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Live Updates Live Delta 311.4 Istaria Community Manager
October 27, 2020
  • Fixed Florica’s dialogues in quest “The Mysterious Pendant”.
  • Acolytes Elendosh, Ahassunu, and Lugalkam will now recognize when players can re-join the Crystalshaper school
  • Removed erroneous ‘Storm’ skill increase from the title ‘Storm Master’.
  • Fixed title ‘Scourge of Cults’ requirement.
  • Level 3 Tiny Grass Beetles will now properly spawn on Skalkaar (level 2 will no longer spawn)
  • Nature’s Aid I and Nature’s Aid II roots targeted monster instead of player. Damage has been removed (it is supposed to be a simple root) and they now have their own icon.
  • In quest “The Novo Machine: Breaking Through The Barrier” you will have to really wait for 5 minutes instead of 50.
  • In quest “Engineer: Trouble in the Trees” you will need to kill Blighted Oak Treants around Aubador instead of Enraged Oak Treants.
  • Fixed dialogue with Bishop Ronae il'Tor in quests “Plundered Tombs: The Tomb of Ashlander Vandus” and “Plundered Tombs: Investigate the Tomb of Ashlander Vandus”.
  • All coin bags now have 0 hoard to prevent accidental hoarding

  • Crystals of Bonus will now properly consume themselves.
  • Corrected the icon for Shadow Spider Breeder Venom.
  • Statue Molds are now crafted and are attuned to the crafter.
  • Statue Mold Pattern (formula) is sold by Analuus the Gambling Vendor for 2g 500s.
  • A new Pristine Statue Mold is sold by Analuus for the original Statue Mold price (1g 375s). These molds are used for special or named statues only: Golden Dragon (Complex and Plain), Granaden, Mia (Crossbow and Sword), Ashlander Vandus, Bronze Dragon, and Silver Dragon (Complex and Plain).
  • Luciano has been scolded by his leader for overpricing his formulas. They aren’t too expensive anymore.
  • Plundered Tombs: Locate the Tomb of Moravvis now properly advances when you reach the tomb.
  • Novo Replica Pattern description has been fixed as the pattern will be returned as Novian resource upon structure deconstruction.
  • Florists in Kion and Dalimond were also supplied with missing seeds and bags of seeds:
    • Bag of Bromeliad Seeds
    • Crystal Seeds
  • Fixed formulas icons for Novo Replica exotic resources.
  • Quest “Kill Red Tusk” in New Trismus is available to Dragons again.
  • Daggarth’s Blessing baubles are now the right color.
  • The following quests have been removed from NPC quest books as you can obtain them directly by using the item you have to bring back:
    • Captain Jarthur Ironbeard: "Iron Guard: Tochak's Bounty", "Iron Guard: Kalevala's Bounty"
    • Dennision Jadefellow: "The Forest Skulk Artifact (Bonus)"
    • Fohadon: "Bounty: Icefang's Head"
    • Geleon the Wise: "Bounty: The Head of Atta-Nuk"
  • Corrected the Skala pet’s radiation not ticking.
  • Fixed a typo in “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Academic Fragrance”.
  • Quest “(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Academic Fragrance” will now ask to find 2 different types of Stabilizing Incense Burners.
  • Quest “Metal Decorations on Every Gnomekindle Tree” will now track the chunks of metal you acquire.
  • Fixed Title: Slayer of Chickens description.
  • Quest “The Novo Machine: The Reality Splitter” won’t be stuck anymore if the player can’t flee in time.
  • Fixed terrain hole above a lair in Sar’zeil
  • Bachantus' Hooves V and Bachantus' Hooves VI now have a chance to give the proper augmentation.
  • Fixed typos related to the Reliquary of Bachantus.
  • Quick Heal will now boost healing by a flat amount in Defensive and Attuned stances, Slightly and Partially Healthy will now properly boost health, not armor.
  • Growth will now properly grant Lesser Growth, but no longer give Greater Growth
  • Tier 1 Gruok once again carry tiny amounts of coin that can be looted
  • Portable Scroll Tote now has a bulk capacity of 500
  • Fixed typos in (Daily) Artifact Hunter and Kill Enraged Cedar Treants.
  • All Istara’s Breath baubles are properly color-coded red instead of blue.
  • Removed the extra Istara’s Guiding Hand V from Heira.
  • Danaos now stocks Bachantus’ Hooves VI.
  • Fixed Estelwen’s name in quest “Ahala's Sweet Tooth II”
  • Gorrash Toval is no longer incorrectly identified as a High Priest of Scorpus
  • Removed an erroneous tint from the Totem of the Welger.
  • Nando Fruthak has replaced his sister, Ada Fruthak, at the Tower of Healing and offers the same quest as her. Ge also wants to discover her fate as she left without a word.
  • Viollca at the Guild of the Artifact Hunters can now remove Rune of Unlocking Activation and Forcefield Jamming Device Activation augmentations if the player has dropped quest “The Novo Machine: The Reality Splitter”.
  • Fixed typos in quest “The Novo Machine: A New Threat”.
  • Tarn will now always spawn at the Stone Circle south of Kion
  • Lightning Arrows will now overwrite other arrow buffs
  • Added the list of needed resources to Versanto’s Resources list.
  • Veteran Potion of Untraining is now properly consumed when used and the description mentions Buy Back Points instead of untraining points.
  • Ramu Nassa at the Eastern Outpost now trades Tech Kits for Bounty Tokens.
  • Fixed Title: Defender of New Trismus requirements.
  • BattleMaster Avariatus will really have quests “Avariatus' Quest:  Learn about the Lunus faction!” and “Avariatus' Quest:  Learn about the Helian faction!” back to his quest book this time.
  • Left-Hand Crystals of Weaponry don’t have a to-hit bonus for spells anymore.
  • The Island of Alged destination pad now requires attunement
  • Quest “The Satyr: The Machine of Inhibition” now attunes players to the Island of Alged destination
  • Fixed a typo on Defensive Dragon Claws description and added the number of Defensive Claw Socketings they can receive.
  • All loyalty potions and their packs are now attuned and cannot be traded. If you wish to transfer them between your own characters past this change, please contact support.
  • The first quest in some quest chains in Kion now require you to complete at least the first Disturbance of Spirit quest
  • Quest “Krianos: Welcome to Kion” now sends you to the Shrine of Kion and to speak with the Spirit of Ryson before sending you on a tour of town
  • Gatus the Wandering Skeleton got a new sword: this one has a chance to cast Volknir’s Curse to players with Special Attacks only. Players will have 10 seconds to dispel it before being cut down in a single swing.
  • Technological Ingenuity, Dimensional Apparatus, The Queen’s Siphon, and Fiery Mining Pick now only work with “Common” resource nodes which contain standard resources.  Quested, Blighted, or rare types (such as food garnishes) will not count.

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