming damage from all sources by 25%, but fades after 500 damage has been taken.
  • Druid
    • Nature’s Aid 1 at level 4 and 14, a 30s recycle root with a 20m range.
    • Smash 2 is now received at level 10
    • Nature’s Fury is now received at level 11
    • Instant Heal 2 is now at level 13
    • Nature’s Aid 2 is received at level 14
    • Field of Growth 1 is now at level 16
    • Coordinated Lightning Bolt 2 is now at level 19
    • Field of Growth buff now lasts for 30s (down from 60s) but still heals for the same total amount
  • Cleric
    • Now receives Quick Heal at level 2 and 12, a 15s self heal that offers additional healing while in Focused Stance, a bonus to armor while in Defensive Stance and a bonus to Max Health while in Attuned Stance
    • Now receives Istara’s Shield at level 3, a 20s self buff that absorbs 25% of incoming physical damage until 500 damage has been received and also boosts the player’s Block skill.
    • Quick Heal 1 is received at level 2
    • Istara’s Shield 1 is received at level 3
    • Instant Heal is now at level 4
    • Coordinated Strike I is now at level 10
    • Quick Heal 2 is received at level 12
    • Instant Heal 2 is now at level 14
    • Counterspell Other I is now at level 17
    • Protective Stance is now at level 20
  • Mage
    • Mage’s Magic Shell is now a 20s recycling self-buff that absorbs 25% of incoming damage (from any source) until 400 to 2200 damage (by tier) has been taken.
    • Mage now receives Icy Shards at level 4, a 20s ranged icy spell attack.
    • Magic Shell is now at level 2
    • Icy Shards 1 is received at level 4
    • Androgos’ Armor is now at level 6
    • Counterspell Other is now at level 9
    • Perfect Spell is now at level 8
  • Revitalize, Improved Revitalize, and Training Revitalize spells now share only 25% of their timer with one another
  • Regrowth now only conflicts with itself, not other regenerate buffs.
  • Stapled now lasts for 20 seconds (up from 10s), will only apply on hits (not blocks), and will give a temporary root immunity when it fades.
  • Binding Crystals will no longer fade on damage taken, only apply on hits (not blocks) and will give a temporary root immunity when it fades.
  • Spiritist
    • Syphon 1 - Moved to level 1, lowered recycle from 120s to 30s, reduced life theft from 100% to 50%
    • Bare Soul 1 - Moved to level 2, lowered recycle to 15s (from 120s), debuff is now known as Bared Soul and lowered blight/spirit resistance by 25 (instead of 10 and affecting ward)
    • Attuned Stance - Moved to level 3
    • Soul Shock - Lowered recycle to 30s (from 60s), Debuff is now classified as a mesmerize (instead of a stun) and breaks after 5 hits have been taken
    • Soul Link - Moved to level 5, lowered recycle to 45s (from 120s)
    • Allocate Health 1 - Moved to level 7, lowered recycle to 15s (from 120s)
    • Coordinated Spirit Bolt 1 - Moved to level 10, Lowered recycle to 60s (from 180s)
    • Focused Stance - Moved to level 8
    • Stinger 1 - Moved to level 8, lowered recycle to 30s (from 60s), damage bonus is now +7 (instead of +5), has a 10m range, and will do 10% more damage in Offensive Stance
    • Offensive Stance - Moved to level 10
    • Syphon 2 - Moved to level 11, lowered recycle to 30s (from 120s), reduced life theft to 50% from 100%
    • Area Syphon 1 - Moved to level 13, lowered recycle to 60s (from 180s), reduced life theft to 50% from 100%
    • Coordinated Spirit Bolt 2 - Moved to level 20, lowered recycle to 60s (from 180s)
    • Ethereal Armor - Moved to level 17
    • Dissipate 2 - Moved to level 18


  • Baubles have been given a rebalancing pass. Most have been repurposed or changed in some way.
  • Heightened Senses, Istara’s Grace, and Niatha’s Blessing have been removed.
  • Two new categories have been added - Damage Kicker (green-colored) and Statistic (gold-colored). Categories do not stack within their type, but stack with other baubles of other types.
  • Offensive Baubles now include…
    • Alyssa’s Energized State: +5 / 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 spell DPS
    • Brobbet’s Hand of Justice: + 5 / 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 melee DPS
    • Galderos’ Tactics: +5 / 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 ranged DPS
    • Fury of Daggarth: +1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 all DPS
    • Istara’s Guiding Hand: 50% / 55% / 60% / 65% / 70% / 75% chance to automatically hit
    • Istara’s Breath: 105% / 108% / 111% / 114% / 117% / 120% outgoing healing
  • Damage Kicker baubles include…
    • Spectral Touch: 25% chance on hit to deal 5-10 / 10-15 / 15-20 / 25-35 / 40-55 / 55-85 spirit damage
    • Blazing Touch: 25% chance on hit to deal 5-10 / 10-15 / 15-20 / 25-35 / 40-55 / 55-85 flame damage
    • Freezing Touch: 25% chance on hit to deal 5-10 / 10-15 / 15-20 / 25-35 / 40-55 / 55-85 ice damage
    • Electrifying Touch: 25% chance on hit to deal 5-10 / 10-15 / 15-20 / 25-35 / 40-55 / 55-85 energy damage
  • Defensive baubles now include…
    • Holy Armament of Istara: Unchanged
    • Mystical Ward: Unchanged
    • Divine Protection: Reflect 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10% / 12% of incoming damage to attacker
  • Utility baubles now include…
    • Alyssa’s Touch: Unchanged
    • Brobbet’s Burst: -5% / -10% / -15% / -20% / -25% / -30% melee attack delay
    • Galderos’ Flurry: -5% / -10% / -15% / -20% / -25% / -30% ranged attack delay
    • Hastened: -3% / -6% / -9% / -12% / -16% / -20% all attack delay
    • Bachantus’ Hooves: Alternates between 3% and 5% chances to receive a 5s / 5s / 10s / 10s / 15s / 15s immunity to roots and slows. (Ex a 3% chance for 5s, 5% chance for 5s, 3% chance for 10s…)
    • Niatha’s Focus: Alternates between 3% and 5% chances to receive a 5s / 5s / 10s / 10s / 15s / 15s immunity to stuns and mesmerizes. (Ex a 3% chance for 5s, 5% chance for 5s, 3% chance for 10s…)
  • Statistic baubles include…
    • Daggarth’s Blessing: +15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 80 / 100 strength
    • Alyssa’s Blessing: +15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 80 / 100 power
    • Drulkar’s Vitality: +20 / 40 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 health
    • Niatha’s Aegis: +15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 80 / 100 ethereal armor
    • Galderos’ Shield: +20 / 40 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 health
    • Kaasha’s Aim: +15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 80 / 100 dexterity
    • Merrasat’s Eye: +15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 80 / 100 focus
    • Istara’s Gait: +2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 fly and run speed
    • Drulkar’s Gale: + 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 16 / 20 fly speed
    • Kaasha’s Finesse: + 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 16 / 20 run speed


