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Live Updates Servers Online! Istaria Community Manager
November 20, 2020
As you are all aware, we recently moved servers from our old location in the west coast to a new location on the east. There has been some confusion as to why we moved, and what caused this extended downtime these past few days.

To begin with, our old server hardware was aging and near its end-of-life, forcing a move. When choosing a new location, we decided on somewhere with better hardware and a potential for better EU connectivity - an unplanned upgrade. Unfortunately, we were struck by some terrible luck - at our new facility, our server's RAID array failed. This is a physical component of the server, effectively allowing us to continue moving even if one of the server's hard drives failed. Our server host technicians have spent many hours rebuilding and fixing our server hardware to ensure its functionality. This took quite some time to do, as it needs to be done right.
Our misfortunate didn't end there as Chaos suffered issues during the restoration, forcing us to roll back the server to the state it was in after Tuesday's maintenance. All other servers seem to be fine, thankfully.
Do to all of this, we are enabling Double Experience for the time being into next on both servers - the Chaos server in response to the rollback and for Order's lack of playability during the time prior to the crash. We'll confirm an end date soon.
We are deeply apologetic for these issues and are hoping that this is the end of them. We will keep you posted on any further developments.

- Virtrium Dev Team

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