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Live Updates Adventure XP Potions Istaria Community Manager
November 13, 2020
As some of you may have noticed, any Greater or Superior Potions of Adventure Experience you had in your inventory have been removed.  This was the culmination of changes we made in the last update (removing them from vendors, attuning them, etc).  To compensate for this, players who had the items in inventory were issued refunds proportional to the original cost and the number of potions they had remaining.

Essentially: 1 Loyalty Token for each Superior Potion, 1 Loyalty Token for every 2 Greater Potions.

However, there was no public notification given for this change due to a regretful oversight in our patch notes.  For that, we wish to apologize.  We recognize that our communication surrounding the XP Potions has not been stellar from the start and we hope you will accept our apology and allow us the opportunity to learn from this mistake.

To show our appreciation for your patience and acknowledging our mistake, 1 additional loyalty token for every character on an account that had potions removed and refunded will be applied on November 13.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Virtrium Team

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