  • Removed erroneous tint from Reklar’s Wing Membrane resource.
  • Removed an erroneous tint from Myloc Queen’s Hair.
  • Every single technique resource in the game now has a unique icon to distinguish it from other resources of the same type.
  • An erroneous tint has been removed from Empyrean Essence.
  • Fishing Mastery effect (from Tool Tech Kit: Fishing Master) now properly applies its gather bonus chance
  • New crystals of Bonus Gather added to lootables. These crystals, when added to your tool, increase the occurrence chance for a Bonus Resource.
  • Large Ice Crystals can now be found on Acul
  • Epic crafting changes:
    • New epic resource called Maltoth Brick has been added to lootables
    • New formulas Epic Component: Stone, Epic Transmutation (found on Vargas the Bold)
    • Epic Component: Stone now includes Stone Mold, Stone Shaft, Blade Sharpener
    • Blade Sharpener, Scale Sharpener, Unformed Scale, Scale Hardener now use Maltoth Brick as epic resource
    • Master Dragon Crafter’s scales now require 20 Taravist Crystals, 20 Ithilium Bars, 20 Maltoth Brick each (from 30, 30, 0 respectively)
    • Master Dragon Crafter’s Disk now uses Stone Mold instead of Unformed Scale
    • Master Crafter’s Disk now uses Stone Mold instead of Armor Frame
    • Ally Plaque now uses Stone Mold instead of Armor Frame
    • Epic Spell Technique: Mental Bane now uses Elemental Shard instead of Metal Clasp
    • Surtheim-Infused Fiery Pick now uses Stone Shaft instead of Wood Shaft
    • The Queen’s Siphon now uses Stone Shaft instead of Wood Shaft. Skill used woodworking changed accordingly to sculpting
    • The Queen’s Vertebrae now uses Ethereal Rune instead of Scale Hardener
  • The sarcophagi in the Cave of the Winds will no longer give Battlefield Relics.
  • Corrected the amount of struts needed for Tarbash’s Slate Cargo Disk in the Master formula
  • Salvaging
    • Miner and Gatherer no longer receive the skill
    • Blacksmith, Jeweler, Outfitter and Scholar now receive the skill at 6 points per level
    • Armorer, Fletcher, Spellcrafter, Tailor and Weaponsmith now receive the skill at 8 points per level
  • Crystalshaper Inspire abilities are now more clear about the type of Withered Aegis (Construct or Animate) they work on.
  • Enhancement Scrolls formulas (all tiers) don’t require Salvaging skill anymore to create Enhance Focus II scrolls.
  • Banner: Gone Fishin has been renamed to Wooden Sign: Gone Fishing to not confuse building Gnomes


  • Zombie Head Scale Tech Kit can now properly be applied on Head Scales
  • All Dragon Tail technique formulas now have a description giving a brief overview of their technique's effect and are prefixed with "Expert Dragon Scale Tech Kit".
  • All Dragon Tail attachments now overwrite each other instead of failing on conflict. They also no longer give an augmentation with their effects and instead give their benefits directly to the scale like other techniques. Their descriptions are now clearer as to their exact function and also lists what they conflict with.
  • Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Spiky Ball Tail is now known as Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Tail Mace to fit in with the other tail attachments' naming scheme, and the name it grants to scales has been changed from "Spiky" to "of Bashing".
  • Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Tail Blade has had its effect suffix swapped to "of Eviscerating" to avoid overlap with Rending's prefixes.
  • Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Tail Mace II now properly consumes itself instead of trying to consume the previous tier on application.
  • Dragon Crystalshaper formulas now all properly require you to have the school, but no longer require you to actively be in the school to scribe them.
  • Primal Chains will no longer fade on damage taken
  • Celestial Head Scale Tech Kit can now be properly applied to a Dragon Head Scale.
  • Dragon tool claws now have a new unique icon.
  • Dragon Claw and Dragon Tool Claws now sort as weapons and tools respectively in the formula list.


  • Cogs now give consistent experience when consumed
    • T1 Dim: 100
    • T1 Dusky: 250
    • T2 Pale: 500
    • T2 Pallid: 1,000
    • T3 Glowing: 2,000
    • T3 Gleaming: 4,000
    • T4 Bright: 8,000
    • T4 Beaming: 16,000
    • T5 Shining: 32,000
    • T5 Shimmering: 64,000
    • T6 Radiant: 128,000
  • Fixed a minor error in the description of the Journal of Galt
  • Removed the double “USE” statement in the description of the Shard of Twilight
  • Shard of the Riftrender has had an erroneous tint removed.
  • The cost of Veteran Experience Packs has increased due to inflation
  • Ishenar the Druid on New Trismus will now offer to join players to the Druid school who meet the requirements (Life 100 and Adventure Rating of 5)
  • Breakhis the Spiritist on New Trismus will now offer to join players to the Spiritist school who meet the requirements (Flame 100 and Adventure Rating of 5)
  • Grumju Freiss, Grosok, Ondomede the Druid trainers will now require you to at least have an adventure rating of 5 in addition to 100 Life skill to join Druid
  • Akhanis, Morrison, Kamilari the Spiritist trainers will now require you to at least have an adventure rating of 5 in addition to 100 Flame skill to join Spiritist
  • Hasera Steelclaw and Turai Levinn will now require you to have at least Warrior level 5 before joining Monk
  • Allanti the Monk on New Trismus will now offer to join players to the Monk school who meet the requirements of Warrior level 5
  • Jynasix’s guild tag is no longer misspelled.
  • Sample of Blighted Dirt now uses the Dirt icon.
  • Thurid’s Greater Gemstone of Channeling now has a description.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of Thurid’s Gemstone of Channeling.
  • New Adventure trainers added:
    • Sorcerer Trainer, Jal Ortai, Observatory Outpost
    • Spirit Disciple, Ahna Gottas, Observatory Outpost
    • Sorcerer Trainer, Ukhet, Sorcerer’s Tower
    • Flame Disciple, Boratan, Dalimond (Academy of Magic)
    • Ice Disciple, Kortannai, Kirasanct (main building upper floor)
    • Storm Disciple, Harn Goldenboot, Aughundell
    • Healer Trainer, Gortannith, Aughundell
    • Wizard Trainer, Karl Noban, Eastern Outpost
  • New Craft trainers added:
    • Arrinatoth, Lairshaper, Dralk
    • Gelok Tan’khor, Lairshaper, Delgarath
    • Aaric Morgan, Alchemist, Dalimond
    • Barton Taylor, Armorer, Dalimond
    • Gard Brownbottle, Alchemist, New Rachival
    • Balto Telblanter, Armorer, New Rachival
    • Talo Spicedeller, Confectioner, New Rachival
    • Alkabiades, Alchemist, Kirasanct (main building, 2nd floor)
    • Philemon, Armorer, Kirasanct (main building, 2nd floor)
    • Kalonice, Confectioner, Kirasanct (main building, 1st floor)
    • Alba Tulius, Armorer, Feladan
    • Hadriana Manius, Confectioner, Kion
    • Alehm'Kirr, Fletcher, Kion
    • Holm Grimsson, Confectioner, Mahagra (main building, 2nd floor)
    • Elendosh, Crystalshaper, Dralk
    • Ahassunu, Crystalshaper, Chiconis
    • Lugalkam, Crystalshaper, Delgarath
    • Mortan Woodcarver, Fletcher, Dalimond
    • Davido Farfalla, Fitter, Dalimond
    • Lydia Burdenhold, Mason, Dalimond (new part of city)
    • Walter Hidron, Weaver, Dalimond (new part of city)
    • Ralphus Vorta, Jeweler, Dalimond (tavern)
    • Nudrir Fiddlesprout, Fletcher, New Rachival (new building)
    • Rondo Wisecraft, Spellcrafter, New Rachival (new building)
    • Anni Nimblethread, Tailor, New Rachival (new building)
    • Jother Scrapedagger, Weaponcrafter, New Rachival (new building)
    • Gidge Hammerthrower, Carpenter, New Rachival (new building)
    • Ecki Crescentcrank, Enchanter, New Rachival (new building)
    • Darvi Daydreamer, Mason, New Rachival (new building)
    • Fillius Thimbletwitch, Weaver, New Rachival
    • Macks Cleverfind, Gatherer, New Rachival
    • Elfie Gigglepebble, Miner, New Rachival (new building)
    • Siegmar Rannveig, Fletcher, Mahagra (new buildings)
    • Eirik Ingisson, Spellcrafter, Mahagra (new buildings)
    • Sibbe Jaddvor, Tailor, Mahagra (main building, 2nd floor)
    • Lagertha Ubbe, Tinkerer, Mahagra (tower)
    • Stein Orri, Gatherer, Mahagra (new buildings)
    • Thorred Hroll, Enchanter, Mahagra (new buildings)
    • Tofa Torgard, Weaver, Mahagra (main building, 2nd floor)
    • Lothbrok Ubbe, Jeweler, Mahagra (tower)
    • Venahel, Fletcher, Kirasanct
    • Kharae, Tinkerer, Kirasanct
    • Thazera, Weaponcrafter, Kirasanct
    • Baliare, Fitter, Kirasanct
    • Shayari, Mason, Kirasanct
    • Velasa, Miner, Kirasanct
    • Izad, Spellcrafter, Sslanis
    • Mizumah, Tailor, Sslanis
    • Chipahua, Tinkerer, Sslanis
    • Hakzha, Weaponcrafter, Sslanis
    • Salaqueel, Gatherer, Sslanis
    • Matlalu, Miner, Sslanis
    • Xipilli, Jeweler, Sslanis
    • Kwenya, Spellcrafter, Feladan
    • Darielem, Tailor, Feladan
    • Harhaziel, Tinkerer, Feladan
    • Lavanael, Weaponcrafter, Feladan
    • Nepheles, Enchanter, Feladan
    • Hayella, Fitter, Feladan
    • Nithiah, Mason, Feladan
    • Weatta, Weaver, Feladan
    • Ravadiel, Miner, Feladan
    • Raum, Jeweler, Feladan
    • Aminah, Spellcrafter, Kion
    • Jahaim, Weaponcrafter, Kion
    • Berkabah, Gatherer, Kion
    • Faariah, Miner, Kion
    • Lephana, Enchanter, Parsinia
    • Hameth Fireborn, Spellcrafter, Aughundell
    • Thodrak Graybranch, Carpenter, Aughundell
    • Hefrigit Brightbreaker, Enchanter, Aughundell
    • Thezzom Cragborn, Fitter, Aughundell
    • Thirrick Threaddelver, Weaver, Aughundell
    • Heldrur Hammerbraids, Jeweler, Aughundell


  • Valkor now has his own version of Multicast called Spell Flurry.
  • Adjusted the spawn rates of Wisps across the world (improving Enriched and Enraged in many cases)
  • Removed Essence as a loot drop from Enraged Dim, Pale, Glowing, Bright and Shining Wisps
  • Dire Wolf Alpha corpses now give an appropriate amount of hide
  • Nah’guk Tamers are now properly followed by a Dire Wolf Gnasher instead of Dire Wolf Alpha.
  • More of the Burning Legion have been spotted on the islands west of Mount Fury
  • Forest Skulk Elders now get Forest Boon, a single target heal, instead of Instant Heal 4
  • The Dryad had pity upon the Forest Skulk Elders and gifted them pants
  • Valkor’s Death Guards no longer overburden you, preventing you from looting the epic.
  • Reklar’s Terrified debuff can now be dispelled, but if not, will give the player a temporary resistance to future polymorphs (for a brief time).
  • Surtheim and Daknor can now drop epic pets at the same rate other epics do.
  • Silver Golems on the Chiconis Battlefield no longer use linked regions.
  • Silver/Golden Raiment of Varran's Chosen can now be removed with spell damage.
  • Greymane Wolves are now known as Greymane Hunters
  • Ogre Rock-Hauler Manacles no longer drop as loot outside of the Delgarath Militia quest
  • Golems and Ghosts within the Bitter Pickle will now respond to inspired emotions
  • Pulsing Blight augmentation is now known as Superior Pulsing Blight and Blighted Residue as Radiant Blighted Residue
  • Reklar Plaguebearer Eminence will now fade on death
  • Exalted Gudal doesn’t have access to Welger Trait: Regenerator anymore. However, daily Gudal will have access to more Welger traits.
  • Gem golems have been fully retextured in the style and quality of the other types of golems before them. You can see a comparison here.
  • Guardian of Rage, Exalted Gudal, Nazderon, Elith in the Inner Sanctum and the Machine of Inhibition will now use the boss health bar.


  • All damaging pets purchased with Ally plaques have had damage increased on both the initial hit and on the dots (approximately doubled).
  • Surtheim Pets have had the recycle lowered from 5 minutes to 90 seconds to match the other pets, damage has been lowered to 250-380, and no longer requires a Magma Fragment to use. The Dragon version uses hoard. The dot is unchanged. The aura of flame dot has been removed, and replaced with an area +308 flame resistance buff.  (Note: a use for Magma Fragments will be forthcoming, in the meantime the drop rate for the fragment has been reduced significantly)
  • Icy Strike, Electrify, Crawling Blaze, and Breath of Plague are now area of effect
  • Gift of Virrak now grants +1208 Ethereal armor. Strength of Virrak grants +408 Ethereal armor
  • Beneficial resists have been increased by 100 to +308
  • Lethal poison dot now has 100% chance to land, and will apply the damage after 3 minutes, down from 5 (Note: this does not affect the monster version of lethal poison)
  • Stone Smash is now an extra long stun, duration 12
  • Major Radiation damage has been lowered to 99-100, frequency 10
  • Minor Radiation damage has been lowered to 59-60, frequency 10

Plots and Lairs

  • Small, Medium, Large Houses have been renamed from Style 1, 2 etc. to Human, Saris etc to show easier style of house at a glance
  • Medium House Winter Style 1 has been renamed to Medium Winter House w/Icicles
  • Medium House Winter Style 2 has been renamed to Medium Winter House w/Lights
  • Added player plot items:
    • Green Marble Bench
    • White Brick Wall
    • Small Storage Shack - Dryad. This structure offers 2400 bulk and 20 stacks
    • Wood Bench
    • Chicken Coop
    • Large Tree Planter Arrangement
    • Large Tree Planter Arrangement - Tree of Luck. These come in varieties: copper, silver, gold tree, with leaf colors: blue, red, amber, green, purple
    • Tree of Luck. These come in varieties: copper, silver, gold tree, with leaf colors: blue, red, amber, green, purple
    • Bush, Grassy
    • Elephant Grass, Green
    • Elephant Grass, Brown
    • Lamp, Skycity
    • Small House - Tazoon
    • Medium House - Tazoon
    • Large House - Tazoon
    • Tazoon Guild Hall /w Shrine
    • Tazoon Decorative Spire
    • Tazoon Decorative Tower
    • Tazoon Medium Consignment Shop
    • Tazoon Medium Pawn Shop
    • Tazoon Large Decorative Fountain
    • Tazoon Large Elf Fountain
    • Tazoon Fountain - Women Statues with vases
    • Tazoon Planter
    • Stack of Barrels
    • Dwarf Cask
    • Hollow Barrel
    • Barrel
    • Barrel filled with Sand
    • Barrel filled with Water
    • Novo Replica - Original
    • Novo Replica - Decorated
    • Bromeliads, Corner Arrangement. These come in red, violet, white, yellow and multicolor variety.
    • Bromeliads, Small Center Arrangement. These come in red, violet, white, yellow and multicolor variety.
    • Bromeliads, Large Center Arrangement. These come in red, violet, white, yellow and multicolor variety.
  • Added player lair chambers:
    • Lair T0 Chamber - Novo Replica - Original
    • Lair T0 Chamber - Novo Replica - Decorated
    • Lair T0 Helian Chamber - Baths
    • Lair T0 Lunus Chamber - Baths
  • Environmental effects on plots:
    • Bee sounds around flowers
    • Campfire sound is now louder
    • Enchanted fiendish tree now has a new appearance and a humming pulsing sound to it
    • Dripping beer sound effect in Fall Harvest Ale Shack
    • Watercourse sounds in Flower Planter, Sslik w/pond
    • Tavern ambience in Tavern Tents and Tavern buildings
    • Occasional frog sounds in Turtle pond
  • The Banner: Saudade now properly rewards a novian resource on deconstruction.
  • Corrected Emblem: Resident to correctly say “Resident” instead of “For Sale”
  • Casino Tokens now have 0 bulk
  • Fixed a typo in Memorial Structure: Saris Soulstone structure name.
  • The Bromeliad decorations on plots now have a limit of five per flower type.
  • Epic display resources (such as Severed Heads) now return a novian version of the unique item.
  • Improvements to small plot decorations that will result in slight fps increase
  • Dragon Tavernkeepers no longer look away from player
  • Title: The Resident doesn’t give a “for sale” symbol anymore.


  • Reworked the end of the quest chain “New Trismus” to give the Defender of New Trismus title ability and to speak about the key solely in the final quest of the chain
  • Increased the chance to loot gold bars in quest “Elsa Batos: The Bank Vault” slightly
  • All of the New Trismus chain quests are now classified as story quests
  • Fixed directions in quest “The Bones of a Master (Part 2)”.
  • Fixed typos/improved texts in quests: “Imperial Army: The Wounded”, “Imperial Army: The Counterattack”, “Essence Harvesting Mastery X: Collect 100 Tainted Shining Essence”, “Dragon Healing Expert: Defeat Dramentus the Citrine Golem”, “Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 10)”, “Granstak's Shamanic Rituals”, “Granstak's Crab Shells”, “The Battlefields: Scouting the Battlefield”
  • In quest “Imperial Army: The Assault”, the Standard of the Imperial Army can’t be used and consumed before finding the right place anymore.
  • Corrected a grammatical mistake in quest “Hardened Scales II: The Nature of Resilience”
  • Fixed Miry's List of Ingredients description for quest “Kill Red Tusks”.
  • Fixed directions in quest “New Trismus 6: The Breach”.
  • Quest “(Daily) Shady Dealings” now mentions bringing a bucket with you
  • Quest “Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 10)” now references a Shard of Twilight, not an Empty Shard of Twilight
  • Quest “Fetch components for Avaraldo's Potion” will now award the player the ability to collect Wing-Membranes outside of the quest.
  • The quest “Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades” properly counts Potato Salad instead of Potato Soup.
  • Quest “(Daily) Acquire Gudal’s Sceptre of Command” now awards less XP
  • Quest “Rare Foods: To Serve Mandrake” no longer requires that you have Mandrake to pick up the quest, but instead will send you to gather it during the quest.  Now requires you to be level 80 Confectioner to pick up (was level 1).
  • Quests “The Forest Skulk Artifact (Bonus)”, “Bounty: Icefang’s Head”, “Bounty: The Head of Atta-Nuk”, “Iron Guard: Kalevala’s Bounty”, and “Iron Guard: Tochak’s Bounty” no longer require you to have the item in-hand to pick up the quest.
  • Quests “Disturbance of Spirit” have had their awarded XP adjusted upwards in every single case.  Coin has been adjusted as well, some awards went up, some down.  Some of the minimum levels for the quests have been lowered (chain can be obtained at level 10, final quest at 15).
  • Quests “Sslanis Militia: Quakes and Disturbances”, “Bones of the Ancestors”, “Sslanis Militia: Bones of the Ancestors”, “Sslanis Militia: The Bloodletters” have all had their awarded XP and Coin adjusted and in some cases minimum level requirements added.
  • Quest “Old Rachival: Engineering a Disaster (Part 3)” now asks you to acquire flame-imbued shining essence orbs instead of make them.
  • Quest “Forest of Troubles (Part 3)” will now track how many Shining Essence Orbs you have acquired
  • Quest “Niesa's Draught (Part 2)” will now track how many Flame-Imbued Shining Essence Orbs you have acquired
  • Quest “Niesa's Bonds (Part 6)” will now track the ingredients for Niesa’s Draught that Giltekh asks you to acquire
  • Quest “The Strength of the Myloc” will now track the Myloc Harbinger Heart and Myloc Hierophant Blood you are asked to acquire
  • Quest “Burning Archer: 10 - Boards for Sindenis” will now track the Yew Boards you are asked to acquire
  • Quest “Burning Archer: 17 - Locate a jeweler willing to shape the gemstone” will now track the Mithril Gem-Cutter you are asked to acquire
  • The Forest Skulk quest chain starting in Sable Shores is now flagged as a story quest series and its XP and Coin have been updated accordingly and in some cases minimum level requirements added or modified.
  • Quest “Lunus Path 4: Create a Statue of Your Adult Self” now tracks acquisition of the Obsidian Bricks, Granite Bricks, and the Ghostly Dragon Eye
  • Quest “Imperial Army:  Protect Harro From A New Menace” will now track the looting of battle orders
  • Quest “Delgarath Militia: Collect Provisions for the Militia” will now track the acquisition of provisions
  • All Drain Bolt quests have been given some improvements in journal entries, directions, XP and Coin
  • Quest “Drain Bolt IV: A Test of Spirit” will now track the acquisition of spells and the Greater Ghost Vapor
  • Quest “Drain Bolt V: Field Research” includes Enraged Oak Treants as possible kills, and no longer includes Mountain Wolves.
  • Quest “Drain Bolt VI: Performance Enhancement” will now track acquisition of the requested items
  • Quest “Drain Bolt IX: The Azure Tyrant” now includes better directions and acquire steps for the requested items.
  • Quest “Drain Bolt: A Special Reward” now requires you to be Dragon Crafter level 100 (but not as the active school) in addition to level 100 Adventurer to take the quest.
  • Teas used in Monk quests works again.
  • Overhauled the Plundered Tomb quest series to remove some of the back-and-forth from tomb to town, to clean up some dialogue, added some side-quests, quests are now flagged as “story” instead of “adventure” and offer better and consistent XP/Coin.
  • Fixed various references to Lower Bridgeview.
  • Fixed a typo in Surtheim’s first title quest.
  • Fixed speech text coming from an incorrect NPC on Burning Archer 13 - Tomas will no longer speak Sindenis’ lines from across Istaria.
  • Jynasix no longer tells you to journey to Chiconis (the city he resides in) in ARoP13.
  • Updated the names in Thurid’s greater reagent list in Burning Archer to refer to the new names for Beetles and Wolves on the Isle of Fire.
  • Hethsa’s dialogue between ARoP19 and 20 has been adjusted to transition better.
  • Fixed typos in Imperial Army: Disturbances II, New Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battleground, and Dragon Crafter 2: Learning the Ropes.
  • Dragons will no longer gather Illicit Goods from regular Loose Sand Deposits.
  • Boltai's Scorpion Stinger Casserole quests now properly count items you’re asked to acquire.
  • Updated the Tomb of Helian quest series to remove some of the back-and-forth from tomb to town, to clean up some dialogue, quests are now flagged as “story” instead of “adventure” and offer better and consistent XP/Coin.
  • Restless Shades across the Dalimond Peninsula are no longer social
  • Tsraari in Quest “The Hidden Dragon: Recovering Knowledge” will now greet you properly after completing some steps
  • Corrected some formatting on the delivery steps in quest “New Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battleground”.
  • Title quest “Shau's Wrath” now allows Varan Scavengers as well as Maddened Berserkers and requires fewer Priests/Adepts
  • Quest “New Rachival Defense Force: Carry Word North” no longer requires any quests to be completed before you can pick it up.
  • Added some clarification to journal entries in quest “Burning Archer: 12 - Find out how Tomas and the Archwizard are doing”
  • Quest “The Lone Wolf of New Trismus” had a few fixes
  • Tier 1 Dragon class quests offered by BattleMaster Gerix in Kion have been given a facelift.  Quests are now offered in a staggered progression every 2 levels, all quests require completion of the Primal Instant Heal I quest and ask players to perform tasks that are closer to their expected level.  
    • Dimensional Pocket I is now known as "Dimensional Pocket I: Training 101"
    • Level 10 adventurer quests include Dimensional Pocket I and Primal Instant Heal
    • Level 12 quests include Primal Mastery I and Tooth and Claw I
    • Level 14 quests include Accurate Breath I and Dragon's Gift I
    • Level 16 quests include Hardened Scales I and Dragon's Reach I
    • Level 18 quests include Drain Strike I and Spiked Scales I
    • Level 20 quests include Gold Rage I and Gerix's Quest
    • Gerix's Quest now sends you to both Chiconis and Dralk and makes use of special travel scrolls
    • XP for all quests has been updated to reflect the level at which they are received
    • All quests now give a coin award
  • In quest “Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 2)”, acquiring items steps for the Cleansing Bath is now  tracked instead of just completing themselves.
  • Moved quest “New Trismus 9: The Mysterious Key” from Serena to Zandra
  • Quest “An Ancient Journal” is now classified as a story quest, can be picked up at level 15, has updated coin and XP, and will track acquisition of Lesser Mummy Wrappings by any method.
  • Quest “Engineer: Resupply the Village” no longer refers to Tazoon in the present-tense
  • Quest “Engineer: Trouble in the Rocks” now properly refers to Obsidian Golems instead of Marble
  • Refactored dialogues in quests “Bounty: Icefang's Head”,“The Forest Skulk Artifact (Bonus)”, “Iron Guard: Kalevala's Bounty” and “Iron Guard: Tochak's Bounty” to match their new way to be acquired.
  • Changes to quest “Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades”:
    • Joggler won’t give Bottle Cap Collecting formula anymore: he already does it with “Collect All The Bitter Pickle Bottle Caps” quest.
    • Cleaned up Joggler’s dialogue.
    • Quest “Collect All The Bitter Pickle Bottle Caps” needs again to be completed to start with this quest.
    • Bottle Cap Collection formula requires now 300 Intuition skill to be scribed. It also uses Intuition instead of Ingenuity.
  • Adjusted dialogues in quest “Kion Militia: Trouble in Lower Bridgeview”.
  • Fix some grammar in quest “Disturbance of Spirit 3” spoken by Ryson
  • Lady Kendra in Kion now has a small connector quest to move you from the end of the Disturbances quest chain to Commander Devins of the Kion Miltia
  • Improved quest steps in quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings”.
  • In quest “Drain Bolt IX: The Azure Tyrant”, quest steps will no longer mention Eastern Deadlands as a potential hunting ground.
  • In quest “(Daily) Kill Sanctum Guardians”, when an objective has been completed, the other one won’t be displayed anymore.
  • Quests “(Weekly) T4 Hero: Challenge Exalted Gudal”, “(Daily) T4 Hero: Challenge Gudal” and ”(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of Command” no longer award any XP
  • Quest “(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of Command” now awards an Adamantium Bounty Token
  • Dragon Rite of Passage quests are now all categorized as story quests


  • Titles have gone through a major rework. Now you can wear any title you wish, without losing the effects of the buffs!  Titles with added buffs such as +2hs, have had the buff moved to a separate passive ability. Multiple titles that award the same buff, each grant the same new buff, so you will only get one copy of the new ability that buffs +2hs, for example
  • Titles that granted additional damage to specific mobs still do so, but the added damage has been lowered on the Welger titles to be more in line with existing titles
  • Beetle titles now grant +damage to beetles
  • Scorpion titles now grant +damage to scorpions
  • Iron Guard titles now grant +damage to Corrupted Iron Guards
  • Dung Pile titles now grant +damage to Dung Piles
  • Eye of the Tiger title buff is now passive, however the +5% damage has been removed
  • Skulk titles now grant +damage to Blood/Forest skulks
  • Fly Swatter now adds +damage to flies
  • Creepy Crawler Crusher now adds +damage to carrion crawlers
  • Spider Slayer now adds +damage to spiders
  • Crystal Smasher adds +damage to azulars
  • Wolf Hunter now adds +damage to wolves
  • Slayer of Chickens now grants +damage vs giant chickens
  • Titles earned from Lesser and Greater epic bosses, have had the buff moved to a new tiered ability, and the buff granted has been slightly increased.  You will only get one copy of the highest version you have earned, but it is now passive.
  • If you have previously completed Lore Seeker or Lore Master, Onyndriss will grant you one of the tiered epic title awards, if you have not already earned it elsewhere
  • Master Builder title now awards a bonus of Essence Structuring rather than Enchanting.

Trophy Changes

  • Skala Crabs now drop trophy Skala Crab Thorax. Appropriate quests added to Nomentu and Gruntour
  • Jade Snappers, Howlers, Gnashers now drop a level 56 trophy, Jade Wolf Pelt. Appropriate quests added to Nomentu and Gruntour
  • Polarized Remnants now drop a level 41 trophy, Drained Fragment. Appropriate quests added to Nomentu and Gruntour
  • Sapphire Wolves on the Island of Fire now drop a Sapphire Wolf Heart trophy
  • Lesser Devourers in the Fiery Rift now drop Lesser Devourer Shell trophies
  • Greater Devourers in the Fiery Rift now drop Greater Devourer Shell trophies
  • Vikinos Battles and Trudgers on the Island of Ice now drop Vikinos Shell trophies
  • Bloodskulk Soothsayers now drop Bloodskulk Rudimentary Charm trophies instead of Pendants
  • Bloodskulk Spearfishers now drop Bloodskulk Crude Spearhead trophies instead of Pendants
  • Bhal’kuk Gatherers now drop Bhal’kuk Crude Knife trophies instead of Manacles
  • Nah’guk Bashers and Brutes now drop Nah’guk Bludgeoner trophies instead of Beatsticks
  • Than’kuk Scouts now drop Than’kuk Crude Knife trophies instead of Manacles
  • Skala Crabs now drop component Skala Crab Shell, instead of Redden component
  • Desert Scorpion trophy references updated to refer to Sandspur Scorpions

Vendors and Quest Givers

  • Ssaulios now sells Crystal Seed. This seed is required to build lucky trees on plots.
  • Ssaulios now sells Bag of Bromeliad Seeds. This is required to build Bromeliad arrangements on plots.
  • Land Magister Burdington at Imperial Army Camp now sells various Tazoon building blueprints to build Tazoon structures on plots.  His dialogue has been updated to reflect the momentous changes to the city of Tazoon.
  • Anarie, Alistair, Vrylliak and Rocznica will now offer to send you to the Changing Room, where you can see all their wares before buying them.
  • Town Marshals will now offer a simple quest to players who haven’t started (and qualify for) large quest chains in Tiers 1, 2, and 3.
  • Amenath in Kion now sells an Old Wooden Bucket
  • Nellisha, Sslanis Vaultkeeper, will now properly upgrade players’ vault.
  • Pawnbrokers around Istaria now sell a “Veteran Potion of Untraining” which, when used, will refill your Untraining Points to the maximum limit, but cannot be used while in active combat. Be warned, however, that use of the potion can have a severely adverse reaction (to your health) and should be avoided in dangerous situations.
  • Anarie now offers a loyalty quest for those who have been in the game for 6,000 days
  • Commander Devins in Kion needs some help with reported trouble in Lower Bridgeview
  • New attunement quests available from Valkoth the Ancient
  • BattleMaster Avariatus will again offer quests to learn about the Dragon factions to Hatchlings visiting him. This will also grant access to the Tempered Chest Scale/Scale of The Prime quest lines which couldn’t be started previously.
  • The pawnbroker Amenath now properly accepts processed resources and states that she is interested in them.
  • Frig Tallowgar at Imperial Outpost will exchange again Antiquated Ceremonial Chest Scales and Antiquated Ceremonial Tower Shields for modern versions. He will also propose to Dragons to exchange a Ceremonial Tower Shield (new version) for a Ceremonial Chest Scale.
  • Engineer Bizzle in Aubador could use some help with the local wildlife and the supply situation
  • The Kirasanct pawnbroker Vasileos now properly sells T4 baubles instead of T5.
  • Marcus in Kion now sells the Old Wooden Bucket instead of Amenath
  • Anarie’s stock of Superior and Greater Potions has run out


  • Aubador has received some decoration and few quests along with new resources and monsters nearby.
  • Added a Millstone in Ssilgoth’s kitchen in Aubador.
  • Imperial Vaultkeeper, Kereitha, has moved into Aubador
  • Chiconis and Dralk have received furniture attachments
  • Biped cauldrons in Chiconis have been replaced with Helian cauldrons
  • All NPCs now properly refer to Ognis and Hephas beetles by their names.
  • Ghost NPCs in the Ruin of Tazoon and its surrounding region are now properly spectres instead of using the monster ghost appearance.
  • Private Marie Annis no longer has delusions of being a Flame Disciple
  • Spirituous Swamp has been decorated
    • Honeybee effect for the swamp beehives was kindly contributed by Kurya. Thank you!
  • Drakul changes:
    • Added teleport pads and portals to Kir’Drakul, Soklifak, Anklet, Faldesuk, Onos
    • Added teleport portals to Pyrakis, Nu’delak, and Drakul
  • Feature: various hydros now play different underwater effects
  • Outgoing teleporter added to Guild: Aedan
  • A new chain of islands, Skyridge, has emerged north of Drakul. Dragons seeking a home can settle on its islands: Marae'kul, Sri, Sar'zeil, Draendel, Jessie's Glen.
  • Ayios and Kateos now properly display their textures
  • The Entombed Dragon statue has been given a facelift.
  • Kaiyar and the Southern Desert
    • The desert region south of Kaiyar is now shrouded in a sandstorm and occupied by fanatics dedicated to the Cult of Nazderon.
    • Teana Pluirean in Kaiyar is concerned about the spreading plague.  Interested players should speak with her to find out how they can help!
    • Stromba Stonehand has relocated from the Tower of Wizardry to Kaiyar to help investigate the Cult’s activities for the Enclave of Mages
    • Some old faces are back to Istaria and have moved to the abandoned village east of Kaiyar: they offer quests and a selection of new items.
  • New Koraelia has received extensive decoration. Many community projects await crafters bold enough to take up the challenge.
  • Spirit Isle
    • Adjusted XP and Coin for all quests
    • Spirit Isle and Penned Grulets are now level 1 (instead of 1 to 2)
    • Fierceteeth the Grulet is now level 1 (instead of level 3), but has more health than other grulets on the island
    • Brown Crawlers are now level 2 (instead of 3 to 4)
    • Quests from the Cleric, Scout and Warrior trainers now ask you to kill fewer Brown Crawlers and use an ability once.
    • Alberha the Brown Spider is now level 2 (instead of 4) and has more health than other spiders on the island
    • Female Grass Beetle is now level 3 (instead of 5) and has more health than other beetles on the island
    • Female Grass Beetle on Spirit Isle is now aggressive like the quest says she is
    • Quests from the Mage, Scout and Warrior trainers now ask you to kill fewer Tiny Grass Beetles and use an ability once.
    • Fixed quest "Scout's Quest: Head to New Trismus" to complete properly
  • Tomb of Borannis changes
    • Adjusted the levels of Tomb Scarabs, Risen Tomb Guards, and the Risen Necromancer down.  Their levels will also no longer have a range (X to Y).
    • Mobs within the Tomb are no longer social
    • Lowered the respawn rate of Tomb Scarabs and Risen Tomb Guards
    • Redrew and adjusted some of the spawn points and regions
  • Tomb of Crankenspank changes
    • Adjusted the levels of Tomb SCarabs, Tomb Crawlers, Risen Tomb Guards, and Crankenspank down.  Their levels will also no longer have a range (X to Y).
    • Mobs within the Tomb are no longer social
    • Lowered the respawn rate of Tomb Scarabs and Risen Tomb Guards
    • Fixed some Risen Tomb Guards that were supposed to patrol to actually patrol
    • Redrew and adjusted some of the spawn points and regions
  • Tomb of Moravvis changes
    • Adjusted the levels of Dessicated Corpses, Risen Tomb Guards, Risen Apprentices, and the Risen Necromancer.  Their levels will also no longer have a range (X to Y).
    • Mobs within the Tomb are no longer social
    • Redrew and adjusted some of the spawn points and regions
    • Tomb Scarabs in the Tombs on the Dalimond Peninsula are no longer aggressive
  • Tomb of Vandus changes
    • Adjusted the levels of Tomb Guards, Burial Guardians, Risen Hounds, Furious Shades, Risen Skirmishers, Torrash and Spirit of Ashlander down.  Their levels will also no longer have a range (X to Y).
    • Mobs within the Tomb are no longer social except those guarding the Spirit of Ashlander
  • Tomb of Helian changes
    • Adjusted the levels of Greater Restless Shades outside of the Tomb.  Their levels will no longer have a range (X to Y).
    • Adjusted the levels of Aggathos, Ancient Guardian, Desecrated Shade, Tomb Crawlers, Enraged Azulars, and Wrathful Azulars within the Tomb down.  Their levels will no longer have a range (X to Y).
    • Mobs within the Tomb are no longer social
    • Observatory Peninsula changes:
    • Adjusted the levels of Warped Automatons, Awakened Mechanic, Project J, Brannagor, Risen Foot-Soldiers, Risen Healers, and Risen Scouts down, they no longer have a range of levels and they are also no longer social.
  • Heart Encampment
    • Adjusted the levels of Captain Nitholi so that he no longer has a range of levels
  • Skalkaar Island
    • Adjusted XP and Coin for all quests
    • Skalkaar Tutorial 9: Spider Killing! only requires 3 spiders instead of 5
    • Viriesia's Task: Beetle Mania requires players to be level 3 or greater and to kill 3 beetles (instead of 5)
    • Skalkaar Newborn Grulets are now scaled 0.5x
    • Adjusted the level of all monsters on the island to be fixed (no range like X to Y) and to match the level of the quest they are used in
  • New Trismus
    • T1 Scholar Quests have been added to New Trismus
  • New music plays at Reklar’s Fortress. Thank you Shawn Badolian
  • Drouk in Skaalkar should have his Khutit form again.
  • Ghost of Fesnick and Ghost of Sparcro Ehl`kor look like ghosts now.
  • Talios the Builder in Kion will now recognize Dragons and not offer them the opportunity to join biped construction schools.
  • Velma in Dalimond is no longer a Confectioner Trainer

Server (Features)

  • The chance to loot special generated loot for quests (or other sources other than standard loot) will increase by 5% on each failed subsequent attempt. This means that your chance to get a special quest loot increases each time you fail to get one.

Server (Fixes)

  • Fixed an issue where monsters would not despawn after dying.
  • Increased maximum size of character first name and last name to 30 characters each
  • Fixed an issue where too many monsters could spawn in one area.
  • Monsters will no longer despawn with their leader if their loot timer hasn’t expired yet.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters would  attack players who are no longer anywhere near them (commonly seen after teleporting).
  • Correct problem with monsters having the wrong type in the target info window.
  • Don’t allow costumes (and other effects) to be removed until the player has moved after relog, this was causing bugs.
  • Correct pet augmentations failing when a player dies (until you re-equip the pet). Make temp Augmentations persist death.

Client (Features)

  • Updated the default UI layout for new players.
  • Native support for anti-aliasing. This is accessed from the Video tab in options. Take note that you can’t use DX9 shaders with this option, if you’re using DX9 shaders for ReShade or other tools, force antialiasing there.
  • Item info window shows coin value now, and in a separate color.
  • Pets now fade when unequipped instead of instantly disappearing.
  • Updated the right click menu order so it's consistent in all windows (Inventory, Equipment window, Cargo Disk window, Pet window). Show Item is always at the top now, Destroy is in it's own section to help prevent mistakes.
  • You can now directly rename an item when right clicking it without having to go into the Customize screen.
  • If you inscribe an item in the Customize screen, the game will warn you that you can only inscribe once and you need to confirm for it to apply.
  • When right clicking an out of range structure, the game will now show you a “Structure out of range…” message instead of nothing appearing.
  • When to right click things in the Vault with the Vault Keeper out of range, the game will now show you a “Vault Keeper out of range…” message instead of nothing appearing. You can also multi-select things in the Vault even if the keeper is out of range.
  • You can now Show Details on Vault items even if the Vault Keeper is out of range.
  • Added a tutorial message that appears if the player moves more than 50m away from their grounded cargo disk which explains how to find it again.
  • When accessing a structure inventory, the "Customize..." option is renamed to "View Customizations..." since it's not possible to customize an item in a structure inventory.
  • Updated how pet names are displayed to prevent redundant <Owner> tags on them. A pet which isn’t named will simply be known as “PlayerName’s Pet” without a guild tag duplicate.
  • The “unlooted” sparkles effect has been revamped and is now much more noticeable on dead monsters.
  • The quest icon above NPC’s heads now scales based on distance, which will make it more easily visible.
  • It’s now possible to pin quests to a separate quest tracker window which will display the quest steps succinctly on screen.
  • The Create Item window will no longer let you decrease the “less creation chance less resource usage” slider if doing so wouldn’t actually reduce the resources because they’re at minimum levels already.
  • The Create Item window has been updated and allows you to preview the resource requirements of up to 50 batches.
  • Increased the width of the item info window to more comfortably fit large amounts of text and long effect names.
  • Add functionality of NPC chat to appear in another NPC’s chat window so that area conversations are more continuous.
  • Change the maximum distance that lights are displayed, depending on graphics preferences (50 to 100 - performance to quality)
  • The Lunus Banner 02 texture has been enhanced for better quality.

Client Fixes

  • Make Mini-Map behave the same as regular Map - mini-map will obey any commented maps in /resources/interface/maps.def or /resources_override/interface/maps.def
  • Fixed the People Search window’s race list showing strange race names.
  • Fixed incorrect rotation issues on ground clutter (grass, rocks etc).
  • Fixed an issue where when crafting the Batches slider would not reduce automatically to maximum possible batches after a craft if the slider was already less than 50.
  • Fixed an issue where the welcome messages (“Join the Discord server!”, etc)  could be displayed multiple times under certain circumstances. We’re not that pushy about the Discord server, we promise!
  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys could become stuck in a grey and unusable state.
  • Fixed a mesh weighting issue on the stone, gem, and metal golems that caused a piece of geometry to float off the creature.
  • Istara’s Tear now properly plays its effect on use.
  • Fixed the crash when deleting saved hotkey layouts in certain orders.
  • Fixed the grounded cargo disk icon not appearing on the map for players who use the MapPack.
  • Prevented Ra'nnmagron’s speech from cutting off.
  • Fixed several abilities having garbage text in their descriptions (commonly seen with effects that have a chance to trigger themselves).
  • Fixed an issue where NPC fade in / fade out speed could be inconsistent.
  • Fixed a number of issues with pets:
    • Fixed nearby pets redeploying if you equip your own pet.
    • Pets no longer erroneously start following the wrong person when certain conditions are met.
    • Pets no longer duplicate when transforming (Khutit etc) or wearing a costume.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the Create Item window:
    • Fixed an issue when adding/removing techs or decreasing batch count causing the required resources number to be incorrect.
    • Fixed an issue which caused extreme fps drop when opening the Knowledge window while Create Item was also open.
    • Fixed the game freezing excessively when opening the Knowledge window while the Create Item window was already open.
  • Select Nearest Resource command (/snr) will always select the nearest resource instead of cycling them incorrectly.
  • Non-moving targetable objects (like crates) should no longer rotate when attacked (someone had imbued them with mischief magic before).
  • Fixed the human-style shrine’s lighting issues.
  • Fixed the lack of transparency on some dragon statue’s fins.
  • Fixed hotkey editor entries having blank text under certain conditions (like referencing items/abilities that no longer exist).
  • Fixed issues with chat input history window getting stuck, and it’s now possible to close it by using ESC instead of having to always use downarrow.
  • Improved real shadow fps, and fixed an issue where fps may drop while moving around with real shadows enabled.
  • Ruxus and Arbotus now properly show teeth and leaves.
  • Fixed some rare crash issues.
  • Masculinize dwarf emote text (they were feminine before)
  • Fixed an issue where lighting would be incorrect on some large/small models like rocks.
  • Fixed the Dryad female idle animations not showing the magic dust effect.
  • Fixed some pets / npcs losing their tinted colours if you leave the area and then return.
  • All UI themes now properly change the color of the socket icon in the socketing interface.
  • Fixed the lava region in the Fiery Rift from disappearing at certain camera angles and improved its texture quality.
  • Fixed some crashes that could occur during shutdown.

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